Exodus 20:7 : The Third Command

May 24, 2020 | Exodus, Messages, Sermon Videos

Father, I ask that you quiet our hearts this morning so that we can focus on your love for us and the third commandment from Exodus Chapter 20, fill us with your spirit, Lord, fill us with an understanding of who you are, and I pray that we would know your name and because we know the worth of that name, Lord, that we would seek to praise it, help us today, Lord, to clearly look to you turn from our sins of the way that we carry your name falsely, Lord I pray and assist in your precious name a month, you turn in your Bibles with me to Exodus Chapter 20, for a seven.


We are in the third of the 10 commandments we are in the sixth of this mini-series within exodus on the 10 commandments. We’ve only made it to commandment the… So far, so we’re making progress, we’re doing okay right now, but we are on commandment number three, and it is in verse 7 of Exodus Chapter 20 commandment Verse Exodus 20, and that says “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not hold him guilt less. Who takes His name in vain?


Two employees went out each to their own job site, both had their monogram polo with their company logo both drove their company car and drink coffee from their company mugs both carried tool bags with company logos on them one employee finished the task in two hours, the second took four hours one employee finishes the task in two hours, the second takes four hours. The boss came into some extra money, and desired decided he was gonna give a bonus to one of the employees, so he contacted the customers of the two employees and to the second, the one that took four hours he asked How did the employee do the customer responded? He want a Bob and beyond. He ran into problems, but he kept working on them until he figured it all out, he was kind and gracious and communicated the problem and the solution to us we’d like him to be the one who comes, if we need help in the future.


Well, then the boss contacted the first customer, the one who took two hours to complete the job and they responded, he got the job done boss, is about to hang up but he decided to push a little further and the customer finally relented and responded, he cost constantly while he was here, he didn’t really talk much to us, but when he did, he was a bit short he left garbage from his meal in the work area and left without saying goodbye. I want to ask you which one did the boss give the bonus to your big idea for today’s sermon is to carry the company logo. Well, it might be a crude way of saying this. Another way of saying this would be to carry the name of God. Well, so you get the picture here, Okay, carry the name of God. Well, so in order to understand this command, we’re gonna have to break down first and we’re gonna have to look at what each individual part of this command means. I think that there is a big problem within this command. I think maybe this is the most misunderstood command of the 10 Commandments by far, even in today’s culture, where we have no idea what idolatry is and we have to connect it to things that aren’t physical idols, but they’re spiritual idols that we put hope in. It’s this command, the command of taking the Lord’s name in vain, that is the most misunderstood command by far.


And so we’re gonna have to take it a piece at a time, to make sure we understand it, correctly.


And so first, we need to define what the word take means, To say how many of your translations have something different there? Anyone say it out a lot if you do this use the name of the Lord. Okay, anything else, right?


So, the word that’s used in particular, it is the word nasa. I don’t know if I’m putting the right emphasis on the right sound, I have no idea. It’s in English, it’s letters, and as it is a key word. And one of the reasons why I’m so familiar with the sport is because in my study of Isaiah, it is one of the key words of Isaiah.


Isaiah uses it all over the place right now. Here’s the thing about this word is it has the idea of to bear up or to lift up, like you put a bag on your shoulder. Has the idea of carrying if you will.


Alright, the reason why it’s so thematic in Isaiah is because so often it’s the humble that God needs to raise up and to bear up, and he carries them up. In fact, in this passage in Exodus, it’s used just a few verses before, at the preamble of the 10 Commandments, the introduction of the 10 commandments in chapter 19, in verse 4, says You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how in the NASA you up on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself.


I have a question for you.

Does that mean… How I misuse your name and brought you on eagle’s wings does that mean how I speak about you- On eagle’s wings. No has the idea of bearing up and I say “We know this as well, I say at 53, some of these famous verses about the suffering Messiah it says He has born the NASA or grief, and carried the NASA or sorrows.


I’m sorry, I… That word is different.


Verse 11 says He shall bear their iniquities. That’s the same word.


So the picture of NASA has nothing to do with it. If you study in my study of this word throughout all of the Old Testament, it has nothing to do with speech, it is a picture of carrying.  So to say, misuse as in it’s something where you say, a word the wrong way, like, some people claimed I did last week with invoke versus evoke. I misuse that word. I disagree with you, but some people claimed I misuse that word. You’re saying, “Well God, that’s how you can use God’s name. You misuse it, you use it in the wrong context or in the wrong way with the wrong motivation. It’s just not how I… What this word means.


