Exodus 20: The Seventh Command

Jun 29, 2020 | Exodus, Messages, Sermon Videos

Father, we thank you for the sun and the rain, and its reminder of your faithfulness. It’s a reminder that you are the father of all lights, that you are God who brings blessing like rain on this world. I pray that you would pour out your grace even now on us Lord.


We need to understand your word, and that is a supernatural thing that needs to happen, so I pray that you would challenge and change hearts and open us so that we can understand what your word would teach us here this morning, pray that You would give clarity, open eyes, free obstructions like sin and hard-heartedness, and I pray that you would just find us today to be humble, moldable, loving people who wanna serve you passionately with zeal.


And through that, that you would make us into a people that would do your purposes, so please be at work now as we look into your word, help me to preach well, and I ask the Holy Spirit be working through your word, even now… In your precious name. Amen.


Alright, well, we are still in Exodus Chapter 20, so if you would open in your Bibles with me, please to Exodus Chapter 20, we are on the seventh command on this fine June morning. We have slowed down quite a bit to cover the 10 commandments, because in some ways the 10 Commandments are the foundation of all of the Word of God. And so we wanted to spend some extra time covering each individual command, and we’ve been working our way through… We are on the 7th this week.


We will finish this up by the end of the summer, I’m gonna take a few weeks off in there, and then we will start kind of… this fall, we’ll keep going on our way through Exodus, starting a chapter 21. So here it is, verse 14 is where we’re at, Exodus chapter 20, verse 14, You shall not commit adultery.


And that’s where we are going to anchor ourselves this morning, and this idea of adultery as a sin that God prohibits, and what that means, the Christian view of sex is a sin is so high and so contrary to our desires and our instincts, that one of two things must be true, either Christianity is wrong, or our view, our instincts, our desires regarding sex is wrong….. are wrong.


Okay, so one of those two things, and this is an argument that was made by man by the name of CS Lewis almost 100 years ago.


It’s one or the other. So if you think that things have changed in 100 years, they haven’t much. I recently heard of a couple YouTubers named Red and Link as anybody know who that is, parents, if you do not know who that is, you should know who that is, because I guarantee you your kids have seen a video of theirs, guy Red and Link or YouTubers who do ridiculous things at ridiculous food. One of their famous games is, will it blend and they put something in a blender, it doesn’t matter what, And they blended up to see if it will blend or not, and so they’re just stupid. Alright, these two guys were on staff at a church for years, they grew up in a normal non-denominational church, they were professing Christians, they did all the youth trips, they did all the youth group activities, and just a handful of months ago, they came out and they explain that they are… No, they no longer consider themselves Christians a de-conversion story as it’s become now, and these are one of many that happen, and the main reason for that was they could not reconcile God’s view, the biblical view of what sex should be with what their experiences were. They saw it as too prudish, and so they decided that Christianity must be wrong. And they threw it out.


I want you to all… Listen to me, parents, everybody in here, listen to me, one of the primary challenges to your faith, the credibility of your faith will be what you do with this issue, and your kids, teens and kids and young people here today- You need to understand, You will come face-to-face for the decision at some point in your life, when you look at two options and you will say, you will hear what everybody always says about sex, you’ll hear their view of it, and Christianity won’t match up with that… And you will say, one of the other has to be right, and many, many kids and young people who grow up in the church decide to throw out Christianity.


Now, I want to confront that today, so what is the biblical view of this while simply put, God commands that sexual pleasure is for marriage between a man and a woman, that’s the biblical view, that’s the positive stated principle. Now, there are a lot of prohibitions or “do nots” regarding sex in the Bible. There’s a whole chapter in Leviticus dedicated to, “Hey, by the way, what we mean by do document adultery is actually… Don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this.” Now, I’m not gonna list those off, because I know we have kids in here today, and parents, you should be having these conversations with them, but I’m not gonna address those right now, I’m gonna state the positive principle connected to it, do not do those things. But the positive principle is that sexual pleasure, sex is for a man and a woman within the confines of marriage. Now, if you don’t understand it, have you ever tried to teach a child how to empty a dish washer… Okay, right, so when a child empty a dish washer, you could just tell them something like, Hey, I want you to empty the clean dishes out of the dishwasher quickly and carefully, you could just say that principle, right?


