Redemption Counseling – Shining God’s Glory into Our Darkest Depths

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Blogs

Who’s Tim Ward? This April, I left my ministry at Saylorville Church to join Redeemer Norwalk as a counseling director. I recently earned my biblical counseling certification through ACBC and have a Master of Divinity from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. What’s on my heart? When it comes to building a counseling ministry, this will be a first for me, but certainly not for the Spirit who lives within me, nor for the awesome God I behold. That’s the comforting truth I’m struck by tonight as I wrap up my first office hours at Redeemer Norwalk church. Every Monday from 5-8pm I’ll have counseling slots open for 50 minutes of free biblical counseling. First come, first serve. Let’s see lives changed for the glory of God, by the glory of God! How does biblical counseling work? I think the old Sunday School answer of “Jesus!” is appropriate. Where we struggle is…okay? Jesus? How does that help me when I can’t stop doing what I hate? Galatians 3:5 says that God works miracles within us by hearing His Word by faith. Miracles? How? By hearing His Word and believing. So, let’s say you’re with me so far, even if you only have marginal belief that God exists, and are not even 100% sure the Bible is trustworthy as His Word, where would you go to read it to solve your problems? That’s where counselors come in. God has trained us to know His Word well enough to point you to the answer He has provided. In John 6:63, Jesus said: “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” In our struggle to not do what we hate, we’ve seen first hand that the “flesh” is no help at all. The “flesh” is that strength we try to flex when we’re not asking God for His strength. Jesus says this will not help you. In fact, Jeremiah 17 says this will lead to cursed living, as though you’re the lone bush in the middle of a desert. Instead, trust in God and be fed by His river of life. Listen to the Words Jesus has offered. They are Spirit and life. The life you need is found in His Word. The challenge in biblical counseling is taking the problem we see and showing the power that God offers to overcome it. Jesus overcame his own death. He can help us overcome anything. That’s the power of the Gospel His death and resurrection created for us. Before He went to Heaven, He sent His Spirit to equip believers like me to share this power of God into the lives of those in need. I’ve seen God comfort me through terrible moments, and I’m overjoyed to see Him comfort others in the same way! We’d love to have you visit during our office hours for more information. You can learn more on our Counseling Main Page. In the meantime, here’s a sermon I gave recently on the God of all Comfort.