In fact, there’s a really good illustration for what this word means, later on in Exodus, and you can turn there a few pages over in most of your Bibles, Exodus Chapter 28 and Verse 12, This is in a section on the priestly garments of Aaron.


Okay, you remember some of you might know of the priestly garments of Aaron by the great high priest and the priest they would wear these fancy garments that had all kinds of symbolism all over that were pointing to greater theological realities. One of the symbolism that was on their verse number 12, says you shall set two stones on the shoulder pieces of the EFA that’s like a breast plate, as stones of remembrance for the sons of Israel and Aaron shall NASA their names before the Lord on His two shoulders for remembrance same words, bear their name, same word that’s used in the 10 Commandments, bear the Lord’s name, same words, okay.


The idea here is that Aaron was to represent the people symbolically as he went before God. Now, what does it mean for us to bear the Lord’s name, but to represent God as we go before the nations and by the way this is exactly what treasured possession means.


They’ve been covered several well, many ancient treaties that are in the same format as the format that’s given here. And what they are, they’re treaties between a king and a lesser people and so in this format, God saying I’m the king and you are coming underneath me, to follow me.


Well, in that in the King would often designate someone to be His treasured possession that treasured possession, his job was to represent him to the people in that area.


When God says You is elites on my treasured possession, he’s saying, you are representing me to the world, it’s the same idea is burying God’s name or burying the sons of Israel. Name, okay, we’re almost there. Keep that in your mind. First of all, the word, take the Lord’s name that word means to carry. You can’t really translate it differently than that. Alright, take in English. The word take can have the idea of like, take up. I took my backpack to go to school with me right, that can’t have the idea of pick up, but that’s not… It’s not as clear, right?


The next part is I want to define what in vain means. Do not take the Lord’s name in vain. Does anybody have a different translation, there in vain?


Misuse- just as part of that. Sure, anything else in vain? Does anybody have falsely? No translations out there with falsely?


Okay, the… So, the word that’s used there is a word that’s used also in Exodus chapter 23, verse 1. so let’s let the writer of Exodus, define what he means for us.


Okay, 23-1. You shall not spread a false report, you shall not join hands with a wicked man to be malicious witness.


So the idea here, the word in vain here has this idea of a misrepresentation or a lot, you’re pointing to something that’s not true in chapter 23:1. and so, when it says do not carry the Lord’s name in vain, it’s saying, do not carry the Lord’s name in a way that mis-represents who he is in a way that that says he’s something different than he actually is.


We’ll get more specific in a minute.


One Bible scholar says that the best translation of this word in English is the word ineffectively and the reason is because it’s a famous word, in Ecclesiastes. You guys know that Vanity of vanities, All is vanity. He says in classes over and over, he’s kinda like considering the point-ness of the “pointless-ness of the rat race of everything in life of the struggle with everything. He’s thinking all that through and when he looks at that, he says it’s all worthless. It’s all ineffective it’s all fruitless the pointless.


Well, that’s the word that’s used in vain. Okay, so we’ve got take which means kind of carry take up and then you’ve got in vain, which means falsely are in effectively. Just keep those in your mind for now, and let’s finish with the Lord’s name.


Now what are we gonna do with the Lord’s name is what he means here, just the name of God.


Well, ancient Israelites used to think. So, in fact, I say the word you’ll hear me say the word Yahweh at different times to pronounce the Hebrew pronunciation of what the Lord’s name was revealed in Exodus, but we actually have no idea how is pronounced because throughout history the Jew stop saying the Lord’s name whatsoever.


They stopped saying it. And in Hebrew there was no vowels in this time period when this was written, and so they have no idea the right way. It was pronounced. They have the consonants for but they don’t know to have the vowels and so they wouldn’t say it, they don’t know how to pronounce it and so there’s this idea that the Lord’s name is like a special incantation it’s a special word. And if we only knew the secret word -if we used it the right way, it would bless us and if we use it the wrong way. Well, then I would curse this. It’s like if I say Beetle juice three times suddenly something bad is gonna happen, right?


