Romans 12:1-2: True Worship Is Only Possible Through Surrender

Aug 23, 2020 | Messages, Secrets of Christian Living, Sermon Videos

If you would please turn in your Bibles with me to Romans Chapter 12. Romans chapter 12. 

Romans chapter 12 or scripture reading for the sermon text. Today is gonna be Romans Chapter 12, verses 1 and 2. It’s a verse that some of you may be familiar with, but it’s a verse that all of us need, let’s take a moment and read that, and then we will jump into our sermon.


Romans Chapter 12, verses one and two, I appeal to you, therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing, you may discern what is the will of God what is good, and acceptable and perfect.


But we are continuing a sermon series, and we kicked off last week, and we’re calling it the Secrets of Christian Living, and I know, I know.


It’s click-bait, right?


That, but there are certain truths that God has laid on my heart of the last six months that should be well known in Christianity, and yet I often forget them in my own personal life, and I feel like I often forget to preach on them, and I think many times in many churches, they forget these principles, and so I thought it would be good to go through these and remind us of these truths, remind us of these realities, we see here in this verse, verse that has been building up for 11 chapters, one of the longest lines of reasoning in the Bible from Romans Chapter 1 through Romans Chapter 11. And then on the basis of all of that, he is going to make an appeal to you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice. Now, I’m gonna use a word, a word that’s a synonym for what that means, the word that I will use today is the word surrender, and it is the word that God has been hammering into my own heart and my own personal spiritual fight and battle a lot lately.


I think of the many, many times where I have struggled in areas of my life because I have refused to give them and surrender them.


The frustrating and real truth of your in my Christian life is that we face daily struggles against sin, and we are constantly tempted to hold part of ourselves back from God.


We say, Well, this area of my life, I go to church, I read my Bible, I’m a good dad, I’m a good husband, I’m a good wife. I’m a good employee, whatever, but this thing here is… I feel like I’m owed that thing, I’m owed this little little carnal pleasure, I feel like I’m entitled to have that thing, and here’s the terrifying secret, is that sin never works by itself. Sin always works to tear down the defenses in your life so that more sins can come in, Okay? So sin, you could imagine it like the giant siege coming against the castle, right?


It is not, it’s not the only thing that’s trying to get into your life, if it can tear down your walls, it will let a whole flood of sins into your life, you can call it this, every sin is like an addictive drug, and it will always watch you to use more and more, and then when your system get numb to that drug will want you to invite other things into your system, it never works by itself, and so the terrifying reality is that if you refuse to surrender part of your life, if you hold something back and say, I’m entitled to this because of X, Y, Z, I don’t wanna give this up, so I’ll just ignore it, whatever. Eventually that sin will eat away at your life more and more, and it will deaden your soul, and it will try to pull you away from Christ and maybe in the end, prove that you are never really Christ to begin with.


See, it goes like this, You kill sin, or it’ll be killing you.


You kill sin or it’ll be killing you.


This passage here offers the only remedy, the only remedy against sin in your life is surrender to God, you have to be conquered by God, so the way it puts it here is it compares it to a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God, you know potentially the words that are used there, and you’ll know that if you understand the Old Testament law system, a living sacrifice is an oxymoron, right?


So in the Old Testament, people would offer sacrifices and they weren’t just sin offerings, sometimes they were just praise and thanksgiving and worship offerings, and when they would do that, they would put that animal, whether it was a sheep or cattle or something like that, up on the altar and they would slit its throat… I hate to be graphic. But the Bible’s graphic, okay?


They would slit his throat and it would bleed out there, they would collect the blood, and then they would burn the body, and that would be this going up offering, an offering that would picture prayers and worship that go up to God who is in heaven. And so it’s this vivid kind of picture of what it means to worship God, and yet this passage here that we’re talking about, Romans 12:1 says, I want you to be a living sacrifice, a sacrifice that never leaves the altar, a sacrifice that might go to work and go home and come here to church, and go to enjoy different outings with friends, and yet his feet or her feet never truly leave the altar stone.


It’s like this, you think of Moses, and that moment when he has coming to the burning bush, and he shocked by this burning bush, and he has a vision and an understanding of who God was and His glory in his might and His Holiness, and he bowed down on his knees, he takes the sandals off his feet, and God says, This is holy ground.


