Isaiah 62: Palm Sunday

Apr 5, 2020 | Messages, Sermon Videos

Hi! Hey, it’s good to see everyone, even though I don’t get to see everyone this morning, it’s getting kinda lonely in this auditorium every week. Preach it in here to a camera. But I know many of you are following along online, it looks like we got a handful, already. I would invite you here, as we get going. It might be a good opportunity for you to share the link on YouTube to our Facebook video here with someone or share publicly, even right now to invite them to follow along on our Palm Sunday celebration service, and this would be a good opportunity to maybe introduce them to the Gospel. I’m excited for the sermon that we’re gonna be learning about today.


I just wanna make a few notes here before we get going, you’ll see I’ve got them up here. Number one, giving is still available, we’re not passing offering plates, but giving is still available to the church and the church still does obligate have obligations.


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And I just wanna pause for a moment and say I’ve been doing a lot of meditation on what constitutes a church to when we’re in a situation like we’re in here today, I meditate a lot on it, and I wrote quite a bit about it, this week and I’ll tell you the truth for many years in my perception, to watch a service online was better than nothing, but I still did not consider it. Participating in the church service writing this week, I kinda began with that mindset that although what we’re doing is better than nothing, we probably still aren’t having any kind of actual church service. And as I studied the Word of God and meditate on it, I actually came to a different point of view. And I’ll give you an illustration to kinda hopefully flush this idea a little bit. Let’s say a man and a woman get married, and there’s been a lot of these, and then the man immediately leaves for a tour in the Middle East. They might keep up their marriage through face-time our letters, our care packages or things like that, but I, in the end, obviously that’s not ideal, but they don’t stop being married and they still can in some ways, bring that love together through those means they’re not as good, obviously as being together in person, they understand that and everyone understands that distance romance, is difficult and it’s similar with the church we gather together and we love one another on a normal season of life, but right now in God’s sovereign plan, He has agreed that we would be a part. Does that mean we stop being the church does that? It’s been so shocking to me, as I’ve studied this week. Is there about six or eight main passages about how church services should function in the Bible? And none of them have the same exact functions or things that they are doing during a church service. The one that comes up most often is the preaching of the word, which is very primary and very important, but some focus on the public reading of the word some focus on communion some focus on a more open time where we share with one another, and encourage one another… And what became of that?


So, a shocking to me, I was…


I don’t think you can define a church by the specifics of what it does. In other words, you can’t define a church or a service functionally, it needs to be defined in…the .Philosophical word is ontologically and what it is intrinsically not and what it does. So for example, many in our culture today, would assume the church to have a church service, you should have a servant you should take an offering, and you should sing right but the truth matter is the Bible new testimony brings up singing a couple times and that kind of can be shocking to us but singing is a much lower importance than some of the other qualities and that’s why kinda to bring this all together, I find it so interesting that you and I, that our church has kind of defaulted down to I think what are the basics in the Bible, and the basics in the Bible of church is number one, a commitment to the preaching and teaching in the word of God.


And number two, a commitment to one another. And as a church, we still can function that way for a time.


It’s not ideal, just like a new marriage, that’s separated for a time, it’s not ideal, it’s not perfect.


And yet, I still think that this is church in A… So I wanna challenge you. God has given us wonderful tools in media. I challenged you when this whole thing began to call three people a week contact three people a week and I continue to change you to do that, be part of a small group, or Zoom meetings where we all talk and share and pray with one another.


Tune into the Sunday sermons, call one another throughout the week for encouragement, and pray with one another.


You can still be the church body and we can still gather in different ways through the media that God has provided for us for a time and it’s not ideal, and I can’t wait to come back together to gather back together just like a marriage. Can’t wait to be reunited together after it’s been separated for a season. But that being said, we don’t stop being the church.


So I just wanna encourage you with that.


The only other big announcement that we have this morning is the birthday boxes. It’s a ministry that we’re trying to do for people in the community, the ministry to them. If you have signed up for some to be able to give some different presence or items to different kids in the community that might not be able to have a normal birthday celebration make sure you get those items in, you can just bring them to the church, and drop them off.


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You can contact a legend and about that I… And or me and you can let me know if you have any questions concerning that.


So I think that’s all the announcements we’re gonna make this morning. It is good to see everyone here with us. I’m trying to see, right now, if we’ve got any questions, comments. I do have a variety of teaching today, through Isaiah 62. So you can open your Bible there. We’re gonna read through Isaiah 62, to begin our service and as we’ve done here usually as we’ve done if you have questions, I’m gonna open it up for some kind of interaction. I know we don’t normally do that for sermons on Sunday morning, but I still welcome that if you have questions, I’ll try to look over and see any of those questions as we’re going, but yeah, I… So let me know, you can write those questions into the comment section and get back to me, let me do one thing on the computer real quick.


Alright, make sure that I’ll be able to fall along with any questions, good to see everyone this morning.


So let’s get going.


