Isaiah 25: Easter Celebration

Apr 12, 2020 | Messages, Sermon Videos

So let’s pray. You can turn in your Bible to Isaiah 25.  This is where we’re gonna be for the Morning sermon today, Isaiah 25, and we will read the scripture here in a moment, after our prayer. And then just in a few minutes kids I know you’re probably watching on the couch, some of you are following along, maybe you’re playing down on the floor, if you wait carefully and you watch in a few minutes, I’m gonna have a short little lesson just for you kids and then for the rest of you, one of the goals that I’ve had, if I’ve gotta be through this medium I’m just talking to a camera, I want to at least have interaction online.


So if you are ready, I’m gonna have different times throughout this sermon where you’ll have the ability to interact with a a question, you’ll have the ability to ask your own questions while I’m preaching, things like that, so I would encourage you. I know many of you are probably watching on YouTube, and that’s fine, or you watching on your TV, but I would encourage you to have a way available to you. Whereby you can comment that doesn’t mean that you should have your phone be scrolling Facebook during this time, I would encourage you to have a singular focus during this celebration. Alright, so let’s take a moment and pray and then we’ll do our scripture reading in the…


I thank You so much that Jesus Christ is risen, from the debt I thank you for the way he wipes away Mary Magdalene, to tears. I thank you for the way he helps Thomas with his doubts, and I thank you for the way that he ministers to Peter after Peter’s failures, I thank you that our risen Savior today, is working in us still today, working miracles to bring us to new life.


And I asked, that you would give us clarity today as we open your word I pray, and ask this in your precious name, amen.


Alright, we’re gonna do our scripture reading, and this is going to be from Isaiah. Just double check in, see if there’s any comments here, questions. Other than that, the audio wasn’t working at the beginning. Alright, let’s read Isaiah chapter 25 and this passage, it’s tucked into an important passage of scripture, Isaiah is working through the nations, and God’s judgement on them, and then he comes to what many commentators refer to as the many “apocalyps of Isaiah on this a few chapters in the middle of Isaiah that honestly much of Revelation ends up being based off of… And there are many quotes in the New Testament from and you’ll see that… You’ll notice that, and as we go along, you’ll recognize some of the language from Isaiah Chapter 25. So we are going to read Isaiah Chapter 25. It’ll be here up on the screen behind you.



[Isaiah 25:1-12 ESV] 1 O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure. 2 For you have made the city a heap, the fortified city a ruin; the foreigners’ palace is a city no more; it will never be rebuilt. 3 Therefore strong peoples will glorify you; cities of ruthless nations will fear you. 4 For you have been a stronghold to the poor, a stronghold to the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat; for the breath of the ruthless is like a storm against a wall, 5 like heat in a dry place. You subdue the noise of the foreigners; as heat by the shade of a cloud, so the song of the ruthless is put down. 6 On this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine, of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined. 7 And he will swallow up on this mountain the covering that is cast over all peoples, the veil that is spread over all nations. 8 He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the LORD has spoken. 9 It will be said on that day, “Behold, this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might save us. This is the LORD; we have waited for him; let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.” 10 For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain, and Moab shall be trampled down in his place, as straw is trampled down in a dunghill. 11 And he will spread out his hands in the midst of it as a swimmer spreads his hands out to swim, but the LORD will lay low his pompous pride together with the skill of his hands. 12 And the high fortifications of his walls he will bring down, lay low, and cast to the ground, to the dust.


Go back to the beginning here.


So, the title of this sermon, is when the lion swallows his the… And it pictures, the moment if you’ve read The Chronicles of Narnia when the lion as land swallows the White Witch hole, then she has gone.


The resurrection accomplishes one very well-known a feat, and then at least even from this passage, surprising feats and this message will start with a well-known feet, but it will work to the other more surprising feats that it accomplishes for us, today, and for God’s glory today. So I wanna be clear. Isaiah did not know how God would swallow death, he wrote under the inspiration of scripture 8-000 years, took place, and that resurrection that took place, he did not fully understand. It’s like a painter that was painting a picture, but the way he looked at the scene, that he wanted to paint was he looked at the back of a spoon and the reflection of the scene on the back of the spoon.


It doesn’t mean that I say and other authors have only a little bit to offer us, I say still clearly de-picks the outcome of the defeat of death, even though he didn’t know how it would happen. We know that that victory over death, was secured by Jesus’ resurrection. And we’ll see that in a moment, but what does this victory over death, accomplish?


And I think the first thing that we are really clear on, and you see this in Verse Eight of our passage today and you’ll see it up here behind me is it removes the universal shadow of death, that phrase, “he will swallow up death forever. It’s a, it’s a powerful image, right, that god swallows death and it is gone, it’s the same word that’s used of Jo when he’s talking about how pitiful his life is and he says that he’s just swallowing his spit in Joe 719. it’s also the phrase that’s used more symbolically, in the Psalms, Psalm 69, 15, Let not the floods sweep over me, or the deep swallow me up, or the pit closed its mouth around me. When David was in the middle of significant trials, this is a shadow that’s cast over all mankind over all of us.


