“David and Bathsheba” sermon from 9.22.19.

Let’s pray. Father, I hope you would please open our eyes. Don’t let us be blind to the truth of your word. Now give us wisdom to understand the difficult things in your word. Give us grace for the bedding ways we fail you. I pray that we would learn the wisdom we need to know what good and bad is and to choose good. Help us this morning as we work through these things, we ask this in your precious name. Amen. Second Samuel 11 and verse one
In the spring, King’s March out to war, David sent Joe abs with his officers and all Israel. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabba, but David remained in Jerusalem. One evening. David got up from his bed and strolled around on the roof of the palace from the roof. He saw a woman bathing, a very beautiful woman, so David sent someone to inquire about her and he said, isn’t this Bathsheba daughter of Eliam and wife of Uriah the Hittite? David sent messengers to get her and when she came to him, he slept with her. Now she had just been purifying herself from her uncleanness. Afterwards, she returned home. The woman conceived and sent word to inform David. I am pregnant. David sent orders to Joe Arab. Send me Uriah the Hittite. So Joanne sent Uriah to David. When Uriah came to him, David asked how Joe AB and the troops were doing and how the war was going.

Then he said to Uriah, go down to your house and wash your feet. So Uriah left the palace and a gift from the King followed him. But Uriah slept at the door of the palace with all the master servants. He did not go down to his house when it was reported to David. Uriah didn’t to go home. David questioned Uriah, having you just come from a journey. Why didn’t you go home? Uriah answered David, the arc. Israel and Judah are dwelling intense and my master Joe and his soldiers are camping in the open field. How can I enter my house to eat and drink and sleep with my wife as surely as you live and by your life. I will not do this. Stay here today. Also David said to your eye and tomorrow I will send you back. So Uriah stayed in Jerusalem that day, the next than David invited Uriah tea and drink with them and David got him drunk. He went out in the evening to lie down on his cot with his master servant, not go home. The next morning, David wrote a letter to Joe and sent it with Uriah. In the letter he wrote, put your eye at the front of the fiercest fighting. Then withdraw from him. Study is struck down and dies.

When Joe AB was besieging the city, he put Uriah in the place where he knew the best enemy soldiers were than the men of the city came out and attacked. Joanne and some of the men from David soldiers fell in battle. Uriah the Hittite also died job sent someone to report to David. All the details of the battle. He commanded the messenger. When you finished telling the King all the details of the battle, if the King’s anger gets stirred up, and he asked, why did you get so close to the city to fight? Why realize they would shoot from the top of the wall at thi Bez who struck down a BIM Mullock son of a Jeru best chef. Didn’t a woman drop an upper millstone on him from the top of the wall so that he died? Why did you get so close to the wall than say your servant, Uriah? The Hittite is dead also than the messenger left. And when he arrived, he reported to David. All that jobs had sent him to tell the messenger reported to David. The men gained the advantage over us and came out against us in the field. But we counter attack right up to the entrance of the city gate. However, the Archer shot down on your servants from the top of the wall and some of the King’s servants died. Your servant, Uriah the Hittite is also dead. David told the messenger, say this to Joe AB, don’t let the matter upset you because the sword devours all the luck. Intensify it against the city and demolish it. Encourage him when your eyes wife heard that her husband Uriah had died. She mourned for him. When the time of morning ended, David had her brought to his house. She became his wife and bore him a son. However, the Lord considered what David had done to be evil.

It’s pretty dark story, right? The story itself is actually far worse than it first appears. There’s some evidence that David did this with four of his eight wives. His first wife, Michael, was given to him by Saul, a daughter of Saul. It was probably some kind of a way to make, David wasn’t going to start a civil war. Later on. Saw took her back and gave her to a different man and decades later when David Rose to power again, one of his first things that he did was went and took that woman from her loving husband’s arms. That woman became his wife. The second one [inaudible] them often occurs first or second in the list of names. There are many scholars who think that is one in the same, the same woman that was PSAs, wife David, like many Kings did in that era, took Saul’s wife from him. The third was a woman named Abigail. That happens at the end of the story of first Samuel. Abigail was married to a wicked man named navel navel.