But what does that mean to a child… Not much, that’s why you have to include… Oh, by the way, be careful with the glasses, don’t stack ’em on top of one another, when you put the sippy cups in, don’t just throw them all in the cubard, all the pieces, Put them together and then put them in the cupboard, carefully stacked the place you’re not shipping and breaking them, don’t put the salad fork in with the regular forks and on and on…., and by the way, if it’s still dirty, you need to put it back in the sink and maybe even wash it yourself. Alright, I know this is scary. But you can do it.


So the prohibitions help clarify the principal command. Do you understand what I’m saying?


All of the prohibitions in the Word of God help clarify the specific command, and there are many prohibitions in there, but it comes down to sex is meant for a man and a woman within marriage, that’s how God’s ideal is set up for… On top of that, the Christian view of sex is not just a physical ac. Jesus in his famous sermon on the mount, taught that sexuality was included within your thoughts and your desires as well, You have heard that it was said You shall not commit adultery, but I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman and we could supply in there or a man with lustful intent has already committed adultery in their heart.


So we see that adultery, the command, Do not commit adultery, does not just being, you’re not allowed to cheat on your spouse, the, it can also include many prohibitions about any kind of sexual immorality, like pornography, or sex before marriage or a variety of other things that happen in your brain, all of these things are commands, and I realize that this is somewhat of an awkward conversation… Right? but the truth of the matter is whether you know that or not, You and your kids are being inundated every day with the view of sex that will ultimately destroy you and their soul if followed.


You have to understand the biblical view for you to follow it, every day, you and I DO choose to limit our desires.


The thought is that out there, the common view of sex is that, Well, whatever we want, that’s what we should pursue with our sexual desires, and that’s not the biblical view, and many people struggle with that and say, well, why put limits on it, that makes me uncomfortable in my argument is every day you put limits, alright, how many of you have a package of Oreos in your home?


None of you do because as soon as they make it into your home, they get eaten, right?


You sit down on the couch and you are… You just sit down and by the time you… You’re seated, one whole row is gone and you’re like, I really need to stop this, so you package it up and you have a limit for yourself, you say, I’m not gonna have any more than this, and you know what, because if you don’t put that limit some of you have experiential limits where you get heart burn… That’s me, I get heartburn when I eat too much sweets and stuff, it doesn’t stop me a whole lot, but I do get it, and then the other limit is you know that if you have a diet study of Oreos every single day, what’s gonna happen to you?…. it’s gonna have long-term health problems for you, right.


So we all have limits, the question is, what are the right to limits how…


We all have limits with your sexuality, the question is, what are the right limits, and my argument is simple here today, the biblical limits are the biblical view of sex are the limits that will bring the most good and joy to your life.


That’s my argument.


Okay, and I think the Bible is gonna make it really clear for you, the question is, what limits you choose… Many people today will come to that point where they look at Christianity and they look at the Christian view of sex and they say, Well, I better just…I’m gonna just gonna throw that out, I just don’t wanna have anything to do with Christianity anymore, and I’m arguing today that the limits you do choose for sex will either destroy your soul to your life, or they will be good for your soul. And the Christian view of it is gonna be the best for your soul.


Alright, so here’s how we’re gonna do that. I’m gonna give you seven principles about sex, we’re not gonna get nitty gritty, you don’t have to worry, parents, if you haven’t talked with your kids a lot about it, you should be talking to them about it, but if you haven’t had those conversation… I understand, but you will need to be applying these principles and showing them these principles, because your kids are already learning the lies regarding these principles, they need to learn the truth.