Yeah, let’s open your Bible, then to a 62, we’ll read Isaiah 62. I’ll have it up here on the screen if you’d like and then we’ll kinda work through the passage on this Palm Sunday. So Isaiah 62, I’ll mention too, I just briefly I changed a little bit last minute what we were going to preach on this morning, my plan was to continue on with the 10 Commandments, this morning was detailing out my notes for the 10 commandments. My original plan was to do two different sermons on the 10 Commandments and I have enough notes now to at least do six or seven, so I needed to figure out what exactly what the form is gonna take, was gonna be going through the 10 commandments and I decided, “You know what, it’d be nice if we did a Palm Sunday sermon anyway, so that’s what we’re doing here today. So Isaiah 62,


[Isaiah 62:1-12 ESV] 1 For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch. 2 The nations shall see your righteousness, and all the kings your glory, and you shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will give. 3 You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. 4 You shall no more be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate, but you shall be called My Delight Is in Her, and your land Married; for the LORD delights in you, and your land shall be married. 5 For as a young man marries a young woman, so shall your sons marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you. 6 On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent. You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest, 7 and give him no rest until he establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth. 8 The LORD has sworn by his right hand and by his mighty arm: “I will not again give your grain to be food for your enemies, and foreigners shall not drink your wine for which you have labored; 9 but those who garner it shall eat it and praise the LORD, and those who gather it shall drink it in the courts of my sanctuary.” 10 Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; clear it of stones; lift up a signal over the peoples. 11 Behold, the LORD has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Say to the daughter of Zion, “Behold, your salvation comes; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him.” 12 And they shall be called The Holy People, The Redeemed of the LORD; and you shall be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken.


So I wanna read that passage- that passage we celebrate today, on Palm Sunday.


This is what that says. Matthew 21:1-11



[Matthew 21:1-11 ESV] 1 Now when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Bethphage, to the Mount of Olives, then Jesus sent two disciples, 2 saying to them, “Go into the village in front of you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Untie them and bring them to me. 3 If anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord needs them,’ and he will send them at once.” 4 This took place to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet, saying, 5 “Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Behold, your king is coming to you, humble, and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a beast of burden.'” 6 The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them. 7 They brought the donkey and the colt and put on them their cloaks, and he sat on them. 8 Most of the crowd spread their cloaks on the road, and others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. 9 And the crowds that went before him and that followed him were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” 10 And when he entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred up, saying, “Who is this?” 11 And the crowds said, “This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth of Galilee.”


So that’s the key Triumphal Entry passage. Let’s take a moment here and pray and then we’ll get going with our sermon.


Father I thank you, I thank you that you love us, I thank you that Jesus came as a king. I don’t know if ironic quite the right word, but that he came as a king, riding on a donkey, a lowly donkey best a burden or that to save and lead us people was willing to be humble enough to die on a cross for our sake, Lord, as we read Isaiah 62, about this king that enters this king and what he intends to do with us and for us Lord, I pray that we would rejoice that we would celebrate that we would get a sincere view of our King’s love for us. And then through that, that we would live for you, more that we would trust you more, father and pray and ask these things in your precious name, he met.


Alright, so good to have every one with us today and I’ll just remind you, if you have questions, I’ll try to keep track of any questions here as we get going, and I can answer them as we’re going, But I… We’re gonna jump right in to Isaiah 62. There are moments, as a parent, when you’re trying to help your child and because of either their discouragement or their guilt, they simply, they can’t respond, they’re overwhelmed.


And there’s some kind of barrier between you and in those times, I’ve found it, it’s best to hug them, to a… Just them to tell them how much they mean to me to make jokes about how much I love them about this much or this much or whatever I can to express my feelings for them and normally that is enough to soften their heart and allow us together to work on what’s going on in them, and my goal on that is to show them if they could only see themselves through my eyes, and feel what I feel about them, I know that it would clear away they’re guilt for mistakes they made or their discouragement, and it would lift their hearts up. And I wanna tell you that is exactly what the end of Isaiah is about.


It’s about demonstrating to God’s people the way that God thinks about them.


It’s a, it is a, it’s a sensational look at a very basic theology, it’s almost scandalous it Bates in God’s love for us chapter after chapter. And just when you think you’re done with it, it comes back again for another verse. And another chorus on the same topic about how God feels about his people. It is quite simply one of the mountain tops of the Bible, it is you know how Romans Chapter 8 is a Greek teaching letter, it’s meant to just teach straight forward. It is the Hebrew poetry form of Romans Chapter 8, about how nothing will separate us from the love of God. And so, my goal today is really simple. I want you to look into the king’s heart and to look into his intentions to look into what Jesus was feeling and thinking when he rode into the dock rode on the donkey, into Jerusalem, he knew full well what his demonstration of love would cost him at the end of that week, but instead of making it all about him and he still was pouring out His love for His people. So what did Jesus feel and what was he accomplishing and what was he thinking? And I think that’s what Isaiah hundreds of years before, was intending to help us to see.


