Romans 8:31-39

Dec 27, 2020 | Messages, Sermon Videos

Romans 8:28-39 ESV 28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 29 For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30 And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified. 31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? 33 Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. 34 Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died–more than that, who was raised–who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? 36 As it is written, “For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.” 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Let’s bow our heads in prayer. Father, truly, this portion of the scripture is one of the just mountain peaks of the Bible, and it’s inspiring even to hear it read much less to understand the depths of the arguments that are made here and the claims that are made here for the believer, and so… I pray that today as we look into your word and look into this passage, you would give us the insight, the insight that we require to see these things and to see their implications for our life. Father, we ask and pray these things in your precious name.

One of my children recently has gotten into the habit walking around our house, they will come up to me, wrap their arms… Hold their arms up in the air like this. And they’ll say, huggy.

You can guess which one. And they’ll wanna hug from their dad, and I swear on Christmas, when we were home all day long, all day together, she must have done that to me like 10 times, just suddenly she’s right there, arms wide open and she needs a big hug from her father.

I think Romans Chapter 8 versus, particularly 31 to 39, our giant hug from our Heavenly Father. I think that’s a good way to look at it. The problem is that as we read these scripture passages so often, you and I have a tendency to get really excited about that portion, that Caleb when He said, Knowing all these things, we are more than conquerors. And we see that and we see nothing can separate us from the love of God, and we see… We know all things work together for good for those who love God, and those are the only things we take from this passage.

We start to treat the scripture like it’s a book of wise sayings that are fun to memorize and have with us little pearls that we carry with us that are valuable and help us through the day. The problem with that is some of the scripture, like the Proverbs are written that way, they’re written for you to read a verse at a time and meditate on and take it with you, and they’re not necessarily all connected, but many of the scriptures… And I would say, especially Romans is built on a logical argumentation, and if you fail to see the logical argumentation, you will not see the benefit directly for your life. Yeah, it’s great to know. And the idea that you and I are more than conquers. When you try to bring that into your everyday life… What does that even mean, and what are the implications? Nothing shall separate me from the love of God. Okay, but what does that mean today? As I’m going through difficult struggles, like how do we bring that together, and the answer is in the way that he builds his argumentation, so you have to study the Scripture thoughtfully and ask questions like, how do these Verses connect and how did these ideas connect? And boy, that seems random, why did he all of a sudden throw that out there and then ask and just think about for a while what that connection is in his thinking.


Even Peter himself says, Some of Paul’s writings are hard to understand, so you’re not gonna get it right away it… Peter didn’t get it right away. You’re in good company, but if you take some time to think on these things, I think you will have a much deeper, richer faith than without them. So I’m gonna focus on three implications that I think this passage, if you follow the argumentation logically helps specifically practically in your life today. That’s where we’re going. So God, for me, and it starts… I’m gonna start our sermon in verse 31, but I need to go back a few verses. Help you understand where he’s coming from. He says, verse 31, If God is for us, who can be against us? You’ve heard often, I’m sure it said, One with God as a majority. Right, that’s generally how it works. And so if God is on your side, or if you are on God’s side, then you have nothing to feel, there’s none that can stand against you. But the question you have to ask is, How do I know God is for me? How do I know God’s on my side or I’m on God’s side? Everyone, everyone in this world thinks that God is on their side, everyone thinks God is good with them, everyone thinks that they’ve somehow earned some good rapport with the big man upstairs, as some people would say.

And so you have to ask the question, what sets you apart and what sets your faith apart, and what sets the biblical view apart? And the answer to that, if God is for me, is that he has a master plan for your salvation. That began before the world began. And that goes back to Verse 28. So look at verse 28 with me. We know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. What are you talking about? Well, Verse 29, he pulls back the curtain, I don’t have a good illustration today, and some of you know why in our Chris Maeve service, our curtain, her caught fire, ’cause I had candles on the ledge there, and Titus sahi and Jim through it in the baptismal and then I went and stopped on it in the Baptist, we got it out, but it added to the ambon… I don’t have a way to do the smoke out of the ambiance, I don’t have a way to show you this, but you can imagine it here, we are given one view of our salvation, and often the Word of God focuses on your part, and your part is if you wanna put it like this, it’s just believing your part is, you have to come to a point where you humble yourself before God, Repent from your sins and trust Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