Okay, the first one that you need to know, the first principle that is better than the common view of sex today, is that you and I are more then just sexual beings. Amen?… The Bible says Genesis 1:27, God created them in his own image, male and female, he created them. And the verse after that, it goes on to say that God commands them to be fruitful and multiply. Guess what that involved. But that wasn’t all that they were… They were created in the image of God.


We, you and I, and all the three-year-olds in here today, you are eternal souls.


You are people with dreams and goals and disappointments and heartaches, your spiritual beings that can pray and know about God, you are so much more just a sexual being, and yet the common view that’s out there today, the lie that you hear out there today is, you are who you are, sexually… This is one of the strongest pulls, really in any regard, sexually, for instance, seat, you’ve got the common trope of the guy who tries to sleep with as many girls as he can, and it becomes an identity to him, not only who he sleeps with, but what type of girls, he’s able to sleep with.


It’s an identity, or what about the girl who builds her identity around whether or not she’s sexually desirable, whether or not she does something is irrelevant, but whether or not somebody wants her in that way, and so she dresses a certain way and acts a certain way to get that.


It’s an identity, and this is one of the strongest polls from the LGBTQ movement, they’ve given people who struggle to find an identity…. an identity ….a strong one… what’s the first thing? They become known in their own mind and heart, first and foremost as a bisexual or homosexual, or gay or lesbian, it’s a strong identity that gets built into them, and it starts to become a primary identity, this is who the primary one… There are sexual being that swings this way or that way… However you wanna say it. And my point is that you are so much more than that. The Bible says, you  are an eternal soul. If you are going to build your identity into this part, you will always be disappointed, but the world, they constantly want you to be thinking about that and making that who you are.


Point number two sex is beautiful and good.


This is from 1 Timothy Chapter 4. you can read verses 1 through 5, there was a group of religious leaders there who were saying, Hey, you should not eat certain foods, and you should also not be married and not have any sex, and the point was, you should rise above your physical being, and you should only enjoy spiritual things, so you’re allowed to eat cardboard and you’re never allowed to do anything fun, unless it’s like praying or meditating or something like that, and this is what was being taught, and Paul is gonna argue against that and he’s gonna say, No, no, you don’t understand everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it’s received with thanksgiving. In fact, it’s been a saying, I don’t think people realize that Christianity and the Christian view of sex actually honor sex the way it should be, the new age movement wants you to step away from who you are physically, to rise above that and to rise above sexual needs and food needs, and there’s this constant pull, but the Bible is one of the only religions that really rallies around the physical… We are not just physical beings, we are spiritual beings too, but it says, You know what?, God made this world a physical world and before the fall, you know what was gonna happen, and we’re going to have marital intimacy.


It was a good thing. It wasn’t a bad thing whatsoever. And they were gonna eat and enjoy grapes and bananas and apples and fruit that we can’t even imagine, they were… Can enjoy a physical world, and you know what God’s plan is for the future. It’s not just for you and I to have like a ghost presence leave us and then go, well in this ghosty place for all eternity, no God intends to recreate a new heaven, any new earth for you and I to live in with the new resurrected physical body.


It appears from the Bible, that means that we probably won’t be having sex, and that day, it appears from a teaching of Jesus, but I want you to understand the Christian foundation under your feet.


Christianity loves this physical world and it should… It’s broken and its cursed, and there are terrible things with it, but Christianity loves this physical world and our physical bodies, and the Bible teaches it.


The common view regarding this is, if you make sex a more common thing, an ordinary thing, where you can just do it whenever you want it and it’s just another bodily function, then you will be happier, you ever hear a view similar to that, you’ll be happier if you just kinda stop being so prudish about it, you just do whatever you feel feels right. I’ll give you a really bad illustration of this… Okay, I used to love Dr. PEPPER or anybody a Dr Pepper fan out there? Okay, how about Mountain Dew? Yeah, I loved both of those. But here’s the problem, when I was going to… When I was working my desk job, I would go and get a DR Pepper or a Mountain Dew every morning, and boy, right out of the freezer, right out of bridge those first couple of drinks of Dr. Pepper are delicious, right?


