In 1964, a small church plant in Norwalk built a building in which to hold church services. The first worship service in that new building had about 50 in attendance. Fifty years later, First Baptist Church of Norwalk has been through many ups and downs, but we continue to meet faithfully in the same building, with about 50 in attendance each Sunday.

While we praise God for helping our church to remain faithful to him in Norwalk, our church family also has a sense that God is calling us into greater service for him in the coming 50 years. With that in mind, on the 50 year anniversary of our building, Pastor Trey and the deacons would like to propose a building update plan that we believe will serve as a rebirth to our ministry and a launching pad for effective ministry for the next 50 years.

Pastor Trey and the deacons have labored and prayed over this renovation proposal. Each of us spent hours gathering proposals, researching renovations, and thinking about this proposal on our own time. We have spent three meetings discussing every aspect of this proposal in depth. We added some items to the proposal and left some off that we did not think were helpful at this time. Every element of this proposal has been labored over and prayed over. We believe that we have found the most cost-efficient ways to accomplish our goals. After we are able to finish these projects, we believe that our large-scale building updates will be finished and we will be able to focus on ministry to one another and our community.


We believe this building update plan will …

… Create a more visitor-friendly church building. While our church people are very friendly to visitors, our building is not. The following updates will assist create a more visitor-friendly building.

… Develop a flexible and usable building. Our current building is somewhat rigid and inflexible for our ministries. These building updates will give us greater flexibility in a very cost-efficient way.

… Address building maintenance issues. Buildings wear down over time. This proposal includes general maintenance and upkeep to help update our building.



  • Purchase a backlit awning for entrance door
  • Purchase a sticker decal for entrance door with church information
  • Re-carpet the entire upstairs and both stairwells
  • Replace pews with padded chairs
  • Paint auditorium walls, baseboards, and window trim
  • Replace vents in auditorium
  • New sound system computer
  • Remove organ, steps on stage, pulpit, and communion table
  • Replace, touch up, or finish downstairs doors
  • Wall-in auditorium stage door
  • Purchase cover for back of piano in auditorium
  • New projector screen for auditorium
  • Decorations

Estimated total cost for the Project – $25,923.07.



Awning – $2065.35 – backlit awning over parking lot entrance door

Awning will measure 6′ wide by 32” high by 36” deep and light up our parking lot entrance door. The material will match our brick building and will have our church logo and writing that says “WELCOME” on it. This awning will let everyone know what our primary entrance to the church is.

Door Decal – $99.13 – sticker decal with church information on parking lot entrance door

We will have Allegra Marketing design a sharp decal sticker for our parking lot entrance door. This sticker will include church contact information, service times, and our church logo. This will not only be a great form of communication for those who might stop by the church, but it will also dress our building up and let everyone know what our primary entrance to the church is.


The majority of our updates will be in the auditorium. We believe the renovations to the auditorium will accomplish all three of our objectives.

Carpet – $14,982.51 – Carpet stairwells and all of upstairs

The carpet upstairs and in the stairwell is old, worn, and frayed, particularly in the auditorium. The carpet that we have settled on is a gray carpet tile for the upstairs and a matching gray carpet for the stairwells and stage. Many business buildings and churches are using carpet tiles instead of regular carpeting. Most that we have talked to have been thrilled with the performance of the carpet tile. The carpet tile gives us flexibility in the future, because if a carpet tile is stained, it can be easily replaced.

We considered other options for carpeting, such as regular and high-end carpeting, but the carpeting expert with Flooring America said that these tiles would wear as well as a high-end carpet.

Auditorium Seating – $3738.90 plus cost of dumpster – remove pews and purchase 110 chairs

The chairs that we are planning to purchase will have 4’’ padding (like floating on a cloud) and will match the rest of our auditorium. They also have hymnal racks underneath. The shipping for these chairs is free!

Purchasing chairs for the auditorium has been discussed before, but we feel like this is the appropriate time to do it. Our pews are old and worn down. The upholstery is snagged, dusty, and faded. The woodwork is faded and scratched. We could go through the process of getting them repaired, but the cost would probably be more than the purchase of chairs. We think it would be best to rent a dumpster, have a work day to remove the pews, cut the pews up, and throw them away.

Putting chairs in the auditorium will sharpen up our auditorium. We plan to do nine rows of six chairs on each side, which will give us a larger wall aisle and create a more open feel in the auditorium. The total seating in the auditorium will be 108 chairs. At this time, since we do not have a great place to store more chairs, we decided that it would be better not to get extras. If we needed more chairs, we already have over 30 other padded chairs that could be borrowed from other rooms in the church and set up in the auditorium.

Replacing the pews with chairs also gives our building much more flexibility. Today many churches are building rooms that are multifunctional and extremely flexible for their church ministries. We believe that it is a good use of God’s resources to invest the money in chairs, because, with chairs, our auditorium becomes a room that can be used for many different activities and ministries. We could host dinners, the teens could have activities (carefully), and other ministries could meet in the auditorium. For less than four thousand dollars, we essentially build an addition to our building that will give us great opportunities for ministry.

