My heart as a daddy was super-encouraged by this seminar. I look forward to our coming classes through his parenting study.

Here were a few quotes or paraphrases from the seminar that stood out to me:

  • Without calling you are reduced to reactive parenting.
  • What could be more important than forming a human soul?
  • Every push-back your child gives you is because they think their life is about them.
  • Children first need saving from themselves.
  • When I get angry with my kids, I’m angry that my children need parenting, and I’m angry because I think parenting is about me.
  • If I see my kids sin, it is God’s grace, because God put them in a faith home where God can intervene and call them to himself through my parenting.
  • Threat cannot produce obedience.
  • Root the morality of your children in the grace of God.
  • God sent his Son to make you an effective parent, and he has given us all things we need to parent effectively (2 Peter 1:3-9, Titus 2:11-14)
  • How sad it is to look for identity horizontally in our children when God has given us all we need vertically in Christ.
  • Our children cannot bear the wait of our identity needs. They cannot give us ultimate satisfaction, joy, freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.
  • What is God doing in my child and how can I be part?
  • Parents have no authority, except given to them from God. Every time we use our authority, we need to do so in a way that represents a beautiful picture of God.
  • We are worshipers, which means our heart is always ruled by something. This means parenting is about worship, because the child is a worshiper too.
  • Don’t think your children are ok because they are happy with you. They may only be happy because you are feeding their idols. All you are doing is deepening your child’s bondage to that idol.
  • Our job as parents is to fight on behalf of our children a war they don’t know exists — the war of worship in the child’s heart.