But the problem is, if it sits on your desk for three hours and you forget to put the top on, it loses its Fizz, and it gets warm.


And so then you drink the Dr Pepper and it’s like, Oh, this isn’t good, and every single day was the same way I would get it, and I would ultimately be disappointed by it, but I would keep going back to it.


So one day I step back and realize, You know what, maybe I’ve had a little bit too much Dr Pepper. I’d even like it anymore… Maybe I should stop drinking Dr. Pepper, get the thing.


We have this idea that if we had our favorite food all the time, it would still bring us joy.


How does that work?


You get tired of cheese cake every day, right.


See, the view is, if you make sex a common thing where you’re able to do it whenever you want with whoever doesn’t matter, it becomes common, then you know what?


It’s no longer gonna be good. Or Joyful.


But when you reserve it for one special person, and that one special person, it is a interaction of love and romance and intimacy, that’s when it becomes good and beautiful and joyful for your life, you see, sex is beautiful, but when you try to make it common and ordinary with whoever, whatever it becomes, just the opposite and it loses its joy and many people… Many people have experienced that.


Number three, I wanna just bring up about this about this idea of the Christian view of sex, you need to hear this one, this is really important, Desires are a terrifying okay?


Desires are terrifying.


Titus 3:3 says, We ourselves were once foolish. Led astray as slaves to various passions and pleasures passing our days.


The common view of sex is that our sexual desires or our instincts are natural, healthy and good. You ever hear that?


If you don’t give in, then you will never be happy, and here’s the problem without your desires, they want desperately, they have a mind of their own and they want desperately to enslave you, they will always hold out a promise of joy, and they will never deliver it.


The pleasures of sin are for a season, and that’s the reason why Paul says in First Thessalonians, this is the will of God, your sanctification, that you abstain from sexual immorality or sin, that each of you knows how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust. Like the Gentiles who do not know God, why? Why?


Because your desires are terrifying, I want you to imagine it like this, you know how when an addict is recovering from alcohol, alcoholism, and they might be in an interaction with somebody where they could drink a little bit more, and they say now I probably shouldn’t… I know who I am if I give in just a little bit… Right.


And they know the danger, if they have just one more drink, they have one more cigarette, if they have one more, whatever, …hit… They know the danger, it could lead them right back into it. I want you to understand that your sinful desire is not only sex, but in every area are like that addicts fix. It wants you to do one more, but it’s not just one more, it wants to enslave you, wants to capture your heart and take you… The common view is that our sexual desires or our instincts are natural, healthy and good, but the truth is that indulging our desires leads to big problems. And that’s our next point. Point number four is Adultery destroys souls….. that is point number four.


Is Adultery Destroys Souls


This is Proverbs 63:2.  Ready? He who commits adultery lacks sense.


I’m gonna say the word stupid is stupid. Okay.


Who does it? destroys himself.


There is the one who commit adultery, which includes every kind of sexual sin, I think texturally dramatically, you can make that argument.


He commits any kind of sexual sin, destroys himself. The common view is that giving in to my sexual desires, whatever they may be, will make my life better, and that is the exact opposite of what the Bible says, it’s like calling something that’s bitter sweet, something that’s light, dark, something that is…


I don’t know.


A pig, I don’t know what a good… Illustration, you get the idea. If you look at something like that and you say, This is the way it is, and the Bible says the exact opposite. You have a problem.


The truth is that adultery ruins marriages sometimes before they even start.


Adultery breaks trust. Adultery hurts children.


Adultery brings shame. Adultery will follow you out within securities, adultery has a tendency to become habitual, adultery is not gonna make your life better, sexual sin will not make your life better, it will destroy your life here today, and that is just a small shadow of the way it will destroy your soul for eternity.


Number five.


This is an important part. A really important thing here.


