Redeemer News 4/8/2018

What's Happening

church spring cleaning

If you would still like to help with a cleaning or maintenance project, see the list on the bulletin board downstairs or see pastor Trey .

gospel wakefulness

On April  28th, Faith Bible Church in Cedar Rapids is hosting a Gospel Wakefulness conference with Jared Wilson (an author that has had an impact on Pastor Trey). The cost is $29 if registered before 4/1, or $39 after 4/1. Pastor Trey will leave from the church at 6am and return around 8pm if anyone would like to ride with him.

quarterly business meeting

We will have a quarterly business meeting after the morning service on April 15

upcoming events

April 15: Quarterly Business Meeting

April 28: Gospel Wakefulness Event

May 17-19: Camp Work Weekend

Small Group Questions

List some of your favorite verses, including verses you’ve read lately. What do they teach you about who God is?

What does it mean that God is “worthy”? How is “worthiness” and worship tied together? Try to think of an example of “worthiness”.

What are some specific steps you can take to live a life of wor(th)ship to God?


M—Romans 12:1-2. How am I a “living sacrifice”?

T—Hebrews 13:15-16. What is our sacrifice of praise?

W—Isaiah 43:21-25. God’s grace even in our worship.

Th—Ephesians 1:3-6. “lavished”

F—1 Peter 1:3-7. How trials draw praise out of us.

S—Revelation 5:9-10. Sureness of future praise.