You have to do that. And in fact, the vast majority of the scriptures are dedicated to calling on people to do that specific thing, and yet every once in a while in the scriptures, every once in a while, the curtains pull back and it shows something behind the curtain that’s happening, and this is one of those passages, Verse 29 says, For those whom He foreknowledge, it meant for now, it’s not just now about… This is an intimate knowledge. It has to do with a relationship. The ones that he knew well beforehand, he would have a relationship with… Those ones, he predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son in order that His son might be the first born among many. Rather brothers. Okay, so what is this idea? The goal of your life, the goal of your salvation… In which you are part of the process right now. The goal is that you would be like Jesus. Now, he is bringing that about in a very specific way, and he gives those details in verse 30… Well, he predestined you. So behind the veil, you see that although you were… You respond to God, you respond to God in faith.

Repetition, see, as the vallis pulled back, Oh, behind the scenes, God was the one working, Destin me to come to him. And the way he brought that about is those whom he protested, he also called… The way he brought that about is the call, this call here that’s listed here is almost certainly what many people would call a irrevocable call, irresistible… It’s the type of call that when God does it, when God speaks into your heart, you can do nothing else but say, Yes.

I believe. My repent.

And so what we see here is a plan that began before the foundation of world, when he knew you would be here, he Orne you with intimate knowledge, he predestined you, he orchestrated the events of your life to bring you to a point where he would call you with an irresistible call, change your life from the inside out so that you would respond in faith, and then those whom he called, he justified, and when you respond and faith, it then he justifies you, which is gonna be a big part of our passage here in Romans, 38-31-39, He declares you righteous. There’s none that can stand against you though though you had sinus, you deserve to die, you justly, you deserve to be punished for that sin, though that was the case, he declares you righteous position.

And then he works in you today to conform you to the image of Christ and one day, he will also glorify. You’ll notice that that last word is also in the past tense here, He also glorified. Why is that? Have you been glorified yet? And in God’s mind, it’s already done, and God’s mind has already been accomplished. In God’s mind, as far as God’s plan and there is none that can stand against his plan, it’s already happened.

You will be glorified with Christ in Heaven. Now that that section of scripture, particularly 29 and 30, encompasses much of what he said thus far in the book, and that is why… He says, If God is for us in Verse 31, you see that? How do you know that God is for you today? Here, it’s not because you’re good, it’s not because you got in on as good graces by showing up to church and a busy holiday season, it’s not because of some innate quality you have because you’re smarter than others, are better looking than others, or you have this much wealth to your life is this blessed or whatever, it’s not because of those things that you know God is for you and believe. You see it all the time. Everyone will always try to say, God is for me because I did this. Or because of this, I’m on God’s side, God’s on my side. Because of these things? No, no, no. God will only be for you because of what Christ accomplished on your bed, that is the only way God will ever be for you. And that’s why he says in Verse 31, What shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? How do we know God is for us? Verse 32, He did not spare His own Son. So how do I… Part of the way… Hopefully, my kids know I loved it because of the presence. We got for them for Christmas. It’s a small picture. Right. ’cause Christ is worth infinitely more than a Lego set. And we got a lot of them. Chris is worth infinitely more than a Lego set, but by me giving that to them, by me giving them my time, giving up myself… They know that I love them. He gave His son, what more could he give? You ever asked that question? Was there another thing he could give on top of that, you say, Well, it would be nice to have like a trillion dollars… We’re gonna get to that in a second. In this passage, it’d be nice to have everything in my life go the way I want it to go… We’ll get to that in a second.

First you have to understand, position, Ally, you have a relationship. If you trust in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation, a relationship that cannot change. We go where he is for you. Is for you. How do I know God is for me? I know God is for me, because God himself chose to give His son to me for my salvation. It wasn’t something that was out of his control, it wasn’t something like… That was an accident that happened. That turned out pretty well for us. That wasn’t it.