We each carry within us a sense of our mortality, a sense of our eventual death, and with all the conversations about Covid 19 and the death rate and things that are happening today, this is becoming more apparent in our culture today.


That sense probably grows with time. Most kids and teens don’t have a genuine sense of impending death or the shadow of death over us, but as we get older, we realize it more and more. And let me tell you, even if you don’t realize it, it’s still a shadow that hangs over our head. It’s even a law of thermodynamics, things are going to die.


There are two things that are sure in life, right?


Taxes and death. Death.


Hear that now kids.


Were you listening?


I have a little illustration for you.


How does Jesus defeat, death, do you know? give you a chance to answer you can answer out loud, right now. How does Jesus defeat, death, does he beat it up? Does He punch it? Does He step on it, Jesus defeats death, by being resurrected.


How many of you kids have had an Easter egg hunt already or how many of you are planning to have another Easter a can here in the near future?


This is an Easter egg that I have here and most of the time when we do Easter eggs, we put a little bit of candy or coins or something like that in here and then we spread the eggs out throughout the house, or outside, and you have to go find these eggs and then you get the prize. It’s inside, but do you know what an Easter Egg is supposed to symbolize for us?


An Easter egg is supposed to show us what the tomb was like.


You know what a tomb is, right?


The tomb in the Bible, it was like a cave and the egg is like a cave and they rolled a big stone over the front of the cave. So that you know that that whatever is inside of it has to stay inside of it.


Now I have, So I… Something inside of this egg, right now. I don’t know if you guys can hear if I shake, it next to my… Mike, can you hear that everyone here that you can answer on the stream? I wanna make sure you hear that, Okay, what do you guys think is in this egg? And based off of what you hear By shake it next to my microphone his… You can answer out loud. What do you think is… What do you think is here, what do you hear, do you think it’s… And, and Ms. candy, do you think it’s a coin you think it’s some kind of prize? Oh, nerds, was one of the guesses from kids out there. The candy nerds.


Money? Some people think it’s money, other people think it’s Skittles. Those are good guesses. Now, what is inside of it represents Jesus’ body. Let me ask you a question. When something dies, if a plant dies, does it ever come back to life, if an animal dies, does it come back to life, the person dies. Does it come back to life? No, they stay in the tomb, they stay in their casket, they stay dead at but Jesus didn’t stay at.


See the candy is like, Jesus inside this tomb, and he stays in there but the tomb is empty.


Can you hear it?


Do you hear anything?


The Easter stories about how Jesus raised from the dead, and so he wasn’t in the too many more he left the to and there’s nothing inside the tomb, anymore.


You see, most of the time with normal death when somebody dies, they stay in their two but not Jesus, Jesus.


Now, kids, this is a magic trick, magic is not real.


Magic is either… Two things, it’s a pretend or it’s a trick. They’re trying to trick you to think something. In this case, pastor tray is tricking you. He had something up his sleeve that made a sound and when I shook it with this hand that had that thing up the sleeve, it would make that rattle sound but when I shook it with this hand, I didn’t have anything up the sleeve and it wouldn’t make that red.


That rattle sound listen to me though Jesus rising from the dead was, not a magic trick, it was not pretend, and it was not a trick Jesus, really did rise from the grave or wasn’t magic, it was a miracle, it was powerful, Jesus did something getting no one else could do when he rose from the dead, and because He rose, from the dead, we know that, we can believe Him and trust that He died on the cross for us, and that His death on the cross saves us from our sins. And let me tell you that illustration hurt pastor try because for 30 minutes, I had to cut off the blood circulation to my hand.


So that was for you. Kids is because I love you.


He will swallow up death forever.


The passage in 1 Corinthians 15 says that Jesus that death is swallowed up in victory.


It’s at near the end and some of you will recognize it if you don’t that’s okay. It’s a famous Christian passage, but it’s one you should learn if you don’t know it. It says in 1 Corinthians 15, the whole chapter is about the resurrection. It’s really it’s the most Paul teaches about the resurrection in the Bible or anyone teaches about the resurrection in the Bible and in that, in verse 54, it says death is swallowed up in victory. Or death. Where is your victory?


Oh death was your sting. The sting of death is sin, the power of sin is in the law, but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. So when Jesus resurrected from the grave, that’s when God swallowed up.


Yeah, forever.


That’s where we know the Bible says earlier on in the chapter that Chris is the first fruits in other words, it’s not gone forever, but he’s one the victory and one day we know that we will be resurrected and we will live with him too. Now listen to me, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was seen by many witnesses at different times and in different ways at different times and in different ways. Now, I want you to know, if you can interact a little bit with this. What are some ways that maybe we just read, or other passages in the Scripture, that no different groups of people that Jesus appeared to after he raised from the debt.