Okay, ’cause I hear phrases like, it’s all about love or, Hey, let love do whatever they want, or whatever like that, and here’s the point number five, Love is sacrifice for someone else is Good, Love is sacrifice for somebody else’s Good.


Okay, it’s easy.


Romans 13:9 says, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder. cannot steal. You shall covenant. And any other commandment are summed up in this word, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The common view is that if two people are in love… See, my big bunny air quotes, if two people are in law, they should be able to do whatever they want, regardless of their gender, regardless of their marital status, but here’s the biblical truth, Love seeks someone else’s best.


The American sexual view redefines best as indulging whatever your sexual pleasures are, and therefore, sex is good outside of marriage, but true love would never encourage someone to make a decision that would destroy their life or their soul, which is what we learned about in the last point You see that?


We can’t do that. That’s not loving.


It is not loving to go purchase drugs for your druggie friend, right?  You’re enabling them ….that is not loving.


It is not loving to allow your drunk friend to drive home, right.


You cannot help someone to destroy themselves and then call it love, when you reduce it down, that means that most of what people call love today is not love at all, it’s using someone, it’s enabling someone to use you, and it is absolutely not love ’cause it’s not sacrificing for someone else is good, and that as application means that if some girlfriend says, If you love me, you would have sex with me, the boyfriend should probably, first of all, find a new girlfriend, but if that wasn’t gonna be what happens, the boyfriend should say, no.


I can’t enable you, I can’t give give in ’cause that would be sin for you and that would destroy you and your soul, I can’t do that so I will sacrifice what I want for your good.


I can’t do that.


And this also applies to issues of homosexuality, gay marriage, things like that, two people… Even if the same gender can love each other and sacrifice for each other in many ways, but when it comes to romantic sexual love, you cannot give that in to the other person because that is sin and it’s destroying their soul, and you can’t call that love… It’s lust, it’s, it’s desire. It feels good, is an infatuation, I don’t know what you could call it, but it is definitely not what love is, because you’re enabling the person to destroy themselves and their soul regardless of whether you want it or not, see, this is the biblical view, and there are many passages from the New Testament to the Old about homosexuality as a sin that would support that.


Number six, this is kind of an interesting one, I came across this in my study this week, and it really made a lot of sense to me, okay, so here it is… Here’s the point Ignorance comes from Adultery. Knowledge comes from God.


Okay, and what I mean by that is Proverbs 30:20 says, this is the way of the adulterous -she eats. wipes her mouth and says, I have done no wrong.


You ever met somebody who is just so unaware of themselves… Yeah, like….like the person who… YELLS at somebody… And just lights them up. And then it’s like, I didn’t do anything wrong.


It’s like a…I wish I had my phone up so I could show you… Yeah, you did. That was weird and uncomfortable for everyone, and you are mean to them, like… What do you want me to say? Sin has a way of making you lack self-awareness, right, you’re also in hide these different parts, and here’s the thing, the common view, the common view out there about sex, is that sexual sin is the path to discovering who you are.


Right, you’ve got this all out there where you gotta discover who you are sexually and all the stuff like that, and the biblical view is actually, if you commit sexual sin, you’re becoming more ignorant, you’re lacking more and more self-awareness and you are discovering nothing.


The biblical view, the Christian view, of sex allows you to discover things about yes, your sexuality, your joy, your pleasure, your limits, your unreliable desires. That would lead you astray. And much more. And on top of that, it allows you to discover who God is through your righteousness. You see, the beginning of knowledge is what? The fear of the Lord. Now you wanna discover, you wanna learn about who you are and learn about who God is, and learn about how you should act and what you’re calling, so you want that, it is not found in adultery, and this is why the garden to be in is just such a fascinating story. Right?


’cause what is Eve promised? When that fruit is extended to her, you’ll know, you’ll know, and it’s still alluring for each one of us today, we want to learn and know, but we want to do it in a way that God has prohibited, when in fact, if we would simply obey the voice of the Lord and do what he says. We would know so much more.