One day David came to ne ball requesting supplies and David said, no, and so D are, I’m sorry, enables said no, and so David decided, you know what? I’m going to destroy your entire household and on his way to destroy that household. Nabeel’s wife Abigail came out, met him in the field and pleaded with him not to do that wicked thing. There’s actually an interesting phrase in there where David actually tells Abigail, I have listened to your voice and if you’ll remember from Genesis three because you have listened to the voice of your wife, Abigail is painted in a good picture there, but the whole story is dirty because thereafter she goes and tells Naipaul what was about to happen. Neval dies some days later from shock and David takes Abigail to be life. Even though it’s the most honorable of the stories, there’s still something about that that we can admit makes us feel that icky. Right? The fourth one is Bathsheba. David had at least four more wives. Other than those four, David also had a harem of concubines likely taken from Saul as King. So in other words,

Second Samuel 11 is not a blip on another wise, perfect record for David’s life. This is a character flaw. This is something that had been with him for years and second Samuel 11 represents the character flaw. It’s a sad story. It’s also unsurprising then that of the, the, the sons that we have stories of in the Bible of David, each one of them are sexual deviants in different ways. Cluing Solomon the one who had 300 wives and 600 concubines. Now I just want to stop here. It’s okay for us to read something in the Bible that makes us feel a bit icky, right? The Bible is not meant to paint it. Never tried to paint David as a perfect man, but the Bible is brutally honest about even the best of men. Second Samuel 11 is painted as bad, especially because it’s designed after the fall narrative. And I’m going to get to that in a minute. The two main parts of this that kind of give us more information about fall and what happened there all the way back in Genesis three. It’s going to say that David took Bathsheba in one part in the CSB. I believe it says to get her.

Should be take. It’s the same as Genesis three, six took her and this gives that picture that part of this fall narrative is taking what’s not yours to take. But the second thing and the thing that I really want to focus on today is the contrast between what God sees as evil and what sometimes man sees as good.

So I want to point out to you the design pattern. I’m not going to spend a lot of time in it, but I want to develop the theme verse two of second Samuel series where we’re looking at later in the narrative that are designed to accurately represent something that happened but are also designed to call back to the, does the Genesis three fall. They’re designed to be like, Oh by the way, this is really similar to that. Last week we looked at when Israel took a King. This week we’re looking at David taking Bathsheba. We have several key words. These words should ring in your ears. By this point evening, David got up from his bed and strolled around the roof of the palace from the roof. He saw a woman, an ish bathing, a very Tobe toe woman, a beautiful woman as it’s translated in most of our Bibles, there is specific words in brew four, lovely and beautiful are going to look at one later on today, but that bird that’s chosen here, the word that’s chosen is good and it can mean fair. It can mean beautiful, very specifically chosen word Tov woman. So David sent someone in verse four he took her and he slept with her and then he sent her home and then fruit was born from that to have a child.

What’s so interesting is that most Hebrew narratives and especially poetry, We’ll begin on the same note that they end on. It’s not something we’re used to. We’re used to somebody announcing a proposition at the beginning explaining what they mean fluting with some clean arcs. Hebrew poetry doesn’t often work like this. Hebrew poetry and Hebrew narrative. We’ll start with something kind of like going up and down a mountain is how I compare it. You start at the bottom of the mountain, you go up, switch backs up the mountain back and forth. Back and forth from point to point. And then you get to the top and the top is the main point of the story. Then you work your way back down the other side of the mountain and you’re at the same level, the same place where you started. It’s no different. In this story, David sees bash, Sheba as TOB, and what’s the last verse of this chapter?
However, the Lord considered what David had done to be evil is how the CSB it quite literally is what David did was evil in the eyes of the Lord. It’s translated evil in the eyes of the Lord all throughout the rest of the Kings. Throughout the judge’s story here, it should be translated the same cause David is playing the same part as all of the wicked Kings in his eyes. It was good. God’s eyes, it was bad. So I want to point this out to you because although this is particularly dealing with sexual sin, this is an emblematic, it represents every single sin you and I commit every one we look at and we think that’ll be good if I do that. And God says, no, it’s bad if you do that.

