CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE • December 24 • 6:00pm       

Christmas service will be on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th at 6pm. No Christmas Day services.

FAMILY BOARD GAME NIGHT • January 1  6:00pm

Bring your favorite board games and snacks to enjoy a Board game night with the family.

TEEN CHRISTMAS PARTY • December 18  6:00pm

Teens, wear an ugly Christmas sweater and bring a funny Christmas present (less than $5) to exchange with friends. The party will be at the Schumacher’s house: 1821 Swan Circle in Norwalk.


  1. What was your reaction to the “Big idea” of the sermon? Why?
  2. What is joy? Is it different from happiness? How so?
  3. List and discuss as a group some joy-stealers.
  4. Are these holidays normally good or difficult for you? Why?
  5. As a group, how can you help one another find joy in the joy-giving God during these holidays?
  6. Are there some people that may struggle during the holidays that your group can minister to?