It was God himself who chose to put his son to death on my account. Surely the Son has borne our grief cared, our sorrows. We have seen the sun stricken, smitten by the Father and afflicted. The father has laid on the sun the iniquity of us all. It was the will of the Lord or the father. To crush the Sun, He the Father has put him the son to greet you. See, on and on throughout the Scriptures, it was God’s act. To give up his son on your best. How do you know God is for you? Gave you a sum. Gave you a son. The primary party responsible for Jesus death was God the Father. It was the will of God to do this for you. That’s how you know God for you. Now, on the basis of that, if you know Goddess for you, if you know you have God’s love because of what Christ accomplished, because of faith, in what Christ accomplished. What implications does that have for you in my life? Today, what are the practical benefits? I wanna say the first implication is its connection to when you feel like you lack in some way, when you feel like you’re in need…

Do you ever feel that way? Feel like, Man, I lack money. A lack health. I lack friendships, I lack whatever. One of the quickest ways that the devil tries to tempt you and I, the quickest kind of cracks in our foundation of faith is when we do lack, we have a tendency to then doubt God and say, God, what’s the deal here? God, what happened? I thought you loved me. Now, I’m going through this difficult time, I thought you loved me, and I’m lonely and I can’t seem to go out of that, I thought you loved me and I can’t get out of this financial situation, I thought… I thought you loved me. And the struggle in that moment is to try to determine the love of God by the circumstances here, but the Bible never makes the claim that God demonstrated his love for us in that while we were poor, he gave a lot of money. The Bible never makes the claim that wouldn’t that God demonstrated His love for us and not while we were sick, then he healed us.

But I will make the claim that while we were still in our sins, You set Christ to die for us. That’s the demonstration of His love. Here’s the thing, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about our well-being….. We live in a cursed world today, and that’s this next part of the verse, the promise of verse 32, if He did not spare His own son but gave him up for a soul, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things now? And when it comes to biblical interpretation, many times there’s a pendulum swing, what will happen, you know like a grandfather clock swings back and forth when it initially swings out one way toward wrong theology, there’s a response swing that swings back the other way, and then it’s bad theology again, so what will end up happening is we will ignore versus like that, because we know of the health and wealth preachers that are out there that say, Look, if you pray and if you have enough faith, they take it this way, and they say, You have no faith, you’re always gonna have enough money, you’re gonna have more than enough money. In fact, if you only give this much money, God will give you 10 times that amount of money, you know is I’ve never preached that before, if you only had enough faith, then you would finally be healthy, you only had enough faith that your life would all be good.

The problem is then that we swing the other way and we have a tendency to ignore the fact that God does like to give us good things, but there’s no guarantee of it in this life. Do you understand? So for instance, many of you live in Norwalk, one of the wealthiest cities in Iowa. That’s a blessing of God. Amen. You have beautiful houses. You have a family that loves you. You are all in relatively good health here this morning, you got to get together with family or you will… This fun following week, you’ve got a measurable blessings and guess what, all of those things are from a good God who gives good gifts from heaven. Amen. And we can appreciate that and we can say, Thank you God, without being entitled brats when we don’t have those things, right? We could say, Thank you God for the money you’ve given to us without getting angry at God when we go through a period of time when he’s not giving us that much money right, now, here’s the thing, there’s no guarantee that you and I will ever have money or health or anything. You know how I know that? Because this same passage that says, He will give us all things says verse 35, that we are also gonna have tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, or sword.

What about safety, God? Why won’t you give me safety from the word, what about clothes, God, what about food, God? Because those things listed there would seem to indicate that he’s not giving us all things. So where’s the tension there? You have to ask these questions of the passage, ’cause Paul is living within attention in his argumentation, and it’s beautiful, and the answer to that is, and you might have already kinda guessed it in your head, he will give you all things one day. He did not withhold his son, which was the most important gift, you know how I know that, because it was his son that guaranteed that you will one day get all things, it is His son that guaranteed peace with God the Father, so that you will not go to death in punishment of how? To guarantee you the hope that one day he will give you the world, you’ll become inheritor of the world. I want a mountain. I told you that before, from God, I want him to give me a mountain that’s where I don’t wanna live in an acre or whatever, a 100-acre plot in Iowa that’s really flat.