Number seven, Sex is grounded in Commitment, which Frees and Secures… Say that again. This is the most important point, probably of all them, Sex is grounded in commitment, which frees and secures. Genesis 2:25 says the man and the wife were both naked and were not ashamed. Do you ever read that verse and be like, What does that have to do with anything?


You’re reading along in the story, God makes everything. They’re naked, they’re not ashamed. You’re like, Well, that’s just all kids books in the future now, just have to know how to place cleverly place bushes and stuff. Right.


That makes things weird.


What’s the point of that line… You ever asked that question?


Different scollars throughout time have recognized that the point of that line is they were with each other and they absolutely trusted one another, they were absolutely secure with one another, the problem came when they said, What was the first thing they did when they send the go-leave.


The cover themselves up, they suddenly didn’t feel safe with the other person, you see, sin brought in this…


I trust this person. Can I be secure with them, Can I be confident that they’re gonna love me and care for me, or they’re just gonna use me and are they gonna do whatever, so I’m gonna… I’m gonna cover myself to protect myself in some way. See, Christian marriage undoes that… Because Christian marriage is a secure promise, it says, I’m with you in its ideal form, it’s a commitment to be with that other person for the rest of their lives, and that releases both parties from insecurity… Yes, in the bedroom. But in all of the relationship, I don’t have to be scared that you don’t love me, you don’t care about me. I know because you’re committed to this for the rest of your life, you promised that to me, so I’m with you, and because you’re with me, I can be confident to be myself, to open up to you, to trust you, to rely on you. That’s the kind of relational intimacy that is expressed in physical intimacy in the bedroom, if you know the other person has promised to stay with you no matter what, that love frees you from being worried that they will abandon you, and this is the lie. This is the common view… Listen, here. Hear the common view, it’s not… It’s just sex.


You hear that? It’s just sex, I… There’s two kind of pits.


Well, one side that says, not just sex.


We could just do whatever we want.


The other view that’s really common out there is that, well, if we sleep together more and more, we’ll get more and more committed over time, it’s like taking our relationship up the commitment level, and here’s the problem, both of those are really wrong… You wanna know why? stats prove this, having sex before marriage, like more than doubles the divorce rate, so it’s to say you’re destined for it, it’s just typically lends itself to a rocky Foundation.


People everywhere can contest that the source of some of the greatest anxiety, Shames, and insecurities can be traced back to sinful sexual encounters. Christian view is different. Christian view says, No, you can be truly intimate and trusting in one another because you’ve got the foundation of a relationship, and then you hear the objection, well, its just a piece of paper. It is not just a piece of paper, right? There is a piece of paper involved, but it’s stupid to say, it’s just a piece of paper. It is a promise, and until you get to that moment where you are making a promise in front of a crowd of people that are listening to that promise and are gonna hold you accountable to that promise, you don’t know if that commitments there, but from that point on, it is a commitment for life, that’s the ideal, that’s the way it should be.


See, sex is grounded ultimately in a commitment, and if you don’t have the commitment, it will always bring in security and shame, and when I say commitment, what I mean is marital commitment, not just… I promise.


It’s like a 14-year-old, I promise. I’ll Always Be With You.


Now, that doesn’t count, Okay?


Love… if you guys… You’re 14-year-old today. I’m sorry, the not I love you on the first day, it’s a commitment, it’s an active commitment to being with that person for the rest of your life through ups and downs, that kind of relationship is the only kind of relationship that can support what sex is supposed to be and it’s honorable and joyful thing.


There is no doubt that the Christian view of sex is extremely high, it’s unusual, it’s different, it’s unique from any other view in our culture, but it also… I want you to hear me, it also brings more joy than the common view of sex.


The question is, How do we pursue this? ’cause you might hear all these ideals and you might realize even as I listed these seven important things… Yeah, you know what, the Christian limits… The Christian view of sex is the right way to live because of all of those seven principles that really encouraged me to view sex and people the right way and be committed and enjoy sex in a committed relationship, that… That’s good, I want that.