Now, I’ll be on some of these poetic expressions, that you’ll see in this passage. They will be almost, to love due for some of us, especially when you think about how God loves us, some of us have closed ourselves off from God’s love and kind of turned it into this purely provisional transactional kind of like a dutiful exchange that just kinda helps us out. But this passage is full of emotion, and passion. Some of us struggle with songs or the idea of God’s romantic almost love for us, and I understand that indeed I want you to understand that it is not the only picture of God’s love for us, God is pictured in the Bible as a husband. Yes, but also as a father, as a king as a master as a young mother and as many more things, no one illustration can really cover all that God is to His people, but we also cannot sever any one picture of our relationship because it may be is uncomfortable to us.


So for example, a person who had an abusive father, growing up most still grapple to understand how God is a good father, in order to understand His love for us. It may take years, but it is always worth it.


A passage is like this picture God as just captured by love and delight for his people at pictures Jesus, “as a bridegroom that is still in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. And I wanna celebrate that passage with you and I here today, so I wanna start. There are gonna be three main points I wanna show you the king’s heart and His intentions first I wanna show you that the king on the donkey delights in his people.


Second, I want to show you at the king on the donkey. Create something makes you and into a new people. And we’re gonna look at all of the different expressions in this chapter about that. And then finally, I want to list out kind of how we should respond according to this passage to the king on the dock.


Alright, so that’s where we’re going. Does that sound good? Sounds like a plan.

Okay, so let’s go back then and we’ll start here with the king and his delight the king in his delight. So you’ll look here at verse number for Isaiah, chapter 62, verse number 4, You shall be called My Delight is in Her. Now, in Hebrew, that’s one word, and that is a name, it’s kind of like a name that’s given and it’s the same thing with this word married and the reasoning is given here next, because my delight is in you and your land shall be married land there symbolizes the people as a whole, God’s not marrying acres he’s marrying the people that live in that land, and here’s the reason why as a young man marries a young woman, so you’ll show your sons marry you as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice in you this is, I think it’s a called a similar to… And he is using a simile to say, just like a bride groom is gonna rejoice over his bride, when they get married, and they’re celebrating that marriage, God will rejoice over you. So pictures of bridegroom still in the honeymoon stages of his relationship and I just want you to to stop and think about it, to what people in your life do you, when you think about them or when you spend time with them, they’re really a delight in your heart. And there are a lot of people like this for me for different ways but one that’s come up a lot recently has been my daughter, Charlotte, she’s just a wonderful little girl, but she just is blossoming and her personality lately and every time I see her personality come out, it just warms my heart. So I’ll give you some examples. Yesterday. Her hair was an absolute, just disaster, and this is very normal her hair ends up oftentimes looking like the ’80s like, workout video and her hair is just all over the place, he’s got three head bands on, or something like that, that has their hair sticking up and she had a mismatched Jemma pant and shirt on, she was wearing her little fleet and she was sitting in a small wagon asking people to pull her around, and that’s not the only time, but a lot of times lately, I’ve just watched her watch her eats a popsicle or something like that, and I just, I’ve just smiled because I… There’s something about her personality and the way it’s developing that just brings delight to my heart.


Many of you have relationships like that, you, you might have a friend that just makes you happy to be around, or your marriage, or your kids or your parents, or your siblings, these relationships, and that’s how God is pictured here, He’s pictured as someone who just looks at you and takes delight in you, at Jesus’ baptism, He looks down from heaven God the Father speaks from heaven, and “Jesu to Jesus, and he says, This is my beloved Son with whom, I’m well pleased or I take delight in the same versus used in a romantic sense of a young man who delighted in someone’s daughter. He wanted to have her as his wife.


I was reading this week an essay that CS Lewis wrote called “The Weight of Glory, and he has a famous quote. You might have heard it before, if you haven’t, it’s okay that says this, he says, To please God, to be a real ingredient in the divine happiness to be loved by God, not merely pitied but delighted in as an artist, the lights in his work or as a father and his son. So, it seems impossible.


A weight, or burden of Glory which our thoughts can hardly sustain. But, so it is I want you to read this, you and I are an ingredient in the divine happiness just think about that, the Bible pictures God as one who takes joy, who is happy because of our relationship with him.


In verse five he uses the word rejoice rejoices, and this is not like “Oh I’m happy. And you got your hands folded and your inches, cross. apple sauce or something like that.


No, this is not a quiet Midwestern word, this is a celebratory word. It pictures God as a newly married husband at a marriage reception singing and dancing and celebrating, his love for his bride.


It is not a word that is contained, it’s a word that’s effusive it’s a word that’s flowing out of someone with joy, it’s the word that Zephaniah 3:17 uses the Lord your God is in your midst a mighty one who will save He will rejoice over you with gladness He will quiet you by his love, he will exalt over you with loud singing. This is how our God is pictured as one who takes joy. Now, there’s an interesting debate around this and you have to have a right, a biblical understanding of this, because there are some in more reform back to circles that would actually argue that God does not feel they say passions or emotions the way that you and I do, and the reasoning for saying that is good reasoning.