So would you just comment right now? Some of the people that Jesus appeared to after he rose from the debt. Let’s just list a handful off right now if you can do that, you’ve got you… You’re hopefully your comments pulled up here. What are some of the people that Jesus appeared to when he rose from the death?


Very… That’s right, Mary Magdalene. That was one from the scripture reading that we just had. That’s good, yeah, several of you did, you had a Peter, he appears to Peter a couple of different times, that’s good. What are some other ones?


The disciples and He appears to a group of disciples twice, one to all the 12 and one to just seven of the disciples and that is accounted for in 1 Corinthians 15.Yeah, the two men, the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, that’s another good one, very good that’s another good one.


Anyone else?


And there’s one, one other… Yeah, 500 at one time than you are. And that’s the other one that’s important.


500 people, Jesus appeared to at one time, this was it just one person here, it’s not like a big foot sitting where one person saw them or anything like that. That’s not this, that’s a hope that’s a trick, this is real. We have historical real historical evidence of Jesus appearing to many witnesses at many different times and in different ways sometimes by the sea, sometimes in the upper room, sometimes the whole group of people. When you sent to heaven, listen to me, you gotta understand this.


Maybe you think, “Well everyone they’re just hallucinating, Jesus because they miss him so much, they’re hallucinating about Jesus. But here’s the problem with that.


Group Hallucinations, don’t happen.


A group of five people together cannot hallucinate the same thing.


Okay, that doesn’t happen.


It’s never happened in history.


Number two, martyrs do not make good liars you say, Well the disciples, just wanted them to be alive so much. They lied about him. They’re tricking everyone. No, that’s not true either. That’s not true at all, because the each one of the disciples and many more died, saying, that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the debt. Listen, liars are cowards. liars. will lie and say anything, anything at all to get out of dying, but that’s not the disciples, the murders, do not make good liars. Another thing is that guards were placed in front of the tomb that had a duty to carry out their mission, and if they failed their mission, they could die and, and the guards did fail their mission.


Jesus left that too.


Another point you’re saying, Well maybe he was a ghost.


Alright, and to that I say two things: number one, you’re willing to believe in ghosts, but you’re not willing to believe in a resurrected Jesus. Come on, alright, you’re just… You’re leaving one silly thing and you’re not willing to believe a miracle by God. Then number two, ghosts can’t be touched ghosts can’t eat.


And Jesus did both of those things. Now as many people have concluded the only reasonable conclusion is that Jesus rose from the dead.


This might not fit our natural assumptions, but here’s the thing, the Bible assumes that God created a world that functions according to normal natural rules, but it also assumes that God can break into that world with supernatural things, and he does that all over the scripture? If Jesus was resurrected it changes everything, if he was resurrected. Then we know that we too will be re-erected when we… After we die, if Jesus was resurrected then we do not have to fear death anymore.


If Jesus suppose the resurrected it’s cost for us to live bodily and fulfill God’s purposes for us today, without fear of what will happen to us.


If Jesus is resurrected it changes everything. So the first point that many of you know is that if Jesus is resurrected we know that we too will be raised to new life with God, that’s amazing, that’s amazing, it’s an amazing promise it’s a promise that I feel like I’ve kind of developed a greater appreciation for this Easter season, but here are… And we’re gonna do a rapid fire some more surprising accomplishments of the resurrection, and it’s from our passage here in Isaiah 25.First of all, you see as a 25 year versus a one and a two, the Resurrection of Jesus perfectly fits into God’s pattern of salvation. But it’s not be surprising to some of us, ’cause we think to ourself. Well, the resurrection is unlike anything that happened in the Bible, but that’s really not completely true.


I say I may not have known how God would eventually defeat, death, but he did know a few things, he knew that God’s salvation works were always miraculous God parts the Red seat, he gives water from a rock, he causes bread to grow in the desert, he makes the sun, stand still, he delivers the poor and weak from the strong and mighty, he sends plagues on an oppressive army and that’s just talking about what God did in the Old Testament, that’s not talking about what Jesus did when He was on Earth, He healed the blind, He healed lepers. He cast out demons, he raised the dead, himself, and he did much more Jesus’ resurrection and this moment, this promise that death would be swallowed up and it was gonna happen in a miraculous way during the same category and that’s what this word wonderful means. You see this word wonderful here for you have done wonderful things we think of wonderful and we think of a…


You’re so wonderful in it’s not this word, this word is more like miraculous you have done miraculous thing signs and wonders, you have done, and I say is looking forward ahead to that moment when God, would swallow up death forever, and those plans formed of old that God had that that miraculous moment of salvation would occur God is, he works in a supernatural way he sometimes functions according to the natural order it but he often breaks through into the natural laws and he… A circumvented stuff, and he works in a different way than the natural laws would occur, and this is never more apparent than, in a death and resurrection.


The law of nature teaches us that everyone everything will eventually die when they are, when they are gone, they’re physically dead, and nothing can change that, but that doesn’t apply to Jesus.