I’ll give you some examples here. Like you’re, you’re in a fight with your spouse. You want to win, so you start thinking maybe if I nag them to get my way, maybe if I manipulate them, maybe if I say that thing that I know will hurt them. Maybe if I twist the just a little bit to make my argument look a little better. All of that looks good in your eyes and God looks at that and says, that’s bad. What about you, teens and you kids out there? You guys listening. What about that moment your mom or dad says you need to go do something? Go do your homework. Go clean your room
And you get to get in your room to do your homework or to clean it up. Clean up your room and you think to yourself, you know what? You know what looks good to me right now? Not obeying them. What looks good to me? It’s playing. It’s getting on tick tock or Instagram playing a game on my phone that looks good to me and God looks at that and says, that’s O D O disobedience. That’s bad. That’s raw or how about, I mean, sexual sin is one of these, right? You look at it, you think this will finally make me happy. This will finally, I deserve to be happy, don’t I? This will make me happy. God looks at it and says, no, that’s raw. It’s bad. What about money? If I had just a little bit more money, boy that looks good to me. Bad. One more. Zero on my bank account. Right,

Two more zeros for some of us, right? If I had just a little bit more money, it’s a little bit better of a career by just worked my way up a little bit more. This would be good to me. And so you, you eat it and what you don’t realize as slowly as you are trying to get after and devour your career, your career and your money is devouring you. It’s bad. Well, what about just the general grumpies? This is stuff that I’ve been struggling with lately. The general Grumpy’s
Where you just, you want to be grumpy with people, irritable, angry. You want people to just leave you alone. Whatever it is, you’re grumpy at home, you’re short with people. You say, no, this is good to me because I deserve this. I, I deserve you to give me my space. I deserve you to not irritate me. I deserve that. And so it’s good to you in your mind. And God looks at that and says, no, that’s bad. You don’t understand that the bad. And that’s where today I want to define, I want you to see what these words mean today. What RA for evil. That’s the Hebrew word for evil. That’s seen in second Samuel 11 verse 27 it’s the same word that’s seen in Genesis three six I think it’s verse four where she takes of the tree of, of good and evil and Tov, which is the word for good. I want you to see what these words mean today. This is going to help you most. Some of you are already checking out. You’re already like chuff cause you’re like, Oh great, we’re going to spend the next however long defining words. That sounds thrilling. I promise you it will be helpful. Stay with me. Okay.

First of all, bad or how your translation, how are translations normally translate? Raw is evil, right? You see that in your Bibles. It’s normally translated evil. I prefer the word bad here. It’s, it’s a tasting. It certainly can mean evil in old English. Evil would have been a great translation in our modern day English. When you think of evil, you think of moral wickedness, right? You can nod your head. You can just show me. You’re with me. You think of moral wickedness. There are words in Hebrew that have the idea of moral wickedness. Perversion. This is not the main definition of this word, okay? And it’s very important. We don’t define this word as moral wickedness because the Bible says God does RA. Very important. So for instance, it’ll be up on the screen. Some of these references. Isaiah 45 seven this is God saying, I form light, I create darkness. I make wellbeing that Shalom and create calamity that’s raw. The word for RA, it has no concept of moral wickedness because God is not wicked, but he does create calamity at times. He does so purposes. We’re going to get back to that in a minute. What about for Samuel 1810 when it says the Lord sends a raw spirit on Saul harmful spirit. What about Psalm 44 too where it’s talks of God and says you with your own hand drove out the nations, but then did you afflicted the people? It’s the verb form of rock

This is important that we understand what the word means. It does not always mean moral wickedness. There are words that mean moral wickedness in Hebrew. I’m not saying that doesn’t exist in the Bible. It does. Okay. Saying this word itself doesn’t always mean that. In fact, I think it has a broader feel to it. That’s why I say bad. Let me give you a few things. Okay? It is also not the result of the fall. Raw is not the result of the fall because God creates the tree of the knowledge of Tov and RA before the fall happens. Apparently if there’s knowledge of it, calamity harm would, however you wanted to find it existed before that. It’s not something God intended for. It’s not something allowed into his world, but the potential for it wouldn’t it.

