Redeemer is a young, friendly church in Norwalk, Iowa

What should I expect?

A friendly church with a lot of kids. You will be greeted as soon as you come into the building. A family will show you around the building and help you find the right place.

Our worship service starts at 10:30 AM and finishes around 11:45 AM. Our worship also includes Scripture readings, offerings (although no one is required to give), and a message from God’s Word.

What do you have for my kids?

Kids are a big part of our church family! We have teen ministries, children’s ministries, and nursery for kids of all ages.

Redeemer is family-friendly
Redeemer preaches from the Bible

What kind of Bible do you use?

We use the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), which is a very literal and easily readable version of God’s Word.

What kind of music do you have?

Our music combines gospel truth with easy-to-sing, modern tunes. You will probably be familiar with many of the songs we sing, but even if you are not, the songs should be easy to pick up.

Redeemer's music combines theologically rich songs with easy-to-sing melodies
bible-centered, gospel-centered

What do you believe?

At Redeemer, we believe and love the gospel of hope in the middle of a sin-cursed world. Learn more about our beliefs.

Other Questions?

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Redeemer Baptist Church . 607 Mafred DriveNorwalk, IA 50211 515.943.4197