Number two, God’s salvation work this moment of resurrection was a plan formed of Old Faithful and True, it was a plan formed of Old Faithful and True, God’s eternal plan reaches back before the world was created.


He plans to make a creature that could choose Him and love Him and serve Him, but He also knew that that creature would betray Him, he then masterminded a plan to bring His people back to himself, he broke into the world many times throughout human history to make contact with him to show them who he was, to give them truth about himself, to give them truth about what he wants, and so that that truth could be passed down through generations, and ultimately he was preparing them for the moment that God himself would become a man, he then meticulously brought forth every detail of that sovereign plan, that kind axed in the moment when the stone was rolled away, and Jesus was resurrected from the grave.


That was a plan that has been in the works for a billions of years from our point of the year from our point of view and it was a plan that God brought about perfectly, even today, his sovereign plan is weaving people into his family by that death and resurrection that he accomplished His sovereign plan is still working today, to save his people.


Are you one of those people today?


Now I wanna invite you in this moment, if you have any questions. This would be another opportunity for us to stop and ask some questions, interact, if you have any, if you have any… You don’t have to ask them, but I really want this to be an interactive time I’m able to be a little bit more interactive, in a arsonists to kind of interact with you and talk with you, but it’s harder when I’m online. So if you have any questions you wanna ask them, I see “oh yeah, yeah. Lue said, “How many ghosts can cook fish for breakfast? And the answer to that is none that I know now, that I know of. Are there any questions so far? So our first point was that the resurrection of Jesus Christ removes the universal shadow of death.


Second point was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. secures a place at the table. Or I’m sorry, that would be 03. I’ll skip that point to the resurrection of Jesus Christ fits perfectly into God’s salvation plan is eternal plan, that He’s weaving together.


Alright, I don’t see any questions. So we’re gonna keep chugging along here, alright?


And so, point number three is that the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what we will come back to four and five here in a moment, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, secure is a place at the table with God like one of our churches. Favorite song says “Once your enemy, now seated at your table Jesus, thank you my favorite holiday of all the holidays is definitely Thanksgiving, but I like a good Christmas celebration too. As long as you’re not hurried and as long as you don’t make it all about the presence, I like to make it all about the feast. A Love Rose, bees bros, beef, I like him, but there’s nothing like a good feast of turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and all of that.


We’ll just do a quick semi-poll here. If you’re on Facebook, or whatever, I don’t know what you’re having, today. Maybe some of you are smelling ham cooking in the crock pot. Maybe you could… Like the status or something like that. If you have ham cooking in the crock pot maybe you could do the smile emoji if you’ve got roast beef and you could do like the crying emoji if you’ve got something else. Because if it’s not one of those two things on Easter, I don’t know what it would be.


So you could do an improv to pull right now, you can put that up but that’s what we’re supposed to be thinking of. I hope that the smell wasting, and your nose right now, of your Easter dinner is enough to really help this illustration in verse six.


I think it…


I really hope that that helps you.


So on this morn, the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples, a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine. Of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine, well refined, so I love this. The fatty portions of meat in the Bible were mostly reserved for the Lord in the sacrificial system, but here he shares that with all peoples and I love that moment.


I don’t know if any of you have had co-Bay beef. I’ve never had co-babe, but if you look at co-babe, fit it is essentially one huge chunk of fat, and it is rich, and I’ve seen people cook it up and it is Lois and I, I’m sure, would take getting used to in eating, but that we’re supposed to be thinking like the finest meat this world has to offer that is what everyone gets here and then the well-aged wine. Refers to wine that has had a chance to fully mature it is the best wine you can find, and this is why that God has shared willingly with the people, and this rich food, it right. I don’t know for sure, it might be interpreted for us by Isaiah later on in chapter 55, as the forgiveness of sin. It might be another way to look at it, I’m not sure if that’s what it actually is, but I know I’m pretty confident that this moment for sure looks back this moment on the mountain, looks back to a moment in Exodus 24, that we’re gonna get to in a handful of weeks and our Exodus series where the 70 elders were invited up onto the mountain with God, with Moses and they were able to feast, they saw God and they had a feast with Him.


I think that is exactly what verse 6 is saying Only here he’s saying it’s not just gonna be the 70 elders.


No, it’s gonna be for all the people.


This also probably looks ahead to Revelation 1919, what we have called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which is probably picturing the same idea here with Isaiah.


So number three, the resurrection secures a place for you at the table with God, it is this event, this moment, this miraculous event, when Jesus burst forth from the tomb that we can be confident that we have a secure place at the table with God because of Jesus accomplished work on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Number four, the resurrection offers a lifeline to all.


I’m seeing a few different things here.


Oh, yeah, we’ve got a few odds and ends others turkey and all the fixing pizza Shepherds Pie and yeah, good.


So, hopefully that smell is walking and your nose right now, and gives you a sense of what that moment is gonna be like to feast with our God, the resurrection event that great moment where death was swallowed up in victory.