And today, you and I find that every single step we take is holy ground, today we find that we never leave the presence of that burning bush because our God is always with us, and so it’s shocking and it’s real, but you and I never stopped being an offering to God, the problem is, and the language that Paul uses here and in chapter six, is that so very often, you and I will choose to offer ourself or submit ourself or give ourself to something else, to be a sacrifice.


In chapter six, it’s will you be used by the members of your body for unrighteousness, are you going to use your eyes to be a member of unrighteousness? Are you gonna use your tongue to be a member of unrighteousness, or you’re gonna use your hands, your heart, what you desire, your mind, what you think about, Are you gonna use any parts of your body as a member for unrighteousness? Are you gonna give yourself to sin? And here in this passage, it’s, are you going to give yourself as a living sacrifice to God.


So when I say living sacrifice, and you perhaps heard this idea before, I’m saying a life of worship to God, and He even says in your translation there at the end of verse one, some of your translations will be different there, I think I have spiritual worship, which I think is a good translation from the ESV, if you have the old KJV, you’ll have reasonable service, and that’s how I memorize it from the time I was young, and it still throws me off today, but either one kind of carries the same idea where  you owe yourself to God in a spiritual sense as an offering to him, that is something that he deserves… The problem is, when I say worship, what often comes to your mind, what often comes to my mind is what we just did for 30 minutes, scripture readings and singing, and that is a invaluable part to our church gathering, it is an important part to who we are, and what we do… But we don’t stop worshipping… When we stop singing… Yeah.


We continue worshipping in the way we receive the word of God, we continue worshipping after I close in prayer, we continue worshipping on Tuesday night when the kids are fussing.


Yeah. Okay, that was one amen, the rest of are like, Oh, oh really?


We continue worshipping when that co-worker is being difficult to get, we continue worshiping when we have our phone open and we’re scrolling through social media, see the problem isn’t whether or not we worship, the problem is what we worship.


You are always worshipping something, because worship by definition is you’re giving worth to something, you’re saying, You are worthy. You are valuable.


You are weighty, you’re important. You are significant. And so when you go through your day and you choose to give worth to God, you’re saying, God, you are worth my life, when you instead, being patient with those kids, snip at them, tell me to go get in bed, not gracious and loving, like like the Heavenly Father would be with you when you do that, you have this… You have this moment where you’re not worshipping God, but your worshipping, you name it, your comfort… Probably a lot of times I’m the parents, so that’s what I would say. Like you are, you are making me uncomfortable, I want to be able to be at peace and you are disrupting that… You could say the same thing about the co-worker, what is it that you worship in your life?


Now, worship does absolutely, it’s a valuable portion. And in fact, the Bible uses worship this way, but it also uses worship far more often in the worship gatherings, and so singing is a valuable party tweak… Here’s how I picture it, okay.


I worship God throughout my week, but when I come and I sing, and when I preach, and then I also try to receive the words that I preached, when I go through all of that, I am consecrating my life, I’m stepping up on that altar again, and I’m saying, I will try to stay on this altar this week, I’m not gonna take my feet off of these stones.


Unfortunately, as so often happens, with God’s people, as he says These people honor with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.


We have this nasty tendency of going through the motions and a worship service, doing lip service to God and maybe praying before meals, doing the token Bible reading, all of which are good things, but then… Our hearts are far from him.


You must surrender.


In case I didn’t make it clear, the second principle, the second secret of spiritual living, you won’t believe when we get to number five… Right.


The second principle of spiritual leading that we learn about in this passage here, is that we must surrender our entire life to God, and God will be satisfied with nothing less.


Now, the question that we have to ask, the question that you and I should ask, and a good question to ask just generally in your life is why?… Why should I do that thing? Why should I be a good parent? Why should I keep going to work and working hard, because if the answer to that question is anything other than God, it’s gonna be empty… So why should we worship God?


And he gives us that answer in Verse One, I appeal to you, therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.


The reasoning he gives for you to offer your bodies to God, your lives to God, is because of his mercies for you, okay, Lets take a moment to define mercy, because I think we think maybe not quite rightly about what this word actually means. It does imply forgiveness for the guilty, so when you’ve screwed up, your sins need to be forgiven, and when God offers you that forgiveness, it is mercy.