They say, God is high and He’s holy, and He’s other than us, he’s not. We are creating this image, but we’re not ultimately like Him, He’s too great, and he’s too much higher above us and so he might experience some kind of emotion, but it’s nothing like ours, and I understand what they’re trying to say they’re trying to make sure we don’t bring God down to a human level, but the truth of the matter is, the Bible simply portrays God as a God who has human emotions, they are perfect emotions, they are high and they’re very in one sense, different than ours because there’s so much more pure in quality than ours could ever be because he’s the creator God, and yet they are in some ways, like the Bible portrays God as delighting in you and me, those who believe in Jesus Christ. And I want you to picture this Jesus mounting that humble done riding into Jerusalem people lining the road on either side laying down palm branches in front as a sign of their reverence for him as King saying, Hosanna, are praised the Lord?


Less it is the one who comes and name in the Lord, this is a common phrase to refer to a king or something like that they’re rejoicing in Jesus as a king and Jesus as he rides, what is going through his mind?


I think what is going through in his mind is how much he delights or He will delight and his people.


It’s got amazing that we can have, that we can be a real ingredient in the divine happiness, it’s amazing, it’s amazing. So it’s worth meditating on.


I see a question here I’m not quite sure what it means. Adrian if you wanna rephrase your question so I can understand it a little better, I’ll try to get back to it here in a moment. I don’t see any other questions right now, but we’ll keep working on a way through here.


Number one was, what the king on the donkey delights. In his people. Now, I wanna take a step back and I wanna recognize for a minute that the king on the donkey is going into Jerusalem, and he’s going to ascend on to a throne but that throne is going to be a cross-he’s going to be lifted up onto a cross to bear shame, and to suffer and to die and it’s through that coronation? moment that he is going to be able to through might deliver his people from their greatest enemies, their own sin, and the death, the punishment that they deserve for that sin. And we’re gonna come back to that in a moment, but I just want you to bear that in mind.


So number two here this morning is, what does the king on the donkey create “What does the king on the donkey create? And I wanna come back here and there’s going to be one, two, three, four, 5-6 kind of names or things that the king on the donkey does for his people, in this passage. And I wanna go through these and then I wanna ask the question, How does he accomplish these things?


Okay, so the first one, he does is he gives a new name, you’ll be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will get. This is almost certainly a reference back to the new name that God gave. Jacob do you remember, take up the name Jacob literally means deceiver.


He drew one who deceives, and so, so… So, Jacobs, this kind of… So, Jacob has this reputation too that holds over him, that he’s one who deceives for years and then he has this meeting with God, and God says Your name will no longer be Jacob but it will be Israel, it will be… Is real, and that name is real is going to be the name of all of Jacob’s children and all of their tribes, they’re gonna be called Israel, as a whole… From then on, and it’s going to be just this amazing thing. So he was given a new name and it created a new identity and kind of a new trajectory for his life.


Well, he’s saying here in this passage that that same thing is going to happen to you and me.


Alright, so you… And I, we will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will give. I don’t think that what he means is that literally, you and I, my name will no longer be tray or Thomas or whatever, but it will be a new name that I’ll be referred to. It could be that, but I think that what he’s driving at, here is that I’m gonna give you a new identity.


Okay, so Isaiah is dedicated to showing the people over and over again, and I’m a ton of different ways.


Not only the Israelites but also all the nations that they are the kids and sinful against God, they’re wicked in their sins. And here he says, “You know what, this is who you have been for so long you’ve been one who was enslaved the sexual sin for so long, you’ve been one who was enslaved to the idolatry of money and possessions for so long.


You’ve been one who was always selfish and sought your own comfort and entertainment for so long. You’ve been one who was committed to your pride or your accomplishments for so long, you’ve been one who lied for so long and you know what, that’s not who you are anymore. I’m going to accomplish something by giving you a new beginning, a new identity. That’s not who you’re gonna be anymore. I just wanna ask, is that you today, how does that sound to you today?


It tortures you. Tired of who you’ve been… Have you felt kind of a weight on your shoulders, of who you’ve been for years, in your wickedness and your sin, and you’re looking for God to make you and you want something to make you knew? I wanna tell you, God can do that for you today.


So that’s not number one here. Under what the donkey creates he creates us with a new name.


Secondly, he makes us into a crown of beauty into the hand of the Lord.


This is Number Two, Crown of beauty, new name is, number one, crown of beauty is number two, and the hand of the Lord world died them in the hand of your God is another way to say that he kinda just repeats it there. I don’t know if you knew this at crown jewels are estimated to be worth the crown jewels of Britain or estimated be worth about 42 billion dollars, that’s how much they’re worth, but they have never been insured because are actually priced out because they are considered to be priceless.


Why does God say that His people will be a crown of beauty?


I want you to meditate on that.


I think, first of all, this probably goes back to our Exodus 19, passage when he calls the people a treasured possession, a special people treasured possession for him.


