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Redemption Counseling 

We offer Biblical counseling to those who are committed to growing and changing in Christ. We recognize everyone goes through hard circumstances in life that result from living in a sinful and broken world. It is our desire to help each person we counsel learn to see God in his or her situation and respond to life in a Christ-like way. We openly admit our counsel is based on the Bible. We believe God’s Word is without error and the final authority for life and godliness. We also believe God is able to provide help and healing to a person’s deepest problems.

Counseling Request Next Steps

If you are committed to meeting the expectations outlined below, we are committed to providing Biblical counseling for you. In order to make our sessions as profitable as possible, we would like you to give careful attention to the following items.

  • Carefully read the Consent to Counsel information below. If you have any questions we can cover them at the beginning of our first session.
  • Completely fill out the Personal Data Inventory, Confidentiality Agreement, and Release of liability forms below. Submitting the forms indicates you are in agreement with the Consent to Counsel information. 

Personal Data Inventory form

Confidentiality Agreement

Release of Liability

Consent to Counsel

What we expect from those who receive Biblical counseling at Redeemer:

  • Faithfully participate in the Sunday morning worship services at Redeemer every week.
  • A willingness to participate in a weekly small group through Redeemer.
  • Faithfully participate in each counseling session and complete all the homework assigned by your counselor.

What you can expect from those providing Biblical counseling at Redeemer:

  • We will show compassion and listen carefully to you.
  • We will seek to provide clear answers based on God’s Word, the Bible. In other words, this counseling is designed to help you pursue solutions, not just enable you to vent.
  • We will work with you to determine the heart issues involved.
  • We will walk along-side you to provide practical steps and encouragement for heart change, not just behavior change.
  • We will help you transition out of counseling into other strong relationships and ministries to help ensure continued growth.
  • You can expect us to lovingly challenge you on areas where your life does not match up with what the Bible teaches.
  • You can expect to have an associate observer in the session with the lead counselor for training and accountability.
  • Sessions tend to last between 50-60 minutes.

We believe there is nothing more powerful or life-changing than the work of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on a yielded and humble life. We love God! We love life-change! We look forward to serving and loving you!

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of problems do you address in counseling?

Counseling is available for any problems you may be facing – marriage, parenting, conflicts, grief, addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD, financial problems, mediation, etc. We believe the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life. Therefore, our counseling is based on biblical principles rather than those of secular psychology or psychiatry.

How much does counseling cost?

Our counseling service is absolutely free to you. We will give you our time, effort, prayers, and free resources to help you in your time of need.

When is counseling available?

We now have open office hours at the church on Mondays from 5-8pm. Please stop by. We also meet on Sundays for Sunday School at 9-10am and start our worship service at 10:30. Feel free to join us and know we’re here to talk.

How long will the counseling last?

Counseling sessions typically last about one hour. Sometimes, depending on the problem, it may only be necessary to meet for one or two counseling sessions. Other times, counseling may extend for a number of weeks, but generally not more than a few months.

What kind of counseling is offered?

We strive for our counseling to be shaped by these values:

God’s Glory: We understand life to be ultimately about God’s glory and God’s story, and so, we seek to be God-centered in our speech and goals.

Loving: We provide a safe and loving place for people to share their burdens and find help to face their life problems.

Cross-Centered: We understand the Cross and the Gospel to be the ultimate solution for all of life’s challenges. Therefore, rather than point people to a program, theory, or experience, we want to point them to Jesus.

Dignity of all People: Because all people have been made in the image of God, we take suffering and sin seriously and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Heart-Focused: We acknowledge the complexity of suffering and sin and seek to uncover, with the Spirit’s help, a person’s heart, their motivations, and how they have been affected by circumstances and relationships.

Maturity in Christ: We counsel to help people mature in Christ (progressive sanctification), rather than help them manage their problems. We have a goal for all people: living out who we are in Jesus.

How do I get started?

We can meet immediately to help with any needs you have. Our church phone is 515-943-4197, or you can also email us at Pastor Trey or our counseling director, Tim will be in touch. We also have open office hours at the church on Monday from 5-8pm.

Generally speaking, we will ask you to fill out a Counseling Consent and Waiver form at our  first meeting. We also may give you a Personal Data Inventory form for you to fill out in order to understand you and your situation better.



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