Okay, but it also includes an element to the heart of the person who is offering that forgiveness, it demonstrates when God says He’s merciful, how tender-hearted and compassionate He is, and if you need proof of this, you can go just a few verses down in Romans chapter 12, and look at the Mercy gifts, the passage on mercy. Look at Verse Eight, it says, The one who does acts of mercy with cheerfulness. At the very end, what do you mean by this attitude of an act of mercy? Well, Verse 9 kind of starts to answer these questions, you need to let your love be genuine… That’s hard, right?


Just stop there for a moment, right?


Like how often do you go through the motions with love, but you don’t… You don’t feel love.


Let love be genuine. Abhor evil, hold fast, what is good? I think that is in context of our relationship, by the way, our relationships, I will hold fast to the good in my relationship with others, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be accepting of the evil.


He goes on, he says, Love one another with brotherly affection. God commands emotions sometimes. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints  and seek to show hospitality. This passage has this idea of a genuine, tender-hearted-ness. Now, this  idea of mercy has been developed through 11 chapters of Romans. And we could go through the entire book, and I could read it to you right now. And some pastors have just read Romans for their sermon, I could read all of it and you would get a glimpse of God’s mercy, but I’m just gonna do a select few verses to help you understand what it means by the mercies of God here in chapter 12. One of the key ones is Romans chapter 5:6-8, For while we were still weak, at the right time, Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person. But perhaps for a good person one would even dare to die, but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners. Christ died for.


So look at that, the genuine heart of God, to care for those who are weak and in need, you and I are weak and in need of God’s love.


I had somebody asked this week, how do we teach the good principles of the Word of God to kids who aren’t yet Christians, how can we expect them… And my answer, the long and short of my answer was, Well, you have the Proverbs where it’s very clear, if you read through the whole Proverbs that there’s a central message of, if you do things God’s way, you’re better off. Now, the rest of the Scriptures would show you what that means by better off, so it doesn’t always mean you’re gonna be richer, you’re gonna be more successful, whatever in your mind, but as a general rule, if you follow God’s way, it’s better. It’s better.


And I think you can teach kids that from the time they’re young, you can help them to understand not to trust what they want to do, not to trust their own idea of what’s good and bad, but rather to trust God’s way, you can shape and form their mind to understand that, but here’s the thing, even from the time a three or four-year-old is learning these things, they learn real quick, and you’ve learned this to… That even though you know God’s way is better, how often do you pick God’s way? Be honest with yourself.


And so where does that leave you?


We’re soft. Pit of adulterous leads to destruction. Right, or the path of the adulterer leads to a deep pit. You’ve got all these principles of like the lazy man who as poverty come on him, suddenly you’ve got principles of the lying tongue being worse for relationships, you got Principles of anger and what it leads to in a life, and all of these… And the problems, and we often find ourselves worse off, and if it weren’t for God stepping in and interceding in our life, we would be weak and helpless and still in our sins. As Titus says, he says, passing our days in malice and envy, hating one another and being hated by one another… That is so sad.


I don’t wanna live my life like that.


And yet, if I worked for God, that’s exactly where I would be.


Mercy forgives the guilty and pitties the helpless who are stuck in their sins, that’s what the Mercies mean here. And if you wanna go back even further to Romans Chapter 3, where he really explains what this means by demonstrating His love for us, I’m gonna give you several key words in a passage in Romans 3, verse 23-25, All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that’s the principle I just said, right?


We know the right way, but we like Adam and Eve every single day, reach out and take the fruit that’s forbidden, it looks good to us in our eyes, we desire it with our hearts, and we take it with our hands and eat that forbidden fruit, and we go through the same motions as Adam and Eve, and mankind has done it since Adam and Eve.


All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But you can be justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation. To be received by his blood is supposed to show God’s righteousness because in forbearance, He passed over former sins. Let’s talk about that mercy, what it does through the four key words in this passage, and one later on, three in this passage, one later on, first he propitiates. You know what that means?