Let me give you a few ways that it’s used throughout your Bible. Genesis 41 19 it’s described as ugly. Seven other cows came up from them, poor and very raw and thin, very ugly. Some of you would like raw cows, but you like your meat, rare meat and everything like that, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. This is a vision where Joseph is looking and he’s looks at this cow. He’s not saying the cow was morally wicked cow’s like a kleptomaniac stealing stuff from the farmer’s barn. That’s not what’s going on here, right? Is that they’re they’re, they’re bad in quality. Go on. It can refer to sadness. Ecclesiastes seven three sorrow is better than laughter for by RA of the face. The heart is made glad by sadness of the face. It can, it can refer to rotten fruit.

Let’s first write figs, but the other basket had very bad, so bad that they could not be eaten. So raw.

Could not be in. What about calamity Jeremiah 42, six, whether it is good or bad, we about the results that are happening. Your Maya’s commitment. God, whether good or to them, whether calamity blessing happens to them. It can mean displeasing. Can you make sure that doesn’t happen again? Daniel, can you just unclip the, the computer thing? I don’t need the windows chime every time I go to make a good point. Numbers 1110 Moses heard the people were weeping through their clans. Everyone at the door of the tent, the Lee and Moses was raw. He was displeased. Kimmy displeased, it can mean wicked. Jeremiah 38, 10, what he did was raw in the sight of the Lord. Wicked in the sight of the Lord, evil in the sight of the Lord as it’s translated in second Samuel 11 it can also just mean harm. There’s a part in Isaiah 41 23 where he says, where it’s like a trash talking idols. It’s like, tell us what’s the come here. After that, we may know that you are God’s, do good or do RA, that we may be dismayed and terrified. Many of those definitions do not carry the concept of moral. Be clear about this. That is part of it. When you disobey God, it’s morally wicked. I’m just saying that’s not what this word is targeting when it uses the word.

So what does it mean? It has this negative connotation to it. That’s why I liked the word bad. Okay. It sounds like we’re talking like a three year old, but it can mean morally wicked. It can mean doing something wrong, right, bad, but it can also mean just bad consequences. Something bad that’s happening. It’s a broader definition. It’s a better definition for this word Tov on the other hand, which is the opposite. It’s the contrasting word. It means good. You see it all over your Bible, but again, it doesn’t necessarily mean morally righteous because in Genesis one four when it says God saw the light was good, he’s not looking at the light and saying, this light that I created, man, it’s obedient to the 10 commandments. No, it has a broader feel to it. Tobe is very similar. Do you? Have you ever heard the word Shalom? It has had idea of blessing, completeness, or peace in the Bible.

Tov is very similar to that. In fact, it’s used interchangeably multiple times. I already read run bursts where it’s used interchangeably. Another one is Isaiah 52 seven how beautiful upon the mountains that that word beautiful there. It’s not told it’s a word for lovely. It’s a romantic word. It’s an interesting choice here. How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, that Shalom, who brings good news of happiness. That’s tope see how it’s used interchangeably. One word and then restated a different, slightly different way with a different word.

Or limitations. Three 17 right before the famous words. Great as your faithfulness. Just a few verses before it says my soul. He’s lamenting, my soul is bereft of Shalom. I have forgotten what Tobe is. Boy, they knew how to write. So in other words, Tov could be translated good because it’s broad. It can mean good and character, but it generally has this idea of blessing or or peace or sunshine and roses. You get what I’m saying? It has a completeness to it. All right, so what’s so interesting is the words that are used here in the words that are used of the store in the story is that Adam Eve look at something that’s raw, something that’s harmful, something that’s displeasing, something that’s bad, and they look at it and they call it good, complete blessing, peaceful, all that stuff. You see the problem, you see what they’re doing.

