This Sunday I’ll share six truths and six actions to take from Psalm 16 to find the pleasure of God and path to life through your darkest moments.

Below are some notes for key points. Each number is also the verse number for reference. I hope to see you there, 9AM at Redeemer Church in Norwalk.

#1 Truth to believe when it’s dark: If we take refuge in God, He will preserve (guard) us; Action > Trust Him

#2 Truth to believe: A right relationship with Him is our good; Action > Study Him (not your idols)

#3 Truth to believe: The right relationship we receive is wholly from Him who delights to give Himself; Action > so Thank Him (Delight in His Delight)

#4 Truth to believe: God protects us by allowing sorrow in our idolatry; Action > Despise what God Despises

#5 Truth to believe: There is true protection and refuge when we choose the Lord’s will and provision as our need; Action > Choose to be satisfied in Him and what He gives

#6 Truth to believe: God has sovereignly provided a beautiful portion for the saints in whom He delights; Action> see His goodness toward us (past, present and future)

If you’re struggling with any of these, please reach out. We have counseling hours Monday at the church, from 5-8pm. Email for more information.