I like, I… Don’t get me wrong, I wanna leave on a mountain in that day, and I want them to come visit me, and I wanna enjoy the views every single day and think on the glory of my God, and you know what my God might just give that to me there’s no promises, if it’s not that, it’ll be way better, and there will be no need in that day, there will be no fruitless-ness, there will be no hunger, no famine, no sickness, there will be no danger, no threat. Oh, will be well, in that day.

And you know how we know he will give us all those things, ’cause he didn’t withhold the most important thing. That’s how we know. It’s a wonderful promise.

How about this? Psalm 84-11, The Lord God is a sun and shield. I think this is my mom’s life first. The Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from them. Who walk up, rightly? It’s not her favorite. She quoted it to me many, many times, 1 Corinthians 3, all things are yours, whether Paul or police, or the world, or life, or death, or the present or the future, all are yours and you are Christ. Christ is God. What about the first we just memorized, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with what a free spiritual blessing. You will not be left out of one of those spiritual blessings… What about Matthew 6, 33, Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. And what? Oh, these things will be added to you. Matt, you fight by, Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the… For her. Come on now, now you have to be careful with this, but we don’t wanna ignore these teachings and the word of God and swing too far, we get God, he’s the great treasure, but that God, who we get, then gives us good gifts, and so everything you feel like you lack or need today, know that He will fulfill every long in one day.

So many of you struggle with discontent, many of you struggle with feeling like you’re not enough, feeling like you lack or what you have isn’t enough in different ways, you play the comparison game. Stop doing that. And I said, Turn to God and realized, he did not spare His own Son. How will He not also? Give me all things. I’m gonna hold on to that. He goes on, he says, Who chaperone any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies a stop right there. See, his train of logic. If God is for us, who can be against us? How do we know God is for us? While he didn’t spare His own Son. So he’ll graciously give us all things. Okay, so we’ve established God is for us, but then we have to ask who’s against us, and that’s what… The next verse is, Who will bring any charge against us? Against God’s elect, that’s you and me, the ones chosen to be in Him before the foundation of the world, those elect. How do we know who will stand against us in that day, is there anyone strong enough, powerful enough? Are you strong enough and powerful enough to bring a charge against yourself in that day? Well, the answer to that is a resounding, no.

You know why? Because God has pronounced the judgment, and He said, Not guilty. That’s the beginning of this chapter. Verse 1 says, there is now no condemnation. So who will stand against us to condemn a… Well, guess what? No one, because God said No condemnation. And when God speaks, universe is pop into existence, so when God says No condemnation, there is no one who can stand against it, you hear… So the second implication for your life today, I know many of you struggle with guilt and shame, my dad did a masterful job in our Sunday School lesson earlier talking about the importance that shame has in driving us to confess our sin, and we ought to have shame when we’ve sinned.

We ought to, but God never intended for us to carry it past the cross when we’ve confessed it, we take it to the cross, we confess it, we hate it, we turn from it, we repent of it, and then we leave it there. You see, can you stand up and bring a charge against yourself when God is the one who justifies you… I like every once in a while, I’ll watch a clip. I don’t know what the judge’s name is, but they record at… He’s not like one of the Judge Judy types. I think he’s an actual judge from what I understand, and he’s like this good-hearted judge, and the person will come and often it’s like small things like traffic violations or parking ticket or something like that, and they’ll come and represent themselves. And the judge listens to the story, and a lot of times it’s like this heartfelt story of a mom who single mother, who… They couldn’t move their car in time, so they got this parking ticket and they don’t really have enough to pay for it, and this judge is often very gracious in what he decides, especially if he understands that the law is not a hammer all the time.

