Redeemer News 3/25/2018

What's Happening

easter schedule

Good Friday Service on March 30 at 6pm: Meditate on Christ’s sacrifice through  Scripture readings, singing, and communion .

Kids Easter Fun on March 31 at 10am: Bible lessons, easter egg hunts, crafts, and making new friends. Invite your friends to participate!

Easter Service on April 1 at 10:30am: Celebrate of Jesus’ resurrection with singing, Scripture readings, preaching, and a kid’s lesson. 

church spring cleaning

If you would still like to help with a cleaning or maintenance project, see the list on the bulletin board downstairs or see pastor Trey . 

gospel wakefulness

On April  28th, Faith Bible Church in Cedar Rapids is hosting a Gospel Wakefulness conference with Jared Wilson (an author that has had an impact on Pastor Trey). The cost is $29 if registered before 4/1, or $39 after 4/1. Pastor Trey will leave from the church at 6am and return around 8pm if anyone would like to ride with him.

upcoming events

March 11: Board Game Night 6pm

March 30: Good Friday Service 6pm

March 31: Kid’s Easter Event

April 1: Easter Sunday

May 17-19: Camp Work Weekend

Small Group Questions

What has God shown you about himself this week? Through Sunday’s sermon? Devos? Other Christians?

From Isaiah 62:1-5, what does God want to do?

From Isaiah 62, what do God’s emotions tell us about who he is?

What are some “rocks” (Isaiah 62:10) in your  life that prevent the regular presence of Jesus? 

What does God call us (Isaiah 62:4, 12)? How does that effect our daily life?


M—Psalm 115:1. Meditate on why God deserves glory

T—Psalm 115:2-3. Meditate on God’s supremacy

W—Psalm 115:4-8. The weakness of what we put our trust in

Th—Psalm 115:9-11. Meditate on God’s protection

F—Psalm 115:12-15. God remembers us

S—Psalm 115:16-18. Praise God with our life