You hear all of those things, but then you think… Man, I don’t know if I can ever do that.


When Jesus is teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, he says, anyone who’s ever looked at someone with a lustful intent has already committed adultery in their heart.


At the very end of this chapter, he’s listing several different laws, and at the very end of this chapter, he says, You therefore, you must be perfect… In order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.


See, that the truth is, every single one of us have broken the seventh command, either in deed or in our heart, every single one of us have… Just like every single one of us broke the sixth command, You shall not murder, every single one of us broke the fifth command, You shall honor your father and mother. Every single one of us broke the fourth command that we weren’t finding our rest in God, and on and on about taking God’s name in vain, not worship any other gods, not having idols. And guess what?


Spoiler Alert. Command 8, 9 and 10 you’ve broken as well.


So what do we do when we hear this idealistic like, yes, that would be a good way to live, but I failed so much, is my life already ruined and broken… I don’t even know if I could ever get to that point. And the beat beautiful thing of the gospel is that Jesus Christ can save… And I want you to hear this. Only Jesus Christ can save you.


First John One are promises for you to hold on to.


First John 2 says, little children, I’m writing these things to you so that you will not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous. And it’s on the basis of that. That we say, that we confess our sins to God and we know he is faithful and just to forgive our sins. It’s only through Jesus. You’re not gonna be able to keep these standards yourself, yeah, you might be able to do it outwardly, you might have a good marriage for years, but inside you’re hiding dark, secret desires and thoughts you’ve been able to keep hidden from others.


I’m saying to you that you can confess those sins and God can even heal that brokenness, that brokenness in your heart that defaults to wrong lustful thinking, he can heal that, you can forgive that, that brokenness in your marriage as a result of adultery, that one of you has committed that can be forgiven and heeled that brokenness in your life where you know you’re not married yet, but you’ve committed things you wish you hadn’t done, that can be healed and forgiven. Listen, Jesus Christ on the cross can forgive that.


So the first thing is to take every single one of those icky dirty burdens that you carry with you today, to leave them at the foot of the cross as an getting…


Jesus did this for me.


He died, he, he died in my place to forgive me and heal me for my sins, I’m forgiven.


Leave them all there, don’t take any with you, don’t take any shame with you, leave it all there, it doesn’t mean there might not be a hard path going forward for you to grow and learn and turn from that sense, there might be a hard path forward of healing, but you can leave the sin and the shame and the guilt and all of that there at the cross, because Jesus has loved you and forgiven you through His sacrifice there in… But you to do that.


The second thing, an illustration I used to tell my teenagers, we will remember this is if I could take a nail and hammer and pound one point from this sermon into your head, I would do it with this one.


Okay, I know. That’s like, wow. Pastor Trey is violent. Right.


I want you to hear this, please, Guys, you have to renew your mind.


We live in a culture today about sex and a sinful view of sex, the way a fish lives in the ocean, it is all around you, you breathe it every moment of every day on Facebook, on any kind of media, and guess what? It’s not only it outside of you… Okay, right, so I don’t care how guarded you are with your media, the problem is you still have dirty sinners in your home that are going to trend toward sin… Towards fulfilling their desires. So you have to, you have to… You have to teach them the right way, and you have to learn the right way.


You have to learn the biblical view of sex, if there’s any hope for you at all, you can’t hide it and treat it like it doesn’t exist. You gotta talk about it.


So these seven points here matters, you need to know these down in your mind and you need to teach your kids them, because if you don’t, the kids are gonna be very prone to temptation, not only in this matter, but to temptation as a whole, to walk away from Christianity, you and your family are daily bombarded with these things, and I need you to identify the ways you are trying to be deceived about sex, and to put the truth… You need to talk to them. You need to have conversations. My wife and I have a couple of really good kids books about this, and there are other ones out there that really handle it delicately, ’cause you’re not gonna tell a three-year-old everything about it, right.