That’s how people throughout time have treated the Lord’s name. But we have to understand the biblical context for what the Lord’s name means. So let’s go to a few different commands. Okay, remember, we’re keeping intention right now. What it means to carry the Lord’s name what it means to carry the Lord’s name in vain, and now we’re gonna look at the Lord’s name here and then we’re gonna start bringing it together to stay with me for another minute.


Okay, Leviticus 19:12 says You shall not swear by my name falsely, and so profane the name of the Lord your God, the name of your God. I am the Lord.


Okay, did your mom and dad ever teach you, you should not say swear to God.


I kinda… That was like a thing that I shouldn’t do, and I still think it’s probably something you shouldn’t do, but I think we have ties back to a verse like this and we might not really read what this verse is saying. The word swear. First of all, I think of curse. I don’t know about you, where words I think of words that I’m not supposed to say when I hear the word swear, the word could be promised.


Okay, or commit, or covenant with you? I swear to you, I promise to you, it is a ‘you shall not promise by my name. Does it say at all?


No, it says falsely. In other words, do not invoke my name as part of your promise, if you’re not gonna follow through on it if you’re not really gonna do it. Don’t invoke my name. Now, by the time you move to the New Testament, what does Jesus say?


You say? Let’s listen, let your yes be yes and your no, be no right. Don’t swear by my Name don’t swear by the temple, don’t swear by the gold on the temple. Just say yes. And let that be the reality, your truthfulness.


Okay, that’s another verse that I think I swear by my name falsely we connect to the Exodus 2, that 10 commandment, and it’s not the same thing, they’re different commands okay, there’s a third one that I also think that we connect to it as well.


And it has the idea of cursing. And this is from Leviticus Chapter 24, “The Lord spoke to Moses saying, bring out of the camp, the one who cursed, and let all who heard him lay their hands on his head, let all the congregation, stone him and speak to the people of Israel, saying whoever curses his God shall bear his sin. whoever blasphemes, the name of the Lord shall surely be put to death. All the congregation, shall stone him Sojourner as well as the native when He blasphemes the name which inexplicably is capitalized, there shall be put to death. Okay, so here’s another one where we think of blasphemy, as if somebody says, OMG, which it kind of is, but I don’t think that’s the point here. blasphemy in the Old Testament is much more like saying there is no God. Or “our God doesn’t care about us, or our God is not gonna fulfill his promises, to us it’s saying wrong things about God and cursing him for, and being negative about God for it, and that person who is not being faithful to the true God of the covenant, that person is to be judged accordingly.


That’s a different command than the one we see in Exodus 20, of Carry the Lord’s name and He false way- similar. It’s connected, but it’s different. So let’s talk about what the name is, here.


And have you ever struggled with the idea of the name of the Lord in the Bible? Any one We don’t talk, I don’t say I speak to you in the name of trade parent, right?


We don’t talk about people like that, we don’t speak like that today, in English. There’s a verse like Psalm 20:7, that says some trust in Chariots and some on horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord or God, why does it? He just say, we trust in the Lord, our God.


You ever asked that question? ’cause I know I have… It’s frustrating to me. I haven’t always understood that, like Why do I trust in the name, what… I’m not just trusting the person or ascribe to the Lord the glory do his name, why should I praise the name of God, when I just praise the God, right, as a Matthew 6:9, the Lord’s Prayer, Pray then like this, ‘our Father in Heaven. Hallowed be your name. Why don’t we just say, “May you be hollowed like, “Well why don’t we direct that to God, it it almost feels like it’s putting something between us and God, like there’s a name that we can honor and that honors God, right?


Or how about Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, right?


Why don’t we just say, “Call upon the Lord and you’ll be saved why is it the name of the Lord? Is that odd to anyone -that language?


Are you seeing this?


I think part of the reason why we misunderstand the way the name of the Lord, that phrase is used in the rest of the Bible and phrases like for his name. So for the name of our God for different there’s literally hundreds of times. This phrase is used.


I think part of the reason is because we essentially misunderstand the third commandment about what it means to handle or carry the name of God in an honorable way instead of a false way.


Let’s say, one day, my wife and I were on a road trip, okay, we’re at a gas station and I’m walking into the gas station to purchase the drink that she doesn’t want me to purchase ’cause she brought drinks with us and whatever, and she sees me stop and freeze and looking straight ahead, she walks over to me, she looks at me, she looks at ahead and there’s this guy walking outside of the gas station and she goes…


What are you doing, who is that?


