Redeemer News 3/11/18

What's Happening

alpha women’s center

We raised $389.47 for the Alpha Women’s Center! Praise God for this pro-life, pro-woman ministry! See Janae for other information about the ministry or ways you can help.


Join us  for a fellowship board game night on March 11 (weekend before Spring Break for students), starting at 6pm. Bring your favorite board games and snacks to enjoy with one another!

girls coffee night out

Saturday, March 17 at Scooter’s Coffee on Mills Civic. Leave church at 5:30PM or meet there at 5:45PM. Leave for home at 8PM. Moms welcome but not required to attend. Bring $ for coffee and a friend!

upcoming events

March 11: Board Game Night 6pm

March 11: Parsonage Sale Q&A

March 16-18: Men’s Discipleship Retreat

March 24: Church Cleaning Day

March 25: Parsonage Sale Vote

March 30: Good Friday 6pm

March 31: Kid’s Easter Event

April 1: Easter Sunday

May 17-19: Camp Work Weekend

Small Group Questions

  1. What would a normal person consider to be important strengths for your roles in life? How can those strengths often be turned into a weaknesses?
  2. What is a believer’s goal through all of their strengths and weaknesses? How does a connection with God help us with that God?
  3. Have you seen situations in your life where a strength turned into a weakness? What specific steps should you take in your connection to God to guard against that?



M—Deuteronomy 6:4-9. What is our purpose?

T—Philippians 3:1-14. How are strengths distractions?

W—Ephesians 2:1-11. Consider grace and your new life.

Th—Isaiah 64:5-9. Consider what humility is before God.

F—Galatians 6:14-16. How should we boast in the cross?

S—Luke 22:31-34. How does Christ help when we fail?