But a three-year-old needs to understand some things, and the same thing for six-year-old and the same thing for a nine-year-old, and the same thing for a 13-year-old, they need to understand and degradations, but they need to start building in their mind boxes, categories that are biblical, not worldly, about what sex is, what gender is, what the right way is, you need to have that built in there.


So number three, we’ve talked about confession, we’ve talked about renewing your mind, you need to remember the right things, number three is to cut off sin… The way Jesus says it in Matthew chapter 4, if your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away, for it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell.


And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away, for it is better that you lose one of your members than that the whole body go into hell. Now, I don’t think he’s talking about mutilation of your body, but what I think he’s using here is a picture of extreme, aggressive cutting away of sin in your life.


So many people are unwilling to get extreme when they cut away sent… Well, I’ll do this because it’s easy. And then you hope that your life is gonna get better, it’s not… Do you need to cut off a relationship to… Do you need to confess something to God? Do you need to confess something to your spouse, do you need to get counsel from me or Tim or someone else about this difficult issue? You need to cut off the internet and internet access. What do you need to do? Get aggressive, cut it all, put it to death to kill it, pick a specific big thing, and then do it.


And fourth, this is a principle that I’ve learned, I would encourage you to put on love, because the biblical command is not just to put off, it’s also to put on… Okay, so it’s not just enough that you cut away something bad, you have to replace it with something better, God is not just interested in Christians who never sin, but also never do anything God wants to do.


And what I found is that sexual sin, it is selfish, which means the opposite of sexual sin is what? love… Sexual sin uses- sexual sin de-humanizes -love values others and sacrifices for their good, so yeah, you can cut off access and inappropriate things online, but I would encourage you to even pray for those who are trapped in that trade… Think of them as souls, not objects.


There are a lot of ways to do this. I’ve encouraged different people at different times, I think you need to put on habits like You ought to be the one to clean the house, okay, you normally found yourself prone to temptation on a Friday night when nobody’s home for that two-hour block.


Okay, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put off what you were normally doing, we’re gonna cut that out of your life, I don’t care how much you enjoyed it, but… It led you down a path that you don’t wanna be on.


So you gonna cut that out and you’re gonna put on love to your family, your roommate, your… Someone else, you’re gonna look for a specific way to love someone else, you’re gonna mow someone’s yard for then and shovel their driveway in six months, you’re gonna do something loving for them, okay? Love is the opposite of sexual sin, love will sacrifice for someone else is good, so find ways to love…


I’m happy that we’ve got a Savior who loves us even though we’re broken, but redeems us from that brokenness, heals us, so that we can live for Him and love Him the way He deserves. Let’s take a moment and pray. I’m gonna invite or musicians to come up.


Quietly, maybe take this moment here to pray to God, close your eyes. Bow your head…


Gracious Father, we know that we have sinned in many ways against you, these last two weeks have really tough to learn ’cause we learned quickly your standard of righteousness is much higher than we thought… We are not keeping these commands as well as we thought should, so… But I, I do ask, I pray that you would renew our mind, there are people here that are giving into sin, sexual temptation that they’ve given into adultery, we pray that you would want your Holy Spirit now and heal, I really… You would help them to turn to you and be confident of the amazing work that you did on the cross, they can be completely forgiven.


I pray that you will cleanse us all. That  you would strengthen marriages, those who aren’t married yet strengthened their commitment to be pure for you in worship to you, waiting for that day when they could…Pray that you would renew the people here that they would not believe the lies about sex, it’s not just sex, it can be loving thing no matter what you’re doing, or who it with… Whatever the lies may be, I pray that you would want them out of our lives and help us to replace them with good biblical truth… That sex is a good thing that you can do, so… And that the limits you place there are to make sure it stays good and one for to protect us from all kinds of problems in trouble, in an internal.  Would you help us to sacrifice ourselves for you. These things we pray in your precious name. Amen.

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