And I go, “That’s in Antonio Daniel.


I hope this illustration is effective because none of you should know who that is, right?


Does anyone know who that is?


Yeah, that’s right, good guess Lu and my wife would probably guess that he was my favorite basketball player growing up.


Some people like to Kobe Bryant some people like Paul Pierce or LeBron James later, I liked an obscure backup point guard, who played with energy and war high, so that was my guy, I followed him. Here’s the thing, listen, that name means nothing, to my wife, right?


It gives her no context, she’s like, “Oh okay.


It gives her no reason to be excited or shocked with me, she knows nothing about that name and, therefore, that name has no effect on her life.


You see a name represents who a person is, you need to know them and their story in order to understand what the name represents, always name represents who he is, what he’s like, what he said “What he’s done, it represents the biblical story of his working with mankind, and therefore, to carry God’s name always name falsely, means that you mis-represent who he is from His word, you misrepresent what he’s like in some way.


When you hear name, think of the total summary of who God is in the biblical narrative think about His glory, His righteousness, His love, His forgiveness, His power, His wrath, and every story that shows those qualities.


Think about all of that.


Think about that summary and then realize that that God needs to be relied on, that’s why it says “Trust in the name of the Lord ’cause you’re thinking about the sum total of all-he is from the word, that’s the summary that name needs to be honored and hallowed, and if you’re David, that name needs to be defended when the Philistine comes blasphemy against it and much more. Listen, that’s the command that’s being broken in Romans chapter 22, is one of the states verses of the Bible. You who teach others, Israelites, you pretend to know the law.


Do you teach yourself?


You preach against stealing, do you steal?


You say you should not commit adultery. Do you commit adultery?


You who have bore  idols do you rob temples?


You boast in the law, dishonor God by breaking the law, hear this, “It is written, the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you, they’re not carrying God’s name in a good way, they’re carrying it falsely and therefore the Gentiles, look at them and they say that God, he must not be that powerful you must not be that righteous you must not be that loving you must not be whatever, because they’re carrying the name in a false way.


It’s a tendency with every single one of the commandments. I can’t emphasize this enough. We have a tendency to reduce the commandments, down to being a simple little two-foot hurdle, that you can jump over.


Yesterday, we were putting up a trellis for our raspberry plants and we were running cords and I was cutting the top off of them and I went to step over one of the low hanging is while I was holding a saw and I tripped on it, my flip-flop got caught on it, it was one of those moments where I’m like, “It was all but it was happening and there was nothing I could do and I was falling all over raspberry bushes and strawberry plants, and crushing them all, and I was just really focused on not starting the saw and cutting off my arm in the process.


We set up little obstacles two foot high, that we think we can clear. Most of the time we don’t, but the truth of the matter is, God’s command is infinitely more righteous than that it’s not just about whether or not you say God’s name in a trite way, say his name like a cussword it can’t include that. I’m not giving permission for you to just go say God’s name like that. That’s not what the Bible would teach, but it’s just bigger than that.


It’s broader than that.


It’s about the way you live your life about carrying the Lord’s name in the new covenant, they’re all over the New Covenant and we’re actually gonna sing a song in a few moments, we’re gonna sing it to a well-known tune, but there are lyrics that I wrote, particularly for this Sunday a song called for his name and in that song I studied many of the passages about for his name, what God does for his name and I include them all the lyrics of that song and they’re all over the New Testament.


You ever pray in Jesus’Name, if you pray anything in my name, the Lord, will give it to you.


How about 1 Corinthians chapter 6?


Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God?


Do not be deceived? Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards nor  revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God, and such. Were some of you, but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God, Jesus was perfect Jesus was powerful, Jesus was kind Jesus was compassionate.


Think about the stories from the gospels of the time when Jesus showed who he was, he was supremely concerned with spiritual warfare and breaking the chains of sinful people, he was committed to his purpose of death and resurrection, His death and resurrection, accomplishes our salvation, He now is king on his throne and is by that name and everything that that name means the whole biblical story of who he is in the Old and the New Testament, it’s by that name that you and I are washed everything, he is accomplishes a pleasing for you so that you can be clean from the dirt and the grime of your sin and shame, everything he is, and in his story sets you apart. Or sanctified, you to be God’s special people, his and his alone, no one else is… Everything he is -justifies you or makes you righteous before your God, it’s in his name that that occurs. In this passage the emphasis is on who you were and who you now are.


