Below are the completed notes for the Sunday School message 12/22 at Redeemer. I have developed an acronym in my counseling sessions SR Boss, which stands for:

Situation; Response; Believe; Obey; Struggle and Solution. The basic idea is to tie what Scripture tells us to believe and how to obey when we struggle to find solutions to the proper heart response in difficult situations. The basic idea came from one of my foundation verses to counseling, Luke 17:3 which starts “Pay attention to yourselves…” Being the “Sr. Boss” over your life doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t, but it does mean you’re responsible for how you’re responding to situations. My SR Boss method is intended to help identify whether the response lines up with applicable truths from God’s Word.

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SR Boss – Matthew 12:22-32 Kingdom Bearer, Kingdom Sharer

Situation – Work during peak inbound call hours; at home when Kai stinks at Mario

Response (of the heart)



A) I am a member of a weak/dying kingdom and I fear being destroyed. I must stand up for my survival.

A) My kingdom is one which shares what it has, so that others may experience the kingdom that I have, and they won’t if I do not conquer my demons by the binding power of the Spirit.

B) I cannot bind this kingdom of angry, powerful self-demanders unless I act like them and demand for myself.

B) I will not strive to bind God’s power by forcing my will, but will instead side with Him and gather with Him, for this is the only way to receive His goods.

C) 3 ways

1. bind Him – resist His will

2. plunder His goods – seek His goods without His means

3. speak against His mission – outright defiance of His way


1. Submit to His will

2. Enjoy His goods through His ways and power

3. Exercise my actions as if they were His actions (because they are His actions)


BelieveCasting out Beelzebul (Matt. 12:22-32)

Big Ideas to believe: V28: If we serve by the power of the Holy Spirit, then the kingdom of God has come upon those whom we serve. Therefore, Kingdom bearers should be Kingdom sharers. We are not of the enemy’s kingdom, driven by self-protection and rejection of God’s power. We cannot destroy the effects of the enemy’s kingdom by pursuing its means of victory.

Simplified Conclusion: Our opportunities for service are opportunities to bless others with the kingdom of God.

Context is Jesus was accused of being able to cast out demons because he was of the same power. Jesus’ response is

  • V25-27: no city or house divided against itself can stand, so if Jesus is of Beelzebul, and casts out demons of his own house, then it should be fallen by the time it gets to their sons. (But it isn’t, so Jesus isn’t of it, and this is proof “they will be your judges”)
  • V28 – In contrast to this idea of destroying a kingdom by being of the same ilk, Jesus says that His power is to destroy the evil with the good. The concerns for Satan are if His kingdom will stand, but the concerns for those of Jesus’ kingdom are whether we will present it and its power for others (see: come upon you).
  • V29-32 – A kingdom cannot be destroyed unless it is bound. (Is there a kingdom metaphor that I must bind in my situation? In my response? See response A and believe the Good)
    • God cannot be bound. If I want the goods of His house, I must side with Him and gather as He gathers. (see Response B)
    • While the Spirit comes to set us free by His power, if our goal is contrary to His kingdom (by binding Him/plundering His goods/speaking against His mission), then we cannot exist within that kingdom, and we will not (for we will not be forgiven). See response C.
      • This speaks to our ultimate placement, but if believers have heart goals contrary to the Kingdom mission and thus, the Spirit, we will not enjoy the fruits of their power.
        • 5:17,22-23, 25: “For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit…these are opposed to each other… But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control… if we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.”
          • Therefore, one must enjoy and align with the desires of the Spirit in order to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.

Obey – follow the Spirit and serve in His power.



1.      I do not care about others receiving the kingdom of God.

1.      I will honor God at work, at home, etc, by being one who gathers with Him to bless people with His kingdom’s power.

2.      I can become like the kingdom I wish to destroy.

2.      I will do this by trusting in His power to defeat the enemy’s kingdom (which I fear to be a part of)

3.      I resist the will and ways of God.

3.      In my desire to dwell in and bear His kingdom, I will reject heart responses that would try to

a.      bind,

b.      steal from

c.       or attack His kingdom and Spirit

because my ultimate goal is to be part of His mission, kingdom and power.

4.      What about when I am being crushed in my situation and I can’t help but feel like I’m the demon-oppressed one, mute, blind and weak to the point of crying “Mercy!”

4.      Re-align my desires from being released from God’s call to suffer, and instead desiring to serve and pleading for his joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, self-control, etc. Take time to fill thoughts with truth and pray in faith. Delighting in righteousness will produce shouts of joy. (Ps. 35.27)