But I also, I was thinking about this this morning, why would he call his people, his crown of beauty? And I think there are two reasons: number one, a crown often emphasized or showed a king’s well, the or his value or is worth what he has, and this just demonstrates that God as king looks at us like we are his treasure he owns as the Bible says, the Cattle on a Thousand Hills. I was talking to my kids yesterday about how there are billions of stars and billions of galaxies and there are billions of planets, around those stars and they’re all beautiful I’m sure, and there are wonderful things there that could be explored. And God made amazing animals and he made birds that could fly high up in the sky and see little field mice in the field, he made animals that could survive in deepest, darkest parts of the ocean he made amazing things and then he looks at us and we are what His treasured possession is we are, what he values we are the crown of beauty.


Second, with that, I think a crown kind of symbolizes a king’s authority and I think He rains over us and in his reigning over us His authority is represented while we’re here, on Earth.


And I just… I want you to see this, we’re given a new name, God delights in us, and we are a crown of beauty to our God.


Now, I wanna keep going, because I wanna help define that in because our many people’s temptation as they read important versus like this about who we are, go read this and they’ll think… Well, I think there’s one song that says something like, he couldn’t bear to have the Heaven without us, so we came to Earth for us or something like that, and that is just really not good theology.


There are other people that have said that Christ died for us, and that shows just how valuable you and I are, and that is just really bad theology. And that brings us in to our next section that will help you at the Tattersalls number three under what the donkey king on the donkey creates. It creates a people with a new name it creates a people that are a crown of beauty it creates a people who no longer be deserted, or desolate in A… It says forsaken, or desolate okay, you’ll no longer be termed forsaken your land will no longer be turned a desolate.


The biblical story is about how God takes the people from Egypt, and gives them a fairly precise contract in that day and age, was known as a cesarean that also that gave rewards for the people’s obedience and punishment for their disobedience, their faith still was the thing that saved and nothing changed in that.


A lot of people get the wrong idea about that. Faith is always what saves God’s people. But their obedience to that contract was a sign of their faith. No parents. Let me ask you a question, I’ll let you… If you’re on Facebook, or you can respond however you want, let me ask you a question, when you are training up your child, is it enough to secure the child’s obedience to you? Is it enough for you to simply clearly spell out what will happen to them, if they disobey? Is that enough?


Some of you are on Facebook right now and you’re gonna do the little laughing emoji guy in the comments because you know, maybe if you don’t have a kid you might think… Well, it’s a simplest telling them the consequences and all that stuff. And you know real quick parenting is not simple and it’s not easy.


God clearly spells out the contract, but that contract, the law that God gave them was good and appointed them to righteousness, but it was not a sufficient to deliver them from their enemies, so they broke faith and they disobeyed and really, most of the biblical stories about their brief moments of obedience, followed by a large periods of time of disobedience, and then finally, because of their disobedience God’s contract is very clear. That their land would become desolate and they would be deserted or forsaken by God. It was clearly spelled out in that Cesarean vassal treaty. There is nothing unfair about it. The people agreed to that contract, and yet, through that, all they become forsaken and desolate. God looks at that and says… I know that that’s fair, I know that that’s just… But I my love will not allow me to just leave them in their sin, my love must intervene so that I can be both just and the just a fire of the one who places their faith in Jesus Christ, and so here he says, You will no longer be turned forsaken, you’re no longer be desolate. Instead, we’re gonna go now down to the end of this chapter, instead you will be called a holy people.


So this is number four, What the king on the donkey creates he creates number four, holy people, they’re not desolate anymore. And instead of, “Hey you need to obey and if you do you receive these rewards, if their faith always saved them, but their obedience secured the blessings of God here God says, “You know what, no, I will make you I’m not just calling you into it, I will make you a holy people, God saves us from our self, so we will be holy instead of following the same cycle that all humanity follows, God brings us to Himself and teaches us a better way, and I think of that verse in Titus chapter 2, “the grace of God has appeared teaching us to deny un-godliness and worldly lust. The live piece, he’s created a people special people through the king’s deliverance he’s created a special people that are holy, they’re free from sin, they’re free from slavery to sin, they’re free from the destruction of sin they are called to be with Him. And this is the fourth thing of what the king on the donkey creates. The fifth thing is we are the redeemed of the Lord, the redeemed of the Lord.


I think in my mind when I hear the word redeemed, I think of it as a synonym for just being saved or the delivered of the Lord, and I don’t know exactly what your mindset is, when you hear the word redeem but it’s a word that’s filled with biblical meaning a redeemer in the Bible was a human, it was a human being who was responsible to care for a widowed woman, are responsible to care for an orphaned child. They were responsible to step in in a moment of desperation, and need when the widowed woman, would probably have to resort to the begging on the street, or to prostitution, the redeemer could step in and bring her into his household.


And the orphaned child would starve on the street, the redeemer could bring them into his household, and in this, the redeemer stepped in in a moment of desperation, and need to be honorable, and good to those people, even though there was nothing really they could offer to him.


Verse 12 pictures, Jesus, God as the redeemer, the God who steps in at the moment, of our desperation and need to bring us to Himself, and bring us into his household and to care for us and to bring us blessing. Is that not an amazing picture? And then that’s what we are termed from then on. We are called the redeem. The ones who have been bought and brought into God’s family, through no value of our own.


And that brings me to the last one.