Isaiah five 20 to 21 I’ve been studying the South, preparing this for our walk through the word event. Woe to those who call RA toe and to-be RA. Can you give us an example of what you mean? Isaiah, who put darkness for light and light for darkness? Bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. You’re exchanging one opposite for the other and it’s way worse. It’s way worse. Imagine, you know, biting into an Apple and getting a really chemically tastes, that bitter chemical taste in your mouth. You don’t want that. You want something sweet. And yet what he’s saying here is there are people who look at life and they look at the commands of God that are meant to be good and blessed and shall loam and and beneficial to us. And they’re looking at them and they’re calling them raw, harmful, displeasing bad for us. And they’re looking at the things that are bad, harmful, destructive. And they’re saying that stuff over there. That’s me. That’s the problem. And then he defines that in the next verse. He says in verse 21 woe to those who are wise in their own eyes. They’re shrewd in their own site. They’re defining for themselves what good and bad is.
Or Jeremiah four 22 says it like this. My people are foolish. They know me. Not they are stupid children. Parents, you’re not allowed to say it just because God said it. Okay? They are. They are stupid children. It means foolish. They’re ignorant. They’re not paying attention to what I’ve done for them. They have no understanding. They are wise in doing RA, but how to do good toe. They do not know how. That reminds me of Paul and the new Testament where he says, I want you to be wise concerning that which is good and innocent concerning that which is evil. He’s probably taking it exactly from verses like this.

There’s a problem with us. You see the problem every time we commit a sin, we’re looking at that sin, that grumpiness, the sexual sin, whatever it might be. Money disobeying your parents arguments, whatever it is you’re looking, dang, that’s good. [inaudible] Just when it’s not, it’s harmful to and what are you going to do when that happens because you and I do that every day. Turn with me to Psalm 51 many of you will have in the heading right underneath the bold print that kind of describes what each Psalm is about. There will be like a subheading of words that describes some of what was going on or historical detail or whatever. In this heading. It says for the choir director, a Psalm of David, when the prophet Nathan came to him after he had gone to Bathsheba, so shortly thereafter, likely he wrote this song. Look at what he says in verse four against you, you alone, I have sinned and done this evil in your site.

It’s the same word as second Samuel 11 verse 27 done. What is evil in your sight? I’ve done RA in your side. I’ve done bad in your eyes. That’s what confession is. By the way, did you know that confession literally means to say the same? God looks at it and says, that was bad, and so you say, yes, it was bad. You don’t disagree, you. You don’t make excuses. You say it was bad, and look at what he does. He says, I’ve sinned. I’ve rebelled. Verse one I’m guilty. Verse two I have sin in my heart. Verse verse two again, I’m rebel. I’m a rebellious person. Verse three my sin is always before me. He goes on and describes the many way and yes, these are words in here for transgressed and wickedness and all that. David recognizes that he sinned against God, but he also uses this word raw from from Genesis three and from from the sight of the Lord raw in the sight of the Lord. It was bad. He recognizes he looks at God and he says, yes, I’ve done wrong. I need to match up with what you say as good and with what you say is bad. I have to agree with you on those things. I’m sorry. Remember how we introduced the sermon?

Remember how I described David? If there is hope for David for forgiveness, there’s hope for you. Be gracious to me. God, what is David’s hope that God will forgive him? What is his hope ended in verse one he says, according to your faithful love and according to your compassion, blot out my rebellion. How is hoping that God will forgive him if he is really good for the next year according to my righteousness, Lord, according to the good things that I’ve done or the promises that I will do good in the future. Will you please forgive me for this? That’s how we treat one another a lot, right? Well, I’ll forgive you. Maybe eventually if you prove yourself after awhile, there’s no hope for David in that David’s hope is solely on the fact that God to be loyal to disloyal people. God ten’s passionate to sinners. That’s his character.

He’s saying because of your faithful love, your covenant, love, your loyal love on the basis of your compassion. Will you forgive me intimately? God gives this to us, demonstrated on the cross. It’s on the cross that God demonstrates his love for sinners and now while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. It’s on the cross that God put harm on Jesus so that we could receive good. It’s on the cross that Jesus faces raw so we can face toe. It’s on the cross that we receive peace because Jesus received the animosity and wrath of God. That’s the gospel story. We received forgiveness because God tends to be loyal. It’s part of who he is.

