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Redeemer is a baptist church in Norwalk, Iowa, just a few minutes south of Des Moines. We are an all ages congregation with a great kids and youth program, heart and modern worship, solid Bible teaching and a friendly community atmosphere.

Above all, Redeemer is a community of faith where you can connect and belong as you discover the real and lasting hope found only in Jesus.

Get Connected

At Redeemer we believe that you were made for community. We are a community of people of all-ages and backgrounds who have discovered real and lasting hope in following Jesus. We invite you to be a part of our community.

Do You Want to Serve and Get Involved?

Connect with us to learn more about the ways we serve one another and our community, including foster care/adoption, foster care/adoption family support, counseling and more!

For Kids

Our children are a big part of God’s calling on our lives. We want to partner with parents to help them raise children that love Jesus. We strive to have gospel-centered, safe, and exciting ministries for kids of all ages.

Recent Sermons

Matt. 12:22-32 – Kingdom Bearer, Kingdom Sharer

Below are the completed notes for the Sunday School message 12/22 at Redeemer. I have developed an acronym in my counseling sessions SR Boss, which stands for: Situation; Response; Believe; Obey; Struggle and Solution. The basic...

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True Success Is Found In A Relationship With God

So we will be in Proverbs chapter three this morning during our sermon, Proverbs chapter three, we have been working through a six part series known as echoes of regret. You'll remember. And all of these six sermons are...

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