And you shall be or called sought out A City not Forsaken. This is connected back to no longer desolate, no longer deserted. God wraps His loving arms around us, He never tires, he always watches us with a loving eye.


We will not be forsaken I’m reminded of Jesus’ words, “I will never leave you, nor… Yeah, and hopefully you all said that out loud, forsake you, I will never leave you nor forsake you and that’s just amazing. Now want to ask the question. Okay, I wanna stop here.


It does God need to give us a new name, need to make us a new a crown need to say We’re no longer deserted or desolate need to make us into a holy people. Why does God need to redeem us?


The biblical answer is, it’s not because you and I are special already, it’s not because you and I have some kind of value in and of ourself. This is the temptation that many people try to have when they read the Bible. Like, “Well I’m special, looking out special IM because God loves me. That must mean I’m special, and that’s just… That’s just an American way to look at love.


So many Americans look at love as if I’ll love you if you have something to offer to me or if you’re impressive in some way that’s just not biblical love is bigger than that and the biblical view of love is not that we are special therefore, God loves us, but that God loves us and that he makes us special, he builds us into His special possession, His special people, by making us holy by redeeming us from our sin. And I want you to just think for a moment about the way God chose to do that, the way God chose to do that. A lot of times in Isaiah One of the recurring themes is Isaiah builds up to this moment by talking about how God’s gonna come and might and how he’s gonna use his right arm to deliver, and it’s gonna be a new Exodus like event and he’s gonna park the waters for us, to deliver us. And so it gets us thinking of… Well, when God does come, how is he gonna come, he’s probably gonna come out of the sky and he’s gonna run the heavens open, and it’s gonna be this mighty deliverance in this amazing moment and over and over again, in Isaiah when he builds up that moment of God’s deliverance and God actually does break through and His deliverance. It’s a child, or it’s a suffering servant that nobody even regards as significant are important, and I really find that interesting, and I think that coincides really well to… He was the king of Jerusalem, arriving on a docket in a one he he he could come in, he could come wearing armor and with a sword and an army at his back of angels, and that’s not how he comes. It’s not how the king enters Jerusalem you expect him to walk in the Jerusalem you served the Roman authority and set up Himself as king on a throne and yet that’s not what he does. He walks into Jerusalem and a few days later he’s going to be tried by the Romans and crucified by the Romans and instead of lifted up on a throne he’ll be lifted up on a cross, how does God… How does the king deliver us how does the king, give us the new name, make us a crown of beauty. How does the king make it? So we’re no longer deserted or desolate instead it makes us so were sought out by God. How does the king make us a holy people? How does the king redeem us through the cross?


We understand for many passages in the Scripture, that the king humbled himself to die, a death on the cross, we were under a curse, because of our sin, and Jesus instead took that curse on himself and the king in might and power that was veiled, through this process of this crucifixion in might and power delivers us from the punishment that you and I deserve, delivers us from the grip of sin, that you and I were under this is available to all those who place their faith in Jesus Christ and the exchanges is back… His righteousness so that you and I can be called the holy people. The New Testament, often says saints this is a word that means the holy ones.


That position that identity is secured because Jesus has given us his righteousness so that as we stand before God, we are righteous this salvation, this new beginning and making us holy and delivering us from sin and death and shame and guilt. This is available to everyone, it’s available to you today, if you’re listening and you might be listening, you might be tuning in, you haven’t listened to a sermon for a while, you might be one who’s just sitting on your couch and you’re used to my sermons and you’re listening to the sermon again, I want you to think and I want you to meditate. Am I trusting the king’s salvation?


Do I have what Pastor trays talking about? And those of you who have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, I invite you to remember and to rejoice in the fact that your King delights in you that He’s given you a new name that he’s made you into a crown of beauty that you’re not deserted he’s always with you, he won’t forsake you, He’s made you holy, that he’s redeemed you. I want you to embrace those realities today.


This brings us to point number three, which is how we should respond to the king on the donkey, and this passage, it has I think three specific ways that you and I should respond to the king on the dock.


Number one, verses six and seven are kind of this odd passage he says on your walls of Jerusalem. I’ve set Watchman all the day and all the night. “They shall never be silent who put the Lord and remembrance take no rust on and give Him the Lord is Yahweh, he’s talking about… Yeah, we go give him a no rest, until He establishes Jerusalem and makes it praise in the earth. I love this picture of watchman, who are watching and waiting for God’s work to come to Jerusalem and Isaiah invites them in this passage. Listen, if you have the Lord in your remembrance today and listen, if you’re a believer today, and you have the Lord and you remember it don’t rest and don’t give God and He rest until He establishes Jerusalem makes it a praise for the earth do not stop praying Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, do not stop praying that God would bring righteousness and blessing to the earth do not stop praying that God would save those people around you, and find to deliver them into the beauty of what it is to have a relationship with God, do not stop praying don’t give him rest if you’re a Christian, today, don’t give him rest until He accomplishes this.


I was thinking a little bit this week.