There’s an identity shift that happened.


You give up.


You’re wicked enslavement to your desires and you have this new identity that is taken on as Christ Jesus for every… If you were working at Burger King and you got a job in McDonalds, you should not show up to your first day wearing your Burger King uniform yet. That’s how many Christians live their lives, they’re wearing the wrong uniform, they’re wearing that uniform, of who they used to be. It’s not who you are now, but that’s because of the name of Jesus Christ. Not name as in. If I say Jesus three times, all my temptations, go away, that’s more mysticism, in paganism than anything name is into some total of who Jesus is what he’s accomplished, for us.


The biblical story.


Or, “how about this? Colossians 3:17. you know this one, whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the… Some of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father through Him, that’s as close as you get in the New Testament to that Old Testament command, live your lives in the name, it’s picture that word in is as if you are within your walking in water, or you’re inside of a house that’s how that preposition most of the time works, you’re in that name in the name of Jesus in the Old Testament you were carrying the name.


But they both mean the same thing. If you are in that name today, live like it every moment, every word, every deed, represent that name. Well, this does include not speaking God’s name in a defiled way like OMG or us in Jesus name, as a cussword, but it is so much bigger than that.


It’s about your life, not just your words, “a person who throws around God’s name without treating it with love, and honor is not representing him well. That’s why you can’t say or No, I see why you shouldn’t say Lord Knows- why you shouldn’t say Jesus as an exclamation tree with honor he deserves that.


But it’s more than that being angry in a church business meeting breaks this command as well, yelling at your kids breaks this command as well, disrespecting your governing authorities, doesn’t carry God’s name well. Your social profile social media profile might say Christian, but some people who know you know you don’t act like a Christian guess what? That is, it’s carrying the name of Jesus falsely- misrepresenting him.


You live for yourself, you compromise your biblical righteousness and may give them the impression that God doesn’t care about purity or about selflessness, in MIS-represents your God and dishonor His name, your social media posts, do they represent God well or do they represent your view point this how you dress, represents God, well or it about getting inappropriate attention isn’t about expressing yourself or is it about God, How you treat your neighbors is that representing God? Well, it can’t be as simple as whether or not you take care of your low if you don’t take care of your lawn and you ever think about what that… And your neighbors… Do you ever think about what that might communicate to your neighbors?


Now, there’s limits here, you can’t do everything in your life ’cause you’re gonna have people who are gonna reviled Jesus’ name, no matter what, but it’s your job to make sure it’s not because of you.


How you think about your church, and Pastor represent God well is how you feel about your brothers and sisters here at redeemer represent God. Well, this how you work at your job represent God. Well, you can’t make a law for all of these things, right?


Each one of them would take 50 laws.


What does it mean in your company for you to represent your company? Well, you probably have got a handbook with 100 different rules about what you should do, right?


That’s just working. People have tried to make it about legalism? About the exact kind of clothes you should wear, the exact kind of words you should say the exact kind of things you should do and those things aren’t always bad, but those things always tend toward legalism and pride and then discouragement.


There are areas of righteousness like this, where the spirit must lead you, but the first step is for you to carefully consider how you represent Christ in all of your life.


The first question isn’t about what you want, and that’s nothing to do with what you think is funny to say, or what would make you feel a certain way?


It’s about Jesus’ name, your people for his name, if you have been bought by the blood of Jesus Christ, your people for his name. I’m gonna rabbit trail here for just a minute. And I think it’s probably a whole series needs to be done on this one day.


Communication today has gotten more complex than ever before, right?


It’s so easy to send an email to receive an email that gets misconstrued. Somebody said something just a little bit wrong, and it bugs yet.


Social media posts. It’s so easy to be sinful. And not only what you say, but how you say it.


Communication has gotten so much more complicated. And James realize the UN really danger of the tongue, he calls it a forest fire, it’s dangerous every word that we say, every word we speak or type has the potential to do great damage which means our first question is not whether or not we want to say it whether we’re not… We wanna get it off our chest. Whether or not it would feel good to say it.


The first question is whether or not this thing honors the name of Jesus Christ. So I’m gonna apply it in a specific area and I want you to consider this.


