Everyone can do something continued……

“At Redeemer Baptist Church, some of us are going to bring children into our homes, the rest of us are going to find ways to serve and support them.”

Last week we looked at a couple of ways that people have used their gifts, talents and resources to minister to foster kids and their families.  As some in our church family step forward and follow the call to foster/adopt children the rest of us will be needed to support them.  In order to do this we think it is important to have some real and tangible places that we can show that support.  The purpose of this week’s handout is to highlight three ways that our church body can show our support for foster children and the families that support them.

  1. A Foster supply closet– at first we would like to build up a closet of supplies that can help our church family who are involved in fostering children. Eventually we would like to use this closet as a way to reach out to foster families in the community especially as a way to share the gospel with other foster families. We are asking for someone to oversee and manage the closet. You would not be alone in getting this started as Angie and I will be beside you to help with the setup.  We probably need one person to be the “manager” of the closet and as it grows may need to add another to spread out the responsibility. Perhaps you have been thinking about how you can help minister to the fatherless among us…you may not be able to take a child in to your home but you know that you could help by making available supplies that are needed when it comes to having a child of any age, size or gender come in to care at a moment’s notice. By having this resource in place we will have an organized well stocked place that will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  2. Prayer warriors-This is probably the best and most important ministry of support we can have. Everyone can pray for kids in need and their foster families, biological families, support workers. Although all details of fostering cannot be shared there are specific requests that can be made.  We would like to have people who would dedicate time each week to praying for these kids and all involved in this process.
  3. Meal train-this is a simple way to help but can be a huge help when a family takes in a new foster child/ren, or have a period when they may just may need some extra love and support. By providing a couple of meals we can take some stress off the family and show love to them and their kiddos. We would like to see one person who would be willing to be the administrator or overseer of this ministry to get the train started so to speak.

Please continue to pray about how you can support.  Maybe you are not one to lead up any of these areas but you can definitely play a part by providing for needs.  I believe that all of these ministries are very practical ways that we can help “defend the weak and the fatherless”Ps. 82:3.  They allow for many avenues for many to help.

Thank you for considering how you can participate,

Jamie Schumacher & Angie Spangler