That’s the moment that our place at the table, is secured, and it’s amazing. I see a question. Why didn’t God die right when he was born, so that he could be done with hell quicker and learn about, learn more about the Bible.


Yeah, that’s a good child’s question from Jacob. So, Jesus in his physical form, died. I think it would be better for us to say that because that’s more accurate. God didn’t die God never died, Jesus as a… Human died and he wanted to know what it was like to be a human, so he lived with us for 33 years and he wanted to experience all of our sorrows, and all of our sadness, so he can know when you’re sad, why you were said and what it felt like to be sad and that’s one of the things that makes him so special. So that’s a good question, Jacob, thank you for that.


Yeah, let’s keep going number four, I just want you to point every commentator pointed this out about God every commentator pointed out that the resurrection this moment of salvation of deliverance this miraculous moment where death is swallowed up in victory at the resurrection that moment offers a lifeline to all. But it’s a specific lifeline and you see that here. And the beginning of this phrase On this mountain, the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples.


Okay, I want you to notice this.


What does that imply?


It implies that all the people if they want to feast with God will need to come to the mountain now. And in Isaiah we talked about mountain theology from a while ago, we talked about Mount in theology, a while ago, and that is that sits like symbolic of the place where you meet with God, the place where God gives His righteousness and His blessing but if you will, reject God, if you will not come to be with God if you’ll turn away from Him, then you don’t enjoy that feast.


It is an invitation to all to come to that mountain.


It’s specific, but it’s an invitation for all peoples.


You can’t stay at home, and expect to enjoy the perfect piece of Isaiah 24.


I’m sorry… Of Isaiah 26, “you’ll keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, verse 3. you can’t stay at home, and expect to enjoy that piece.


The salvation comes as you come to Jesus, you draw near to Him. It’s not something that is universally given to all it is universally offered to all, but it is contingent on whether or not you will come to him.


So point number four, is that resurrection offers a life line to all but it’s a specific life line that he offers tall in point number five, The Resurrection secures a future moment when He will wipe away our tears, the resurrection secure is a future moment when He will wipe away our tears. First, if you wanted to know this, we many of us know that Revelation 21 speaks of this, I believe, the scripture reading that if you listen to the songs and listen to the Scripture readings from the playlist that I sent out, they are…


We’re from Revelation 21 And Revelation 21, exactly quote this verse here, the Lord God will wipe away all tears will wipe away tears from all faces will wipe away tears from all faces. There on that mountain, and I wanna say the resurrection secures that future moment, when God, what will wipe away your tears. I want you to picture that.


There are times when my children are just crying almost uncontrollably. And they can’t calm down, they can’t call themselves down. And in those times, I can’t tell them to calm down. I found that there are two things that I can do to kinda help them feel better. Number one is, I give them a giant hook, I wrap my arms around them so that they feel like they are completely wrapped.


I like a blanket in daddy’s arms.


And number two, I begin with each tier, that streams from their eyes, I began to wipe it away from their face and those two actions together I found time and time again has allowed them to take a deep breath and calm down and feel their daddy’s love for them.


The resurrection serves as a promise that that day will happen, the resurrection serves as a promise that the day that that day when God wipes away our tears from our face will happen. It’s like how an engagement ring promises that the wedding day will happen, the resurrection promises that that day will happen.


What a picture… Let’s step back for a moment. And let’s consider what causes our tears, what causes tears in Isaiah number one, and Isaiah and this is certainly what I say had in mind, I’m sure, but our own mistakes, and shame caused years.


Have you ever wanted, because of your sin?


I’d never wept because of how you heard others. Have you ever wept because of your shame before God, ashamed that you have to go once again to His grace once again to ask forgiveness for that same sin? Another reason why we cry, is because others intentionally or unintentionally hurt us doesn’t matter either way. They heard us, and it makes us cry.


And a week number three I-E. we need… We or we cry, because just of the general brokenness in this world, because of disease because of co-at 19 because of the loss of jobs because of death because of tsunamis and hurricanes because of just the general sorrow because of the shadow of death, that hangs over our head we… We sometimes, we weep because we’re just more inclined in our spirit in our disposition to be despondent, to be sorrowful to be sad, but God cares for each one of those tears, he wipes away our tears, of shame and guilt because Jesus’ death and resurrection can pay for your sin and shame, so that as you stand before God, there’s no guilt and there’s no shame, left for you, there’s no need for tears and God will wipe them away, you wipe away tears because God issues a final judgment in that, day.


You know what, that theoretical to the tense will be justice for those who hurt you one way or another, even if it was accidental, there will be justice, there will be no sin that goes unpunished, God will wipe away our tears, ’cause we now Justice was finally met.