He received rasa. We could receive Tov and this is the invitation extended out to you today. You have done RA in the eyes of God. You’ve done Tov in your own eyes. You think it’s good, but it’s raw in God’s eyes. What are you going to do with that? What’s your hope? Now you can press further in. You can say, I’m just going to double down and continue to do what’s evil in mine own I my own eyes. And you know what happens when people do that? God gives them over to it because what they’re choosing is harmful. Read Romans one, Romans one, I think it’s four or five different times, says God gave them over. He says, fine. You want your sin. You want your RA. Take it with all of its harm that it’s going to give you. You can have it. It’s going to destroy your life. It’s gonna destroy your relationships. It’s going to destroy your mental state, your amazing date, and it’s going to destroy you ultimately in eternity future with hell. You want it, you can have it. It’s yours. You’re choosing it. You can continue to try to redefine it and call it good, but it’s not you have it, but God today still holds his hand out and says, come on, I’m willing. I tend to be forgiving. That’s my character. I am forgiving to sinners who come to me for forgiveness.

The biblical narrative is about how God gave Adam and Eve a world full of Tov. Read Genesis one, two and three. There is one possibility for RA in a world full of tow. What does he call good throughout Genesis one the stars, the sun, the plants, the trees, the animals, everything is tope. Everything is blessed. Everything is good. Everything. Shalom, it’s all perfect. He gave him this full world and what is, what do Adam and Eve do? Raw David Duke. God gave David immeasurable blessings. He made him King. He gave him all kinds of success in everything he did and what does David do? He chose the rock. This is the story of you and my life. I’ve been thinking and praying this way this week. God, you’ve given me health. God, you raised me in a family that taught me the Bible from the time I was young.

You gave me such great blessing, such great Shalom. I was raised in a loving family. I have a wonderful wife, three amazingly energetic kids. I serve in a wonderful church with friends and family that I love. I love to be around you. You’ve given me all of these blessings, and yet what’s my tendency [inaudible] like David in the, in the midst of all the blessings he’s given, I choose the RA, the same thing God does to you. Some of you have been through difficult times in your life and yet today, here today, you’re blessed to be able to hear God’s word. You’re blessed to have the opportunity to know the Lord, to draw close to him. You’re blessed with those things. And yet in the middle of all those blessings, what’s our tendency to choose the raw and to try to call it? Good to choose the RA, take a label out, put good on it, and smack the good label on it and say, well, this is good.

This is fine. It’s good for me. That’s you and me. The biblical narrative is about our self destructive tendencies, at least partially. They’re so evil. Listen, listen to this part. There’s because God loves and he hates to see bad unleashed on it in your hearts, you on others, he hates to see East on it. That’s why it’s so wicked to God. God’s desire. When God decides to unleash raw in the world, it’s out of a desire to stop worse RA, it’s a desire to draw a line in the sand and stayed this far. No further. You will not destroy my creation any further. You will not destroy the life of those around you anymore. You will not destroy your own life anymore. It’s a, it’s fall in some ways. I want you to see the narrative of the Bible is that God is a parent trying to prevent his children from injury, and by the way, that’s exactly how he describes himself to Israel. The narrative of the Bible is that God wants good and do avoid bad.
Parent. Child reaches up for the stove to grab something hot off the stove, who smacks their hand away? He says, no, no, no, no. You don’t want to do that. The child doesn’t know what good and bad is. Just like you and I have a tendency to not know good from bad. Often God is up there and he’s trying through his word to teach you good to show you how to avoid the bad. That’s the beauty of our God. He is a good God who wants good for us. He’s not a selfish God who’s setting up all these rules here or there to keep you back from having fun. No. The commands that he gives us, the instruction from his word is meant to guard us, meant to be for our benefit, for our Shalom, for our good, for our blessing, not to keep us from those things. So I’d like you to turn to Psalm 34 Psalm 34 in verse state. You ever asked the question? This is, some of you will be familiar with this verse.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. You know that verse, the idea of taste is nowhere else. I don’t think in this song. It’s interesting that he said taste and see. I think that the soul missed here is saying, I think that he’s saying cause he’s about to go on into the same topic of this and what the Genesis, the minivan is showing. I think he’s saying instead of taking out, reaching out, knowledge of good and evil decided up and being wise in your own eyes. Would you taste, reach out, taste from the tree of life. Once you see that I’m good. I’m once you. He that I’m good. Instead of tasting and seeing from everything else and then trying to call it good. Well he goes on. I mean he explains what he means here. This is, this is, this is rich with this theme. Verse 11 come children, listen to, I’ll teach you the fear of the Lord. What’s the fear of the Lord? Good to know, good and bad. Who is someone who desires life loving alone life to enjoy what is good? Keep your tongue from RA and your lips from deceitful speech. Turn away from raw and do what is Tove. Seek Shalom and pursue it.