It’s not a word you and I use… You could say satiate… You ever use that word? Sometimes satisfy would be another way to say it, but that’s a little different. It has the idea of satisfying God’s just anger and outrage over our sin, it satisfies it, it’s completely quenched, and we sing songs about that in every single worship service, because that’s the beauty is that it’s not just about you and me. There’s another party, an eternal holy God, who we sinned against, he made this creation the, and you and I have wrecked it, and it outrageous him, and you lash out and hurt other people around you, and you choose to worship everything other than God, and God is outraged over that. How could you… And it’s a reasonable outrage, it’s the same kind of outrage you could say, if a great spouse… I talked great spouse. A great husband had his wife cheat on him. Its outrageous, so as it makes you frustrated and angry, and how could they do that to you, and that’s how our God feels only to the other, the great… He’s outraged over us and… And he doesn’t, he’s not just in a position as like a spousal, but he’s also in a position as a judge, and so you deserve a just recompense or reward for your outrageous sins against him, and that is where our second word comes in, redemption.


Redemption, the word used here basically means to deliver at a price, okay, there is a growing good movement that’s going on today to fight sex slavery in all of its forms.


I want you to imagine what this means is that somebody goes into a ring like that, they know of a place where people are going to be sold for that, and they go in there with a million bucks and they buy every single one of them and set them free.


It’s deliverance at a cost. Deliverance at a cost. It was not free to God. You understand that, right?


We talk about his free grace. It was free to us. It’s not free to God.


It costed the life of his beloved son. I’ve said this before, I think this is a really good way to think of it. If it cost God a billion dollars, would he be poorer?


The answer is no.


You would not be poorer if it costs God a thousand moons… Would God be poorer for it?


No, ’cause he can make a 1000 more. He doesn’t need the moons, right.


But it didn’t cost him those, in fact, it cost him the one and only thing it could cost God, the life of his beloved son.


That’s the only thing he could truly sacrifice for us, and so Jesus comes in to deliver us from sin from this place of weakness, God has pity and sympathies with sinners and they’re broken in so much so that he sacrifices his son to appease the justice that we deserve.


The just punishment for our sins and eternity in hell, and then there’s a third keyword that’s in this passage, that third key word is the word justify. Justify. Justified by His grace as a gift. The word justified means to judge or to declare righteous.


Are you and I righteous? You and I have gone through here today, or like, you know what, I don’t think I’ve ever sinned.


I don’t think this is for me. This sermon is not for me, and this will not sound sweet to you, ’cause you and I are sinners, we were sinners, I should say, because the Bible talks about it as if a shift happens from that point forward, he calls you and I righteous… You know what the word saints means? It means holy ones.


It’s amazing to me that Paul can write letters and say to the states in Corinth, oh, by the way, stop worshipping idols. Stop fighting. Stop with your sexual immorality.


Stop with those things. It’s amazing to me that Paul could do that. Why does he do that?


Because God has said regardless of your past, justified, God has said, regardless of your past, you are righteous, you stand righteous, and if God calls you that, you cannot call yourself otherwise, and nobody else can call you otherwise either. God has pitied, sinners, broken, weak and helpless, like you and me, He has redeemed us through great costs, he has propitiated or satisfied his anger, the outrage over or since against him, and He has declared you and I righteous in a stance that for those who are truly his can never change if tomorrow you screw up again, it does not take away from God’s pronouncement of you being righteous. Hear that.


He makes his arguments in Romans Chapters 1-11 are rich with these things, and then he comes to Romans 12 and he says, Oh, by the way, I’m begging you because of God’s mercies give your life to Him, and we say, duh….Yeah, we should. And then then Paul says, Yeah, by the way, that’s your spiritual form of worship or your reasonable service, it’s… It’s a logical for you to give yourself to Him on the basis of everything he’s done for you.


And it’s not just those things.


There’s one more word that’s used often in Romans, Romans Chapter Eight, Those whom he predestined, he called, Those whom he called, he justified. Those who be justified, he glorified. That word justification only happens because God first calls you and I out of our sin, it’s sometimes by theologians called an Irrevocable Call, it’s another word that we use all the time in our life, right?


That has this idea that God worked in your heart, if you believed in Him, God worked in your heart in a way that made it so you could not possibly say no, and he does this through an opening of your eyes to see the glories of who Jesus is, and you say, Yeah, I want that.