We know God will make a new worth the old earth will be gone with its sickness and death, and brokenness and thorns and difficulty, and constant disappointments and God will wipe away our tears, because the old earth is gone, and the newer this here and God will make our heart the… So that if you’re prone to sadness and sorrow that’s just built into your heart, God will give you joy that will overcome that are there is questions as we continue on, we’re on point number six, coming up point number six, I wanna double check to see if there are any questions, I don’t want you to feel like you have to force a question by any means, but I do wanna give you the ability to stop it. Ask a question if you have something on your mind. Like I said, the only way I can interact with you right now, is by looking at your comments and it helps me as a teacher greatly to see how you are interacting with the material that I’m teaching. It helps me to know how to add a little bit more or emphasize a little bit more or if my point is hitting home, so any interaction you can give with me online, is a huge help.


It’s a way for us to overcome this barrier online. So I’ll give you just a moment here just in review. Point number one was that the Resurrection removes the universal shadow of death, pointer to the resurrection of Jesus fits perfectly into God’s plan of salvation God’s normal Salvation works point number three, the resurrection secure is a place at the table with God.


Point number four, the resurrection offers a lifeline to all. But it’s a specific lifeline point number five, The Resurrection secures the future moment when God will wipe away our tears, when God will wipe away our tears.


Okay, we’ll keep moving, then. Point number 6, the resurrection secures vindication for the faithful.


What if you don’t know a vindication means or you maybe don’t quite understand what I mean is… What I mean is that our faith will be shown to have been right that we should have had faith everyone should had faith, all along God will finally deliver us from death, and we know this because we have one who has already been through death, and come back to life, for example, and where this is verse 9 says it will be said on that day, “Behold this is our God, we have waited for him that he might save us, this is the Lord, We have waited for him, let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.


So we wait, we get a fore taste we get kind of the security, the down payment so that we know that God will fully fund our resurrection the down payment is Jesus Christ the down payment is that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and we know that He will fully fund our resurrection one day, but in the meantime we wait, we wait for that day, the resurrection secures indication to a T that we tease it will prove to have been right. The goal is not to be right.


The goal is that the longing in our heart, that God would be revealed as he truly is… Would finally come about, before the resurrection. God’s people did not have anything to hang their hats on so that they could be confident that it is all worth it, that waiting on him is worth it. Now they could look back at their history and say, “Well he looked this way, “he did this and that’s what Isaiah does often but the resurrection changes everything, the resurrection gives a specific event, a down payment, that death will finally be swallowed up forever, even though people today may shake their head at us or even mumble some comment about our faith, our faith will ultimately be shown to be worth while and the resurrection secure so that I think that’s what we should be hoping for.


Point number seven. Oh, got a couple of questions.


Laurie’s wondering if the mountain reference in 67 and 10 is referencing heaven Jerusalem or something else. Yes, as is often the case in prophetic literature, it’s referencing multiple things. So ISA is probably looking here at the ideal. Jerusalem, and Jerusalem you’ll remember earlier on in the book is gonna be elevated higher than all the other places in the Earth. Well, does that mean that it’s gonna be taller than ever is? No, it’s not gonna be taller than of risk, that’s not the point is that it’s gonna be held in honor, above all things, and from there, all the nations are gonna flow into and from there the law of God will go out and it’s there that that everything will be at peace so Jerusalem, then becomes a type of what heaven should be the ideal Jerusalem, the ideal Jerusalem should have been a place of peace, a place for the nations go to learn about God’s law a place of God being with His people there, in the temple.


But it never quite was what it should be, but it was pointing ahead to a day when it will be that way and it will be peace on earth, and that is gonna happen when God makes the earth new and the is here on earth, dwelling with us and His righteousness goes out and all that stuff. That’s a great question, Larry. And this is one of those things that I hope I’m explaining Well, but this is one of the ways prophetic literature works. It’s not sent to picture one thing. And oftentimes we misunderstand prophetic literature when we take it that way. No, it’s meant to picture an ideal Jerusalem. And then what that ideal Jerusalem is pointing to in verse 8, “does reproach mean disapproval of his people will be taken wave. So why are his people disapproving of God?


Yeah, that’s a good question. So I should have quoted this. The reproach of His people, that’s here is the nation’s reproach of his people or the nations, and how they mock and scorn God’s people that’ll be taken away in that day, because their faith will be vindicated because God will show that their faith was right all along. So that’s what that’s meaning. Thank you for clarifying that. Adrian that’s a good question, okay, alright Number 7, that’s really important. Okay, number 7 is perhaps the theme of this entire chapter, is perhaps the main point of this chapter. Alright, so you have to get here. And that is the point number 70 says that the Resurrection humiliates at the high, or you could say, brings the high off their high horse or something like that.


However you wanna say it, the point is that ultimately the resurrection is gonna humiliate the proud, right?


The truth of the matter is, is that the gospel is not something you and I can add to Jesus did it, he went to the cross He took your sin, and your guilt, He absorbed all of God’s wrath for that sin and guilt, He came back to life. Ultimately, defeating death. There’s nothing that you and I can add to that, there’s no good work that we can do that could secure place at the table.


There’s nothing that we can do all we need is need to get that, but here’s the problem, “This offends us dis-offends us many people struggle to accept help from someone else.


