This is the motto we would like to work in to our minds as we move forward with integrating a foster/adopt ministry here at Redeemer. I see our church as one full of caring and compassionate individuals each with unique gifts. There is always a need for families to step up and step out in faith to open their homes to children.  As more families take on this calling the rest of us can be the support these families need.  Please read this excerpt from a blog I started following about practical ways you might be involved. (http://jasonjohnsonblog.com) Also please pray as we integrate real tangible ministry opportunities and how you can be involved.                                                                  

Jamie Schumacher & Angie Spangler

“At Redeemer Baptist Church, some of us are going to bring children into our homes, the rest of us are going to find ways to serve and support them.”

I recently met a man in Nebraska. Mid-60’s, retired. He spends most of his time at a local equestrian center re-shoeing and caring for the horses there because many are used in equine therapy for kids who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect. He told me that while he may not be able to bring a child into his home he can certainly take care of these horses if it means it helps those kids who need them. I couldn’t agree more.

I recently met a couple in Kansas City. Empty-nesters. He told me he makes the best BBQ in the state (a bold claim!) and LOVES to cater any orphan care ministry related event at their church including respite nights for couples, info meetings for those considering getting involved and even taking meals over to families homes who have had a new child placed with them. Here’s a couple that has said, “We know what we can’t do, and we know what we can do, so we’re going to do what we can do well.” They told me that while they may not be in a position to bring a child into their home right now they can certainly do their best to bless those who are. I couldn’t agree more.

I know of lawyers that will donate legal services for adoptions pro bono. Mechanics who one Saturday a month offer free oil changes to single moms and foster parents. Counselors who offer their services for free to foster and adoptive families. The list could go on. Normal people doing normal things. Everyone…every.one. can do something.

The opportunities to get involved are as unique and diverse as each individual (and normal) person in your church. This ministry is not reserved only for the most “special” people in your church, but instead is designed for every normal person in your church to do something uniquely and specifically special. Everyone has something to offer – whether it’s BBQ, babysitting, a gift card or even a new forever family. While we are not all called to do the same thing, we are all certainly capable of doing something. Perhaps it could be said this way: You’re either called to bring children into your home or you’re capable of serving and supporting those who do – so find your “something”!