The eyes of the Lord are on ears are open to their cry for help. The face of the Lord is set against those who do what is raw to remove all memory of them from the earth. It goes on. There’s more in here, but he’s, he’s developing this theme of God offers a better way. So when, when I talk about you teens, kids, when you are tempted to disobey your mom and dad, when they say go clean your room and you decide you’re going to go play with your toys and stud, God is not trying to keep you back from the fun of playing with your toys. You ever, ever stop and think about how your life goes and how your family feels after you disobey kids? Do you ever think like, does it make you happy? Does it make your mom and dad happy? Does it make your house happy? No, it doesn’t. It unleashes bad on your house because of your sin harm.
God is not. He’s saying, listen to your parents because it’s good for you. Or what about marriages? When you guys get into fights and you’re tempted, you’re like, they will never listen to me no matter what I try so I will manipulate, I will nag, I will do whatever I need to do to get them to listen to me. God says that’s raw. That’s going to unleash just harm on your marriage and on you personally. God says there’s a better way and he offers his hand and he says, let me show you the better way. Turn from the RA come. There’s a better way. What about sexual sin? The temptation to lust after things you shouldn’t. Whether it’s a relationship, whether it’s online, whether it’s a book, something where you’re putting that in your mind and you shouldn’t and you say it’s good. What God extends his hand out and he says that’s actually really bad and there’s a ton of research today that shows that all kinds of sexual sin ruined people’s lives emotionally, mentally, relationships, everything not just are saying this. Non Christians are saying, Oh Hey, there is good and bad out there and it is bad for this to be going on on your money. You alive. You always need to have one other thing to be happy. You’re never satisfied without another dollar, without another toy and it eats you alive inside and God extends his hand. He says there’s a better way to live your life. Come on, I’ll show you.

What about grumpiness. You want to be irritable at home, irritable with your kids, tell them to get away from you. Don’t talk. Now you’re to boat with your spouse, irritable with your coworkers. That releases harm on you and everyone else around you. That’s not a good way to live. It’s going to destroy relationships. It’s going to destroy you. Got extends his hand. He says, come on, I’ve got a better way for ya. That’s the beauty of the world. It’s a message that is inviting you away from the RA and toward what is good for you.

Now you and I have many echoes of regret in our life and we can fall back on the loyalty of God and the forgiveness of God to forgive us for those things is demonstrated his love for us and his forgiveness. All you have to do is come to him and he forgives. You trust in that today and then he extends his hand to every one of you. As I’ll show you what’s good. I’ll show you what’s bad. We’ll learn to avoid the bad. We’ll learn to chase the good. He extends his hand to you today. He invites you into that relationship and I think sodas. So does this narrative of David today. Would you stand with me please? And we’ll close with a word of prayer.

Father, I ask that you would grant wisdom, discerning eyes. I pray that you would rip away those who would be wise in their own eyes to find for themselves what good and bad is when instead fall back on. What you say is good and bad. Follow what you say. Pray that you would make us a wise church. That fears you pursues good, hates bad. I pray if there’s someone in here tonight, today who is thinking about you and praying about what’s going on in their life, they have read things that they regret, ways that they’ve redefined, good and bad. I asked that you would work even now, please, Lord, would you work even now to help them see that you offer grace and forgiveness right now for them? They can have it a pray that we would not be babies and our understanding of good and bad, but that you would make us mature men and women of the faith. We pray and ask us in your precious name, amen.