I don’t remember where I was reading, I was reading somewhere, an article or something that talked about how people for a while had devoted themselves. This was even centuries ago to a Saturday evening gatherings of a prayer and I think it was Scripture reading and it was an intentional step for them to fight against the apathy in their heart toward God, the apathy toward God that was in their heart, and it was a intentional step for them to fulfill this right here, to give God no rest, until He has worked in his church. And it was that those type of prayer meetings that established and got the Great Awakening going. And I’ve been meditating a lot on that. What does that look like for us, are we actively or putting away our apathy toward God in our decisions are we actively pursuing giving Him no rest, until He establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise on the Earth?


I don’t know, I invite you as a believer, figure out what that looks like.


Maybe it looks like you and your small group meeting a little longer, a meeting, an extra day of the week, maybe it looks like you do, in the Zoom meeting or calling, a brother-sister on Saturday night to pray with them.


I don’t know what it looks like for you, but I invite you to figure out a way to specifically give God no rest, until He has brought about his promises. He builds His church and He establishes His kingdom here, on earth.


Number two, to verse 10, Go through, go through the gates, prepare the way for the people build up, build up the highway clear to stones and we’ll get to that in a second, clear of stones.


We know the idea of, “Make way, make way prepare the way of the Lord, also preparing the way for the people in the last half of Isaiah, this is kind of a key that you can write down as you see these different ideas of preparing away in the wilderness or whatever when that’s mentioned these ideas are almost always probably about repentance, from sin and the reason why I say that is because in the fulfillment of these verses, end up being… John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus as the Lord and the Messiah and he does this by preaching in the wilderness, repent, He says, “Repent from your sins, turn from your sins for the King of heaven is coming, and this is set in the gospels to be the fulfilment of these passages of preparing the way. And so, I take this verse to mean I ask the question, What do you want the king to work in your life, to give you, the new name to make you into a crown to not leave you desolate to make you holy people to make you Lords redeem, do you want the King to take the light in you if you do the answer is, Will you confess your sin, and turn from them? What sin are you harboring right now what then are you protecting what sin are you not fighting against what sin are you just giving yourself into?


I challenge you, I call on you, today, turn from your sin, turn from idolatry, turn from your love of money, turn from your love of comfort, and your selfishness turn from your lying turn from your sexual sin, turn from your sin, and turn to Jesus Christ who can cleanse you from that sin, and can give you new life, and give you the victory over that sin prepare the way so that you can come to the king. And then that brings me to my final point, which would be this word. Lift up a signal. This is a… A kind of a precise word in the Bible, it’s not a word that’s used often it’s used in this chapter 17 when after a battle that quick battle kind of in the wilderness against, I think it’s the Midianites, if I remember correctly, the Israel Moses is lifting up his staff and after they win that battle, he builds this monument of sorts and he says, “The Lord is my banner, the Lord is my banner, and that’s the word here, a signal or a banner. It is also used of narrative when the people of Israel are complaining against the Lord and as a result, the Lord sends a curse on them of these snakes that bite them and can be painful or even kill them.


I see if the Israelites will look up to this snake that was on a poll that Moses fashioned for them if they will look up to that they would be healed from any snake bites. And so, this passage that that “NAK on top of a pole is this same word, this word that’s used here, a signal or a banner or a sign for the people.


And so it’s an interesting word, but you’ll also remember maybe you don’t just a few verses before. One of the most famous verses in the Bible, John chapter 3, verse 16, “For God so loved the world. Just a few verses before that in verse 14, it says, “As Moses lifted up that serpent in the wilderness. And what was that? It was this word here, a sign, signal for the people to look to.


So the son of man must be lifted up and he must become a banner so that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life, Jesus is the one talking there, and he very clearly sees himself as this signal this banner, that’s listed here, lift up a signal over the peoples’


Jesus would be lifted up on the cross as a signal for the peoples in this word, by the way, is used most often in Isaiah, it’s used in IAA more than any other book in the Bible, and it’s pointing ahead to a moment when Jesus would be lifted up on the cross for you, to look to and because of what he did there, you will be able to live.


And that’s the last kind of response to the king on the donkey.


First response was to remind God of His people to be a reminder by prayer.


The second is to clear obstructions out of your life and the third is to look to the cross. There’s the passage in Hebrews Chapter 12, that’s so beautiful, it says Therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, to us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and “perfecto of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.


So I challenge you to look to Jesus today. The one who takes the light in his people look to Jesus today, the one who gives you a new name who makes you a crown of beauty, who will never leave your force makes you into holy people who redeems you from sin, look to Jesus today, and lay aside every weight, look to Jesus today, and plead before the throne of God for God to build his church for God to make His kingdom common is well done here on earth as it is in heaven, look to Jesus today, for your life.


And that’s my challenge for you, for our sermon today, let me double check to see if I’ve got any questions today. I don’t see any questions that are listed on Facebook. Let me check you to be a… No, I don’t see any there either.


If you have any questions, now would be the chance to ask them about the sermon and I can, I can try to give any answers as we will.