There is little to no good that can come from most social media posts.


There was a lot of bad that can come from them.


It is not the place for a sincere change of mine. I read a stat the other day that said, there has been a grand total of two people that have changed their mind on the basis of the Facebook since it’s inception.


I didn’t really read that stat.


That might not even be true, it doesn’t happen. Have you ever changed your mind on the basis of a social media post?


I haven’t… On top of that, many posts today. It’s really sad, especially these last few months have been proven to be filled with hat truths and half-truth our whole lives.


I pointed this out to some of you privately and directly over these last few weeks. half-truths are being spread everywhere, and frankly, many things that are just un-verifiable and it is not the part of Christians to contribute to lots that is a wicked so not only can little good come from it because people don’t change their opinion when you post “serious stuff on Facebook.


The second most of what’s posted not most, a lot of what’s posted is filled with half truths are just narrative shaping takes not facts, but a way of shaping the facts, to your viewpoints.


And on top of that there’s this more insidious thing that Facebook does.


It’s harder to define, but when two people get together in a room, you guys have experienced this and you agree on a topic, what do you do?


You go back and forth, you talk and you agree and you really aren’t saying anything new, it’s stuff that you’ve probably both read the same thing, and you’re just affirming each other going back and forth. And normally, what that leads to is a lot of pride.


I’ve experienced this and you’re being condescending to those who disagree that is multiply times a 100 on Facebook because you got 10 friends that might agree with your posts, and you get that like… And you get that affirmation and it has this tendency to being very condescending to anyone who might disagree.


Ten fully corrupting and un-edifying to anyone who might disagree.


And that brings us to the last point. Not only can little good come from it. Not only is a lot of what’s out there.


That truth not only does it tend to fill people up with pride and condescension, towards those who disagree but finally, most social media uses fails to recognize that even if you get 10 affirmations from your posts a few likes a few shares whatever it might be. You might have hundreds of other friends who saw it, how many of them have the opposite view, how many of them did you simply disregard in the way you said that?


How many of them were you condescending to? How many of them were hurt by your words, how many of them rolled their eyes and were embarrassed for you?


I’m not talking about PC stuff.


There’s a place for us to be careful with our wording. In today’s world.


Political correctness is not all bad, but there’s a time when we say PC is not important to us. If it contradicts biblical truth, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about in full on at a fine corrupt talk, from Ephesians Chapter 4, Verse 31.How many of those people connected the dots and said, If that’s what Christians think I don’t wanna be a Christian.


In other words, these posts don’t teach anyone.


Pass around half-truth puff you and others up with pride, have corrupting tearing down hurtful and sinful effects on many who read it, it would be better to post nothing at all, even the full appears-wise when he closes his mouth. What controls your heart? Is it your love for God, is it representing His glory and His love and His holiness and His special-ness and His truthfulness to those around you or at your love for yourself, your love for your comfort your love for your ideas, your love for your view point, your love for whatever, what is it?


The command is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, and you’re much-ness, so that and represent Him well. In your social media turning a little bit an area where I’ve been really convicted on this when I get angry at home, I am sharply aware that my sin might affect my children for the next three decades, although I know that only God can save and all people, including children won’t naturally come to him. I also know the command that somehow, some way, if the nations come to God and glorify Him, it can be as a result of the way that Israel pointed them to God and therefore my kids can come or not, come through my representation of God’s name in my home.


I am not saying that if your children is not living for God, that’s your fault, don’t hear me say that.


Ultimately, that child has to make that choice for themselves. It’s not necessarily an indictment against your parenting, I’m just demonstrating that perhaps in the most difficult area of most of our lives, the most difficult area to maintain love and self-control and sacrifice in your home life. We have a responsibility to carry God’s name. Well, I never want to think that my children disregard dishonor. Are blasting God’s name because of my sin.


I would much rather know that my gentleness, and love, led them to understand more about the Good Shepherd. I would much rather, the way I sacrificed when I was tired led them to know more about the sacrifice of the lamb, I would much rather know that the way I cared and worked around the house showed them something of the care and work of God for His children.


I would much rather know that the way I maintained purity demonstrated the danger of sin, and the goodness of God to commands us against it in short, I hope that every day I put my head on my pillow and honestly say, God please open my children’s eyes through the way I wash the dishes, through the way I lovingly corrected through the way I worked through the way I hugged. Let them catch a glimpse of something that’s just beyond their earthly father that’s what it is, to carry God’s name well and God says, in Colossians to do all things in word and deed in the name of the Lord Jesus.