No, I don’t want my sins anymore.


Yes, I Want Your Love.


I believe -I trust Christ alone for my salvation.


And then we learn, as we go back and we remember that moment and we read the Scriptures, we learn that that call in of itself was an act of grace, where God determined to make sure that you could be saved, that you could be rescued from your sin, that you could no longer be helpless, an abandoned, sitting in the sewage of your sin. No, He irresistibly changed your heart so that you could believe… That’s amazing.


So, I ask the question, Have you saturated your life with that, at the mercies of God, so deep into the center and core of who you are down into the very marrow of your bones, so that it’s just logical for you to live for him today, and tomorrow, and on Thursday.


Well, how do we do that?


That’s the last point. How? We know the what, Surrender. We know the why. Mercy. Now, the how.


There was three parts. This, how he says in Verse 2, Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


If you start a sermon with verse two, you’re gonna miss it, ’cause essentially what he says in verse 2, he says, Don’t be conformed. Stop it.


You guys have heard this before. Right.


No, you get the newspaper up, you smack yourself on the nose and say, No, I don’t wanna be bad anymore… No, no, I’m not gonna do it!


And how well does that work? Right?


You can examine the last five years of your love, you can examine five years of data from your life, and if all you ever say is I need to do better, stop being bad, you will see like zero growth in your life. Because if you disconnect verse 2 from verse 1 and verse 1 from Chapters 1 through 11, you will miss the whole thing. Why should you and I not be conformed to this world?


Mercies of God.


So I wanna live my life on the altar, I walk through my day today, and I have this temptation to conform me to this world, to respond in anger, to do this bad thing, to be egotistical, to be selfish, whatever it might be.


I have this temptation and I know it’s there, then I know if you wanna put it like this, the world is trying to conform me into that mold, to make me follow it, and you say no.


No, I have been changed by the mercies of God.


I can not be conformed to this world.


If I was helpless and dead in my sin, why would I wanna go back to them? I don’t want that.


Where can I go, Jesus has the words of eternal life. I wanna be with Him. That’s our mindset.


So we say, Do not be conformed to this world because of the mercies of God, but then we also say, be transformed, be transformed. There’s a transformation that happens… This is the word from which we get our word metamorphosis. It’s an idea of a complete change of who we are, sometimes this transformation happens slow, and sometimes this transformation happens fast. I’ve known people who as soon as they were saved, there were a few battles of sin in their life that they just were delivered from right away, and then other ones they continue to struggle against to this day. I’ve known Christians, and I’m one of these Christians who have prayed urgently for years for God to take a particular sin out, and then he answers it.


It goes, boom, there you go.


This has happened to me primarily twice.


I’ll give you one example.


I was very much struggling, somebody had hurt me, personally, and hurt my reputation. And I was very much struggling with anger and bitterness, and I knew I shouldn’t… I knew I shouldn’t be angry and bitter, I knew I should just repay kindness for the evil that they show me, they weren’t willing to say they were sorry, I couldn’t reconcile any further, so I’m struggling with this anger and bitterness, what I’m I gonna do about it?


And so I start to pray to God, I’m begging God, God, I need I, I don’t want this in my life.


And I prayed this and other times, and God has just sustained me day by day, like manna from heaven to help me in that battle, but that time, that time, I remember I was walking ….not in this church, in another church….. I was walking the aisles of the auditorium in praying and God in a moment transformed my heart were… Bitterness had its dirty little hooks in me, they were released, and all I felt was sympathy and compassion and love for that person. God delivered me, He transformed me.


And it was amazing.


God doesn’t always do that, he does sometimes for His glory.


And if you today are struggling and you know you need to be transformed, don’t stop asking…


I think it’s a good prayer request, but there are other times where the transformation is slow and doesn’t happen in big heroic moments of sacrifice, it happens in the little moments where you don’t feel like it… Yeah, amen?


That’s where the transformation happens. Notice the word that’s used here. It’s really important to notice verbal tenses, I know you guys all just fell asleep when I said those words, but just stay with me for a second, the verbal tense. The verbal voice, I should say, it’s active or passive. Active would be like if I had a baseball bat up here, somebody threw a pitch and I swung the baseball bat and hit the ball.


