CHAIN-LINKS-2Why ‘Link’ Groups?

  • Because we need an intentional way to ‘link’ new Christians and new members to our church family.
  • Because the church needs to maintain a family connectedness through future growth.
  • Because a loving church environment is the best place for spiritual growth to happen.
  • Link Groups give us the opportunity to love and care for one another.


Start midweek in-home prayer and discussion Groups instead of in-church prayer meetings

What difference will it make? What is there to gain?

People are constantly looking for a friendly environment to be a part of. Our church currently has that strength, but we want to maintain that strength. Without vigilance, strengths become weaknesses. These choices and ministries make decisive steps towards continuing to foster our friendly environment of our church.

Why Now?

We have experienced and qualified church leaders who have run small groups and several potential host families. If we are going to start a ministry to help facilitate the connecting of new members and Christians with the church family, the time to do it is not after we have new members and Christians, but before. This seems like the opportune moment to start this ministry.

How does it start?

  • Two host houses and two group leaders will be trained in the coming month(s) with Pastor Trey. We will add more Link Groups as we grow.
  • Host houses will host one Link Group each. These host houses may be eventually trained to lead a Link Group.
  • Link Leaders will lead the Link Group discussion and prayer in the host house.
  • Church members will have the opportunity to sign up a Link Group in March. Our goal is to have 90% of our church ‘linked’ into a group.
  • Discussion will be based on the previous Sunday’s sermon. Discussion will be based on the provided discussion sheet from Sunday.
  • Child-care to be arranged by Pastor Trey and host houses.
  • Our goal is to launch this ministry the week of March 30-April 5.


Isn’t this basically small groups? Isn’t our church already a ‘small group?’

The maximum number of people in a group that most are willing to share in is about 6-12, depending on personality. While our church is small, our main gatherings, especially on Wednesday nights, is still too large for everyone to be able to share. This ministry will intentionally give new Christians and members an opportunity to become part of our family and allow everyone the opportunity to participate and grow together.

Isn’t our Wednesday night ministry fine the way it is? Yes and no. Our Wednesday ministry is unique and treasured to most who come. However, due to the lack of nursery, the larger group, and the meeting setting, the Wednesday night ministry is not as effective as it could be. In-home Link Groups will allow for children to be taken care of. A home environment also allows for people to relax and be more comfortable with each other.

Didn’t we already try something like this, and it didn’t work?

Yes, a ministry like this was tried and discontinued. Our ministry philosophy is one of simplicity, with each ministry benefiting the other ministries. Link Groups will help our primary worship service to be more effective by causing our people to interact with and apply the sermon later in the week.

In-home Bible studies always seem forced. Is this going to be forced? Everyone will need to put forth effort to benefit from this ministry, but in-home Bible studies should not be forced. Spiritual relationships will take time to form, and they will be allowed to develop at their own pace, without requiring anyone to share or participate.

Is this a trial run? No. This ministry may need some adjustments and tinkering. Due to its immense benefits to the worship service and the ability to bring new people into our church family, this ministry is important and here to stay. It may take time for everyone to adjust, but it will be a good thing.