Sometimes the law is something that you can look at, say, this is what we want help, we want people to function. Our society is not how it was possible, and he recognizes that, and then oftentimes, he grants them leniency. I imagine in my mind a time when they share their story with the judge and the judge says, Well, here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna reduce the fine from 500 to 5, you can pay on the way out the door. And I imagine somebody saying, Oh, wow, judge, I’m not guilty. I should pay the full thing we… Well, I think you’re wrong on this. Judge, I don’t think you got this right, and the judge would look at them and say What? I bang the gavel. It’s done. I made my pronouncement. Who are you to stand against my pronouncement, especially when I’ve given you grace in this moment… It’s not a perfect illustration, but I do think it’s a good one. Because often times you and I stand before God and we say, Well, we… We got, I don’t know if you got it right. I think I should carry the shame and guilt with me a little longer to punish myself. And God says, No, you don’t understand, I did not intend for you to live that way. You repent from your sin, you confess that sin, and then you leave it behind, you leave in the past, what’s in the past, and you reach forward to Jesus Christ with all the joy and peace that comes with the fruit of the Spirit.

You do not live in the muck up your shame. I love when 1 John 3 talks about this, he says in 1 John 3, when our heart condemns us, he says, God is greater than our heart. Which at first, if you really think about his argumentation is not hopeful, ’cause I think what he’s saying there is, Look, you think you know about all your sins, God is even greater than you and knows way more about your sins that you do, and yet our God has said No condemnation. So when your heart condemns you, you need to humble yourself under God’s pronouncement instead Of in your pride, holding on to your pronouncements of guilt and shame and self-abuse, emotionally, physically, whatever. For the shame. For the sins that you’ve committed. So it goes, it says here, who is to condemn? Or, Who shall bring any charge against God’s luck? It is God who justifies, who is to condemn, who can stand against us and bring condemnation, while the answer is no one, because Christ Jesus is the one who received the condemnation for us. That’s in Verse 34, that’s what he’s meaning. When

it says Christ uses was the one who died. What is he saying? Who can condemn you when your punishments already been paid.

When your condemnation has already been poured out on Jesus, there’s nothing left for you. Christ Jesus is the one who died more than that. He was raised at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding, is indeed interceding for us. And that brings us to implication number three, so when you feel like you’re in need, number two is when you feel shame and guilt, point number three, that really helps you practically is when you go through trials, difficulties in your life. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Subtraction or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or sword. Does the presence of those things mean that God doesn’t love you? I really, genuinely think that many people face that question and they’re too scared to admit it when they’re going through a trial, they’re scared to admit it because they know that’s not what good Christians think. And tough times, it’s difficult to believe that God really does love you, it’s difficult to hold on to historical fact of him giving his son for you… For your spiritual well-being, the words that are used here, the word tribulation as the idea of just general affliction or oppression, press on.

Have you ever felt like your spirit was oppressed? Distress literally means to cram into a small place, how many of your claustrophobic persecution means to harass someone, then harassed, famine is literally hunger, nakedness is lack of sufficient clothing, danger is just peril, you’re at a moment of risk, there’s not a lot of guarantees or security, and many of you, you love your security, but what happens when you lose your security… How about the word? Literally a dagger. A filing death, this was probably a word that was used for the short swords, if I understand it, or remember it, the short swords that sometimes Zealots would carry to assassinate different political figures. A violent bloody death. Christians could face. He goes on and he says that, As it is written, For your sake, we are being killed all the day long, we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered. This is hard. Paul admits here, right after making this amazing statement that God is for us and no one can stand against us, that God will give us all things… Right after he says that, he says, I feel like I’m constantly in the slaughter house, like I’m the next one. No chance of freedom or escape, don’t give this a quick pat answer.

God, it will not withhold anything that’s for your good, when you go through these trials, the food and comfort would be for your good, and he would give them to you. And if God is a wise God, all wise and you don’t have all wisdom, then there’s a possibility that he knows some reasons you don’t, for why? You’ve gone through what you’ve gone through. All good things will be ours one day and will be for our benefits are good. One day, it’ll be a rich life that he gives us one day, but that means that today he may not withhold trials. Now, here’s the beauty of that. You have to follow his argumentation, he comes to the point where he admits there are gonna be tough times, there are gonna be difficult times that we face, but then he breaks right away from that same thought. Progress in verse 37, He says, No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. More than conquers, could be translated Uber victorious.