So let me give you some steps, first of all, I would encourage you if there are areas of your life that have come into our conviction for you today would challenge you to humble yourself under God, you sense his heavy hand you sense your back breaking against what God is saying through His word, you sense your heart growing hard, I’m challenging you to humble yourself, instead, confess the ways that you recognize, you haven’t carried Gods name a well, and you might experience shame and reproach for honestly dealing with those ways that disregard those for now.


Focus on your Savior. It might seem overwhelming. In fact this is such a catch-all, this is like the phrase. Do all to the glory of God right then, we think Man, how am I ever gonna do all to the glory of God all the time? It just feels impossible, and that’s what this command is it’s an impossible command for us to completely our arms around.


I wanna say, you may be seeing many ways that you don’t misrepresent or you don’t represent Christ. Well, I want you to encourage you to start with one or two of the main areas, confess them start there, don’t think about everything, we confess all of them but focus on one or two that you really wanna correct. Number one is confessed number two is repent. And that involves making immense… This is a hard one, this is a really hard one.


’cause sometimes it means apologizing to your eight and six-year-olds.


It’s not an easy thing to do.


Sometimes it means posting something online, humbling yourself. The leading former posts sometimes it means confessing to your boss, sometimes it means talking to that neighbor, and paying for that fence, even though you think you should pay for half, it can mean a ton of different things but it means you taking the steps to make sure that Jesus’ name is honored, regardless if it cost you.


Number three, I challenge you to fix your eyes lock on to Jesus. There’s a reason that when we taught we talk about the power of Jesus’ name. It’s not just saying Jesus name like an incantation. If I say it three times, then I will magically have victory.


It’s how people for years have treated Jesus’ name, and that’s just not biblical, it’s recognizing who he is, it’s beholding and meditating on his power and goodness and love and compassion and victory and deliverance and intercession and sovereignty and so much more it’s meditating on different verses about who he is. Different pictures in your mind about a biblical story of a time when Jesus showed him self-compassion Jesus showed Himself victorious.


You carry these ideas with you, it’s only when you… You can only represent the name of God. Well, when you know what the name means, its illustration, I said earlier, he’s a team will have no effect on your life or actions until you know the significance of the name you must behold him You must meditate on who he is, you must read the gospel narratives, you must think long and deep about the kind of person he was, there… Only then will you see that he is worthy in your heart, and then you’ll want to live the right way.


Here’s the beauty, this is your last part about fixing your eyes on Jesus, first John 2:12 says, “I’m writing to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven for His name’s sake. Think about that, not only your righteousness, it is for His name’s sake, when your sins are forgiven, that demonstrates who he is, as well.


We all fail this commandment in so many ways. The beauty of this is that God still gets glory through sinners it doesn’t excuse our sins but it does give hope. The beginning of 1 John Chapter 2 says that I’m writing these things. You saw that you may not sin, don’t send, but as soon as you do confess knowing that his forgiveness washes over you and that also is for His name’s sake, if you’ve designed his name the quickest way to give his name, honor again, is to confess and to trust the goodness of the one who forgives since. So, go quickly confess quickly and confidently that your God is the type of God who forgives freely by Jesus’ death and resurrection, you are cleansed from guilt before God and shame in your soul, and that gives got it glory. His name is honored in “Regarded His holding.


Let’s pray, we’ll transition to our song just quiet your hearts for a moment.


Are there ways that you have dishonored the name of Jesus Christ?


Father, we collectively now recognize that even as a church in so many ways, we do not honor your name the way it deserves, we carry the name of Christian in this church, but Father, so often we misrepresent to you we act like you’re not holy, and righteous, through our sin, we act like you’re not passionately, desiring for the loss to come to you through our apathy react like you’re not sovereign, through our anxiety, we just confess all those things, Lord, we’re sinful, but we know that we can go to you, we know that if we confess You forgive, we know that Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, and whose sin is covered, we know and we are confident that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ that accomplished work on the cross we stand complete before you and the forgiveness of our sins and that gives you honor Father, I just pray and I ask.


You’d give us more humility and a greater desire that your name would be hollowed.


I asked this in your precious name.

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