November 20: Upcoming Calendar

December 4     Nomination Ballots due

December 13 Deacon’s Meeting

December 18   Business Meeting for Election of Officers


  • Name change: New logos are done. New website is almost done. New t-shirts are being made. LED Message Center sign is in production. Mailings and handouts are being created. Other advertisements (magazine, online listings, etc.) have yet to be started.
  • No Youth Group November 27
  • Christmas service will be on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th at 6pm. No Christmas Day services.
  • Last week’s offering: $1250.03

Small Group Questions

  1. What were the 5 “king” words used to describe our relationship to sin from Romans 6:6-14?
  2. If sin is crucified, why does it feel powerful?
  3. What gospel truths do we need to rest in so that we can win our battles against sin?
  4. What sin do you specifically struggle with? How can you submit yourself to God in that area instead?
  5. What do you need to do this week in your battle against sin?