It’s a great way to say it. You’re victorious upon victorious. You’re the champion. Why is that? Why, when you face all of those things, are you uber victorious? And I think the answer is, I think the answer is, because there is no greater victory on the battle field then when you take the weapon of your enemy and kill him with it, and I think what’s happening here is Satan is using… All of these things make his hunger peril, danger, sword, risk in your life to try to ruin your faith, and God has already said that he will use all those things, not for your bad, but for your good. And so the very instrument that Satan trying to use to destroy you, God riffs from his hands and uses to form you, that’s a promise, and that’s what makes you victorious. You can walk through your life today knowing that if you heard the seaward this week, cancer, I’m still victorious, ’cause God’s just gonna use that for my good. You know that if you lose your job, still victorious, you get sick. You’re still victorious. There’s not a single thing that you can look at and say, That’s gonna rock.

Because he’s working those things for your good, conforming you to the image of Christ, and then the end goal, the end of that process will be a moment when you have all things with him. How about that? For a promise. it’s hard to beat that. And all these things, we are more than conquerors. And all these things, we are more than cancers, and he goes on, he says, I am sure that neither death. If he gets a little bit more esoteric in the second list, so the first list was actual physical things, this one is more like about ideas.

So this is what he talks about, death nor life. How about the idea of death? You face it, right? There’s no guarantee that you and I will have life passed today, and yet if you face death today, that dark cloud over each one of our heads that will come sooner or later. That’s not gonna separate you from the love of Christ. You’re still victorious. Death nor life, angers nor rulers. Become acutely aware, I think, of the spiritual battles that you and I face more and more, and the forces that are at work, that are working hard to ruin us…

Nor things present nor things to come. That’s for those of you who struggle with anxiety. Anyone out there, you don’t have to raise your hand, but you just think about that, nor things present, things that are happening right now are things that will happen tomorrow. We’ll be able to separate us from logo.

That’s a promise for you. Goes on, nor powers, which might refer to governmental powers, which is very helpful for us today, the anxieties of even a shift in the presidency that we see now, you have a tendency to clam up and get worried, but… No. That’s not gonna separate you from the love of God. All of that thing, even a new president, God is getting used for your good, in love that

He goes on, he says, Nor things, nor height nor depth, which might refer to the rising and the falling of the stars and the solar systems. The sky is falling. Well, guess what, God still loves you. And that’s not changing. I heard man, an unidentified me, they hadn’t identified it previously was hurdling towards Earth, and they’re like, Oh, this is new, I was like, Oh, this is very 2020 of them to discover this, and what they found out, at least what they theorized, they still have yet to prove it is that it’s like launched from a previous mission, like 40 years ago that was a failed mission, and it got pulled back around the sun’s gravity and it’s coming straight back for Earth now it’s just a satellite, which is just unbelievable to me. But when I read that, I’m like, Oh, sweet, yeah. Just what we need is an asteroid hit an Earth now, after all of these things. But guess what? The sky falling. Doesn’t change anything. It goes on, he says, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus or Lord.

That includes that thing that wasn’t listed there, but you’re still anxious about… Everything else. Nothing will separate us from God’s love. God’s love is based on the fact that he gave his son for us to save us from our sins that cannot change.

And because he gave us his son, he will one day give us all things. You may have a long, winding road to get there, but that long winding road will each step before your good and you will eventually get there.

That’s the promise of Romans 8, 28 to 39. God justifies us because Jesus was condemned. There’s not a single person you included that can stand against God’s pronounced. And I would just add to this. If God’s love is that great. How then we loved him in one another. First, greatest commandment, love Him with all your heart, soul mind, strength. Second commandments like that, of your neighbors, yourself. How are you doing that? If God’s love is that great. The natural response should be, from our heart to love.

We’re gonna close with a prayer and then a song, and we’ll let you get out of here, so would you bow your heads and close your eyes with me? Just take a moment to meditate on these words from Romans Chapter 8 e. Father, thank You for Your love that you’ve shown to us. I pray that that love would call us your faith in you today through the many things that we face in our life.

Whether that is guilt or shame, whether that’s lack and need, whether that is trials, I pray that we would apply your love directly to those moments. As we ascend that mountain, Lord, consider that wonderful love for us, are that you would help us to respond with love? Consecration to you, live righteous, Love for one another. Sacrifice, pursuit of righteousness in our relationships. Pray this in your precious name. Amen

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