How many of you have stubbornly refused a meal, even though you were going through a tough time, somebody offered you a meal, and you said No, I don’t need one.


How many of you have turned away a check that somebody gave you to help you out in your time of need? How many of you have said no? I don’t need any help with this or that we don’t like being the beneficiary, we don’t like needing help. It is offensive to hold out your hand and to receive a gift, but that is exactly what you must do. The gospel does not ask you to believe yourself the gospel does not ask you to discover yourself the gospel does not ask you to believe in hard work and the American way, the Gospel acts asks you to believe a miracle that someone else accomplish something you could never accomplish.


The truth of the matter is when many people hear of the resurrection, they respond the same way that people did in Acts 17-32. when they heard the resurrection from the dead. Some mocked but others said “We will hear you again about this. The resurrection the Easter celebration? Is a shock to us and we might wanna be understanding of other people’s belief but ultimately we kind of are like, Really you believe that many people, that’s how their responses… But listen, I want you to hear this, okay, this moment, in this moment, of the resurrection of Jesus Christ secures the moment when the proud will be humbled, it will happen one day, and for all of the proud that want to come to Jesus now they have to humble themselves, to open out their hands and say it was a miracle. It’s not something natural, is not something I can explain is something God did super naturally and it’s not something I can help with and I receive it either. Repentance brings you to the feast, our pride keeps you away.


Self-sufficiency is the enemy of your ultimate feast, of your ultimate piece.


It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to be strong, mature people, but it does mean that you cannot approach God with self-sufficiency, you can’t if you try to approach God as self-sufficiency, you will be one. I like to, to Moab, that will be trampled down in its place that was trusting in itself. That’s what this is talking about spreading out his hands is is like spreading out your hands to idols or other things you depend on instead of God, but God will lay low. His “pappus Pride together with the skill of his hands. Everything you’ve done everything you built in your life, it’s not enough if you want to approach God and receive is perfect piece and receive that forgiveness from sin and you wanna come to that feast you have to humble yourself either repentance brings you to the feast, a pride keeps you away.


The resurrection humiliates the high, it brings the hot low, it humble ‘s the proud and it will do that today, as you humble yourself and receive the gift of the resurrection from God.


So I, it will do that tomorrow one day in the future, when ultimately you will be humbled and brought low and God will be vindicated once and for all.


There are no questions about that.


Ask if there’s any questions about that.


Hopefully that makes sense. It’s a big theme as we’re talking about those questions. Oh yeah, the little thumbs-up in the actual live stream that helps me know that what I’m saying is actually hidden, so thank you for that.


So the reason why I say it’s one of the main parts of this section is because it’s actually the bread part of the sandwich. Everybody knows bread is the best part of sandwich, right?


So, this passage begins with worship that includes a moment knowing that God will one day humbled proud, and it ends with that same thing, and in the middle is that moment when they’re on their mount and… And they’re feasting with God. So in the middle, is that the filling? But it starts and it ends with this humbling of the proud. So verse 1, “I will exalt you verse 2, “you have done, you have made the city a heap the fortified city of ruin the foreigners Palace is a city no more it will never be rebuilt, strong people will glorify you, cities of ruthless nations will fear you. You’ve been a stronghold of the poor shelter in storm from the shade of heat for the breath of the ruthless. It’s like a storm against the wall. So it talks about how the ruthless is put are put down in that day and then it will end with that same kind of theme. And so I just wanna encourage you, this is a theme that as I’ve studied Isaiah boy, I struggled with it at first, because it felt so unloving I felt so unloving to hope for the day when the proud will be humbled, but I actually think it’s unloving toward God to not hope for that day, because there are proud and arrogant individuals that basically have the Messiah complex, and have a self-sufficiency that they think it’s all about me and what I do and what I build, and I can’t trust somebody else to help me and I certainly won’t trust somebody else who claims I won’t trust some claim that a miracle happened that’s… No, I will do it, I will figure it out I will work on it and people do this and they have this mindset and that’s arrogance, against God and it should make us… So her role that they would have that kind of arrogance against God.


And it should make us hope. And long for the day when our God will be vindicated and shown to be the one who is someone who we… We should have trusted all along, he his glory will be revealed and those who put their faith in Him, will be like him, and will rule on the Earth, with him. And those who didn’t. They will be punished for that arrogance.


So these are tough things, but I think it’s good for us to recognize the resurrection is the security that that day will happen.


And the last point today, point number eight, is that the resurrection forces, each person to wrestle with their faith forces, each and every one of us to, to rule with their faith. That I wanna go back to Verse One, you’ll see. Oh, Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you I will praise you O for you have done wonderful things and then let’s see how it ends. The beginning of the last song in this is first I some on this day, but hold this is our God, we each of us could be the translation there have waited for him that he might save us. Listen, there’s an individual focus here, it’s not enough. It wasn’t enough in Isaiah in mind that they were a fit technically part of the people of God at NICE had nothing to do with God’s plan of salvation for Israel. No, the people had to individually say “This is my God.