So I’ll give you a minute to do that. I love Isaiah 62, I love the last half of ISA, it’s filled with just powerful statements. Isaiah 64: 1 says, “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down, Lord, I wish that you would rip open the heavens and finally come down and deliver us and accomplish the things that you say that you’ll accomplish. Or Isaiah 49. it’s too light of a thing for you to only be a light to my people, Israel. I’ll also make you a light to the nations, it’s powerful, powerful, the end of Isaiah and you gotta track his line of thinking and you gotta remember that they’re recursive and that they repeat the same thing but in a slightly different way to give you a new perspective. But I kind of…


I miss you people, I miss your responsiveness on Sunday morning. So I’m looking to see if anyone has any questions here? But nobody’s asking any love any interaction. I can get even an amen a… Hey, that’s awesome. Or praise God or anything so that I don’t feel like I’m alone here.


Alright, let’s give any… A few minutes if you have any questions. You can still put them on there, and I’ll try to answer it on the feed in a little bit. I wanna close with a word of prayer, I wanna pray for you and I wanna pray that you will think about your King this week Palm Sunday.


I think about everything God has done for us as you kinda go through what many people refer to as the Holy Week and then as we celebrate Easter Sunday, next Sunday. Yeah, so let’s pray.


Father, I thank you for a humble Kind. King who is worthy of our devotion and loyalty. I thank you for all that he’s done for us the way through His death on his cross sacrificed for our sin cleansed us there, given us his righteousness so that we can stand before you, so that we can be delighted in an ingredient in the divine happiness Lord, that’s just powerful pray that we would draw close to you today, we would meditate on what was going through Jesus, mind as he rode on that donkey, into Jerusalem, how His love for His people was gonna be demonstrated later that week. Lord, I pray that you’d help us to understand, I understand what you’ve done for us, Lord, and I ask that you would help someone even listen to this now, to turn from their sin and turn to you for the first time. Lord, I asked that even right now, you would call believers to a greater devotion, to being those watchmen on the walls that will not give you rest until you have built your church here in Norwalk in around the world.


We’ll keep pleading with you to do that. Lord, I pray that You would call some believer, that’s listening right now, to repentance, from their son, Father I pray that you would even right now help us to look to Jesus, “Behold him in his glory and I pray that that would change us from one image to another and pre-we’d be transformed by that.


I thank You for Your word, I thank you for this opportunity to gather in less than ideal far less than ideal circumstances, but I look forward to the day when we’ll be able to gather together again, in person. Lord, Father, I pray, ask these things in your precious name payment.


One more check for questions.


Yeah, I see a couple of questions here.


Is there any part of Isaiah, you don’t love? No, it’s all good.


There are some very difficult parts in chapters 13 through 27, that I haven’t figured out yet. And they’re frustrating, but I still love them like a kid a… Are we doing anything for Good Friday?


Yes, I essence are.


We’re going to do Friday night is a a Good Friday service here and it will be a meditation probably will include a lot of just reading through the moments leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, from the gospel accounts. And I’ll do a short teaching time, so we will do that. I need to put that on the calendar.


So that’s a good question, let’s see.


Well, make sure I get all of them.


She’s a century in the city was revived with joy and shouting the streets and praise. But the end of the week was filled with tears to save a criminal and not Jesus. Why was there such a drastic change? That is a really good question. I think it shows the fickle-ness of humans. Have you ever made some big amazing commitment to God one day and later that day we’re apathetic, toward him or even antagonistic toward him? There are many people, humans are like that. This is our nature. And I think that’s the reason why that was. That’s a really good question, Adrian thank you.


Whatever reason, I’m not able to look at all of the questions.


Yeah, how do the people in the streets of Jerusalem, know that Jesus was riding the city on a donkey is an important event was the announcement that Jesus was coming, where they just influenced by the spirit, Jesus had been traveling as a profit and had become a well-known person to that point, so his arrival into Jerusalem would have been met with fanfare he would have been trending on Twitter if it was in our day, so they knew that, and there was a sense that many people had wrongly that Jesus was going to be in a I Jesus was going to be maybe starting an insurrection against the Roman leadership, and so they were recognizing him as the rightful king of Jerusalem so he was well known at that point maybe remember the feeling of 5000 men and included as many as 15 to 20000 people that were following him. So that’s a really good question again Adrian but anything else?


So, to it doesn’t look like there’s any… On YouTube.


So yeah, I think we’ll wrap up. I appreciate you guys appreciate, I love you, I miss you, I’m trying to get in contact with each one of you, or at least a member of your family to check in on how you’re doing.


So if you are struggling at all, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re struggling with anxiety, you’re sickness or financially. I don’t be afraid to reach out to me or to your deacon.


We wanna take care of you during this time. And I do look forward whether it’s a month from now, or longer, I look forward to the day when you and I will be able to meet again together as a church family, this is less than ideal, but we are still the Church of God, we are not less than the Church of God, right now, we are still the Church of God and through this preaching and through your one other ministries, you’re still functioning as the church of God and don’t forget that and don’t stop being the Church of God during this time. So thank you so much everyone is, I miss you a… So we’ll talk to you soon. We’re gonna end the live stream.

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