Paint – $1850 – Hire a professional painter to paint the auditorium walls, baseboards, and window trim

A fresh coat of paint on the walls will do a lot to dress up our building. The woodwork on the windows and the baseboard trim is scuffed and faded. Rather than replacing all the trim and windows, we decided to make do and paint them white. This white contrast will make our auditorium sharp. While it is possible to do the painting ourselves, we think that hiring a professional is the right way to go for several reasons.

First, this gives us flexibility in the timing of the job. If we had volunteers do it, they would need to work quickly after the old carpet is removed and before the new carpet gets installed. The coordination of getting all of these projects done in one week is probably unrealistic, and we would rather not have the auditorium in disarray over multiple weeks. The professional painter actually preferred that we got the new carpet down and the pews removed before he painted.

Second, it puts stress on volunteers who would paint for us. We could open this up to everyone to help paint, but the quality of the painting might not be universal, because some of us (Pastor Trey included!!!) are not as good with a brush as others.

Third, the price we were quoted was spectacular. The man we would like to hire is a retired professional painter who still does some jobs on the side. He is a Christian man who said something like, “I’ll give you a good price. I don’t need to be making money off the church.”

Replace Auditorium Vents – $172.24 – replace all baseboard and cold air return vents in auditorium

Since we are repainting and re-carpeting, we should also replace the vents to match the white baseboard trim.

Sound System Computer – $1000 est. – replace the sound system computer

The computer used for the sound system is close to ten years old and runs on Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. With our website updates, sermon recordings, and use of the projector, having a nice, dependable computer for the sound system would be a huge help. We would then put the old computer downstairs in the copy room to be used by Sunday School teachers as needed.

Remove Organ, Steps on Stage, Pulpit, and Communion Table

While all of these items have sentimental value and some of them symbolize our church’s faithfulness to the truth, they are also worn down or completely unused. We plan to replace the pulpit with one that we already have. We will also place the keyboard and piano on stage where the steps are. This will make the seating area feel less crowded and sharpen up the front of the auditorium. For communion, we plan to use a four-foot plastic table with a nice tablecloth on it.

Stage Door – $100 est. – remove stage door, stud, drywall, texture, and paint

There are two reasons that we would like to do this: aesthetics and practicality. We think that the door on the stage is kind of an eyesore. Since we have access to the same area through a different door in the auditorium, it makes sense to remove it.

Practically speaking, we want the stage to be off-limits so as to protect the sound equipment, keyboard, and piano. This is something we cannot do with a door there. Also, the area near the baptistry steps can be used as storage as long as there is still access to the baptistry. In order to save a little bit of money, the stage door will be used to replace another worn-down door in the building.

Piano Cover – $100 est. – a cloth piano back cover

This will dress up the piano so that it looks a little nicer with the back to the congregation.

Projector Screen – $114.94 est. – a projector screen for the auditorium

We are currently projecting on a wall, which works pretty well. For a little more than hundred dollars, the picture could be significantly sharper and brighter. We plan to purchase projector screen material, cut a sheet of plywood to the size of our picture, and cover the plywood with the material. Also, our new wall color will not be white, which gives the best picture.

Decoration – $500

In the update of our building, we would also like to include this amount for new decorations.


Doors – $200 est. – door replacement and repairs

Several of our doors are in poor shape. We plan to replace them, finish the bathroom doors, and touch up the rest of our doors. We also plan to install a door on the fellowship hall room to help with volume control for our Adult Bible Fellowship. The door will swing in such a way that it does not take up extra space and opens flush to the wall.

Miscellaneous – $1000

We built this into the proposal to help us cover the cost of extra items without needing to go back to the church. There are always extra things that come up that do not fit in any category, except miscellaneous.


The estimated total cost for this project is $25,923.07. We would like to propose rounding our estimated total cost for this project up to $26,000.00 and take that amount out of our savings account to pay for this building update proposal.

42,748.32                           current savings account balance

–              26,000.00                           amount for building update

=            16,748.32                             estimated leftover savings account balance


The first thing to set up would be the carpet. Many things on this plan can be done at any time, but the carpet is the linchpin for the painting, stage renovations, and chairs. The deacons and Pastor Trey are each assigned items on this proposal that, as soon as it is approved, they will start to work on.  We would like to be done by early July with this project, but will try to get it done sooner as we have the opportunity.


On April 27, after the morning service at 11:30AM, we will have a Quarterly Business Meeting and Question and Answer time about this project. At any time before that, feel free to direct questions about this project to Pastor Trey or the deacons. They will be able to answer most of the questions that you might have. We will officially vote on this proposal on Sunday night, April 27 at 5:30PM. We will only vote at this time. It should only take a few moments and then we can resume our nightly ministries.


This is an opportunity for our church to make a step in our rebirth process. Through these renovations, we sharpen one of the ministry tools that God gave us, our building. These updates will give us opportunities for ministry that we have not had before. They will create a more positive first impression of our building for our guests.

These updates may not be exactly what you would do, but we have to ask what God would have us to do. Please pray for wisdom and unity in our church in this decision. We hope for a 100% vote on April 27. We desire God to use our church family in a way that pleases him. These updates will give us the opportunity to be used even more for his glory and for the spreading of the gospel.