Had to individually make that choice. It is not enough that your spouse beliefs, it’s not enough that you go along with them and you listen in the online services, it’s not enough that your family members believe it’s not enough that you call yourself a Christian, it’s not enough that you were raised in a Christian family, it’s not enough that your parents believe “listen kids, teens, that’s not enough. Each of you have to have the moment where you say, Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you I will praise you, Behold, this is My God I’ve waited for him to save me and He saved me through the resurrection and through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Let me ask you a question:


Have you had that moment, have you had that moment?


There was a hashtag, and I remember exactly what it was, going around this week on social media, like Jesus saves lives, or Jesus saved my life or something like that.


That was a hash tag. I didn’t go on and check out everyone on the hit, but I had a lot of friends who did it, and it was enjoyable for me, to see their testimony of salvation.


Do you just saved my life?


I grew up, for the first 11-12 years of my life, I made a lot of professions of faith but I think I was more saying, “I believe with my parents. Yeah, yeah, yeah, dad, I believe, I believe Jesus yeah, dad, you believe him. So I’ll believe too, this is the thing that we all do, right, we all should believe. So, we all believe this is what a good kid does right then I had a moment at the age of 12.


I don’t know how to describe, but I still remember to this day, it was like a lightning bolt from heaven, where I felt a desire to make to have a personal relationship with God.


I know that that’s a phrase that is thrown around a lot, but to that point I knew everything about the Gospel, I knew what it did, I knew about the Bible, I knew a ton of stuff, but it was at that point at 12 that I said, “This is my god, this is my God. And I remember going to my dad and expressing this need. It was after a Sunday night service, I think my dad was eating a snack in his recliner and I knock behind the recliner and he is a whispered quietly to him, he took me upstairs and he took me to my room, and we sat on my bed and I remember reading, I think it was John 3 and we read John 11 2. I said, know why we read down 11, but in that Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me won’t perish.


And I knew the Gospel at that point, I knew that Jesus died for my died for sins I knew that Jesus rose again I knew that Jesus’ death paid so that the people who committed them, don’t have to worry about punishment. I knew that, but it was at that moment that I said, Jesus died for, Oh to my sense, I was guilty, but Jesus took my guilt, I should have been punished, but Jesus was punished for me and He rose again. It was at that moment that I had new life, new life, came to me, a resurrection life weld up inside me and it was unlike anything I still remember. And from that moment until through college, I don’t think I missed two days of Bible reading and prayer in a row for years because I wanted to, not because I felt like I had to but I wanted to read the Bible, I wanted to pray, I wanted to study I wanted to spend time with my God, this was my God, I loved him.


Have you had that moment? If you’ve not had that moment, if you’ve just been going all along, you know the truth, you know that Jesus die on the cross? For sins, but you’ve never had the moment where you really said This is My God, I have a personal relationship with him.


You are, oh Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you I will praise you, This is my God.


Anyway, as an act of praise, this morning if you’ve had that moment, I would invite you and encourage you to do something like Isaiah does here in our passage, you don’t need to share your whole testimony, you certainly can, you can look up that hashtag, do a quick video of yourself if you want, but I would encourage you as praise to God on this Easter Sunday care with others about how the resurrection life has touched your life today and giving you a personal relationship with God.


You can share a quick snip it in our Facebook comments or are YouTube comments today?


You can share a verse, that means the world that describes the personal relationship with God, however you wanna do it, you can do that, I don’t care, but as an act of worship on this Easter, I encourage you to do that and listen if you haven’t had that moment you can today right now you can pray to God ask Him to forgive your sins tell him you are my God, you saved me from my sins, Jesus took the guilt from my sins thank you for that he…


I know that I Stand secure in the blood of Jesus Christ, and I know that one day I will have a seat at that table at that feast, with you, and I will be with you forever, you can pray those things to God and He will save you. Today and give you that new life that’s an offer for you.


It’s an offer for all people, but you have to come to the mountain.


It’s an offer for all people, but you have to come to Jesus today, you don’t just universally get it, and you don’t just get it because you happen to listen today I don’t… You have to respond. That needs to be your choice today.


So that’s my sermon, I’m gonna spend a moment we’re gonna pray and then we’ll do maybe some comments online and we’ll leave the live stream open for a little bit for you to be able to do some more comments with one another back and forth, both on YouTube and on Facebook for you to be able to share your testimony, shared some of those favorite versus share what God has done in your life and praise his name.


For what he’s done as we kind of praise him in the end, of this service, let’s pray God, you are or go, this is our God we have waited for you that you might save us, this is our Lord, we have waited for you, Lord, we will be glad and rejoice in our salvation thank you for what the resurrection accomplishes for us, let us carry those truths in our life today, save us Lord to those who are listening, if there are people who are not saved. Now, would you save them now who are listening to the stream? Would you give them that personal relationship with you? They can look at you and know that they are your people, they are one of your people and that you are their God.


Lord, would you do that?


I pray, and ask this in your precious name.



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