Okay, now there’s another tense, and this is the tense that’s used here, well, you’ve got the baseball back here and somebody pitches, and instead of me hitting the ball, the ball hits me, and we normally say it like this, he was hit by the ball, he was hit, there’s a be verb thereYou know what I’m talking about, there’s a be word that’s there in the middle, then you have the regular verb to indicate that what happened was the subject of the sentence, received the action, not did an act on the role.


Okay, now why do I bring all that up?


It matters, it matters. Because here in Verse 2, it’s, Do not be conformed to this world.


In other words, there is an outside force desperately working to shape you and form you and make you the way it wants you, and you have to choose to not surrender yourself to that force and choose instead to surrender yourself to God as a living sacrifice, and then what we find is to be transformed verb, I love that part, I love that part, because if it just said, You need to transform yourself, I would maybe close my bible and cry…Amen?


’cause I can’t do that, I’ve tried. A zebra can’t change its stripes. But our God can change us.


He can change our hearts, and that’s the other party, there’s another party at work who is transforming you and I, the next part of the phrase shows you how by the renewal of your mind and other parts of Paul’s epistles that… Other parts of Paul’s epistles, the renewal of your mind is almost always associated with the Holy Spirit.


There’s a Holy Spirit who can and will work in you to mold you and shape you, and how does that occur? Through the renewal of your mind.


What do you mean renewal of your mind?


Well, Paul just did it for 11 chapters.


That’s what he means.


He means you need to think about this world, the way God thinks about this world, you need to shape and form your mind after God, and let that renew the way you think your philosophy of life, your desires, by reading his word, by understanding… By worshipping Him by prayer.


And as you renew your mind, the Holy Spirit, mold you and shape you into the person he wants you to be transformed.


It’s not just passive. We talked last week about intentional efforts, and we’ll talk next week about a lot of intentional efforts, but it’s gotta start with surrender, it’s gotta start with a surrender to God, it’s gotta start with a surrender to the Holy Spirit, it’s gotta start there.


Problem is that so often, you and I clench our jaw. We tense our muscles.


I say, I don’t want to surrender.  I don’t wanna give this up. This is my thing.


I deserve this.


I do all of this other stuff in the church and for my family, I deserve this one thing, God, leave this one part of my life alone… I want this.


And you think this is good. Like Eve thought it was good in the garden to take the fruit.


You’re never gonna find life that way, you’re never gonna worship God that way.


I got to let go.


Gotta release. You gotta give it to God.


You’ve gotta surrender.


And he is worthy of that. For all that he’s done for us.


Let’s take a moment and pray, and then we will close with a song, I surrender. Just quiet your hearts to God right now, please.


What are you holding on to? What do you need to choose to give to God right now?


I’m not one who wants to ask people to walk in aisle or anything, I’ve never really preached that way, but I do believe that God can do business with you right now as you sit in your chair. So do business.


Open your heart to him, stop being stubborn and surrender. As you surrender, you’ll find life. He is so, so good. Taste and see that the Lord is good.


Father, you need to break us down because we are stubborn, and even now, I know that there’s sinful reasoning going on in our minds, argumentation, to be able to hold on to the things that we think we should… Reasons why we think this thing is good, even though we know examined by the Word of God, it’s not reasons why we shouldn’t give ourselves to you right now and… God, you need to break that down.


Only you can do that. So please work.


You are so so worsth it Father.


I thank you and I praise you for your mercy, that you had compassion, that you allowed yourself as the God of the universe to be moved passionately, to care about us on this little rock, that you cared… That we were breaking your law so much that you sent your Son to die for us. Father, and thank you for the mercy that you demonstrated there, thank you for it, and Jesus redeeming us from our sin, thank you for Jesus propitiating our sin, thank you that we can stand justified in Christ, thank you that you called us to yourself, even while we were still sinners. To change our lives so that we could be yours, thank you.


Your mercies are so, so sweet.


So I pray that today we would walk on holy ground, and then on Monday, we would keep our feet fixed on the alter, challenge and change us and help us to surrender to you for whatever you have for us.


Father, I pray and ask this in your precious name, Amen.

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