Redeemer News 3/4/18

What's Happening

alpha women’s center

Please return baby bottles with cash, change, or checks into the offering plate by MARCH 4TH. If you are interesting in supporting this pro-life ministry in another way, grab the half sheet of paper on the table for more information. 


Join us  for a fellowship board game night on March 11 (weekend before Spring Break for students), starting at 6pm. Bring your favorite board games and snacks to enjoy with one another!

upcoming events

March 11: Board Game Night 6pm

March 11: Parsonage Sale Q&A

March 16-18: Men’s Discipleship Retreat

March 24: Church Cleaning Day

March 25: Parsonage Sale Vote

March 30: Good Friday 6pm

March 31: Kid’s Easter Event

April 1: Easter Sunday

May 17-19: Camp Work Weekend


Small Group Questions

  1. 1. What situations led to David eventually running to the Philistines? Do you think his decision is warranted?
  2. “Seeking relief often means wandering from God.” What does this mean? When is it true? When is it not true?
  3. What are some good leadership qualities David shows in 1 Samuel 30?
  4. When David finally pursues God, God answers with clarity. What do we learn about God through this?
  5. What in this story points to Jesus?


M—Read Luke 14:25-35. Think on the cost of following Christ.

T—Matthew 7:13-14. Think on hardships in following Christ.

W—James 4:6-10. Think on approaching God humbly.

Th—Colossians1:15-20. Think on Christ’s sovereignty

F—Read Philippians 3:7-14. Think on persistence.

S—Read Lamentations 3:22-26. Think on God’s faithfulness.